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Pointless Arguments

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I love women.

And relationships.

But one thing which consistently drove me insane was this statement:

“But you said this…”

It’s like arguing with insanity.

“No matter what you think I said, I’m going to correct it now. Here’s what I am saying.”

It just happened with the guy I know here, Adam.

Here’s the discussion: a woman has been coming in here to Starbucks who reeks. I mean, she smells so incredibly badly, she smells like she’s carrying around a dead stray cat. It really is that bad. And when she leaves, the odor takes a good ten minutes to go away.

Now each of us have complained to management about it. Normally I am not the type to complain, but as many of us get up and leave the facilities until she exits, which happens a dozen times a day over the last few days, I figured this warranted a complaint.

Initially, it was explained to us

“She’s a paying patron so they can’t readily kick her out because she’s a customer”.

Adam’s been extremely verbal about it, and responded with ‘but numerous patrons leave because of it.’

His point was valid.

And as of today, after she comes in initially they ask her to go outside.

Now none of this really matters, but this led to a silly discussion as I was explaining to another friend about the situation with the lady, and involved Adam in it.

Now I said “Initially, Starbuck’s didnt kick her out because she was a patron.”

To which Adam asserted I’m the one who advocated her staying because she was a paying patron at first.

To which I did not.

Adam insisted.

“But you said this…”

“No Adam, I did not, and even if I did, I’m agreeing with you that the smell’s that bad,” I responded.

“But that’s not what you said before.”

“Are you related to one of my ex wives, because you’re starting to sound exactly like them?” I said.

“We’re done with this conversation.”

It’s funny.

I know why he’s doing it.

He’s a mouthpiece for a much larger and far more complex system than meets the eye.

And if it weren’t for being married to women who used the SAME exact response.

Put specifically:

“What you remember about the past is irrelevant and impertinent to the present moment that you’re analyzing.”

Just makes me stop.


And wonder.

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