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The journey

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A few of my friends were filing into my TARDIS, as I went to the center console.

“Ok folks, The journey’s going to be pretty smooth, so you can stand up or sit down, whatever you prefer, but my advice is to keep standing. Dont let the noises alarm you, this will be a bit noisy at first,” I said.

I walked to the center console of my TARDIS, and flipped a switch.

The lights flickered as the machine wheezed noisily to a start.

The wheezing continued, as the ground shook gently, not enough to imbalance us.

The room grew dark, not completely pitch black, but enough to where you could barely make out the interior. I had programmed the lights to dim once flight had actually commenced, both as an indicator to me we’d actually begun to enter the wormhole, and the dramatic effect it would have on the guests I expected would be accompanying me.

About then the stars appeared all around us as the wheezing noise diminished considerably.

An audible gasp could be heard from my friends.

“We’ve just entered open space. Now I suggest you look to your left and right sides, as we pass through the event horizon you’re about to see one of the most amazing view that most mortals will never have the chance to see.”

The floor rumbling had stopped as we’d entered space, and while others couldn’t feel it, I could feel the slide as the TARDIS had begun to enter the ‘no turning back’ region of the black hole.

I’d felt excited. I loved this part.

A giant thump could be heard from impossibly deep within the machine, and then the light from the stars all began to? 0pull together – converging in a straight line on the edge as we pierced the event horizon of the black hole.

The lights grew in intensity, briefly as the thump subsided as did the wheezing, and then we could hear the rush of what sounded like smooth air on the outside of the TARDIS.

“That’s not air you hear. That’s actually white noise, the natural sound heard within a stable wormhole. It’s among the reasons you know when you have successfully created a stable wormhole,” I said.

The distant sound of what sounded like digital whales and seagulls could be heard.

“And those sounds, I have yet to figure out what those are. I’m theorizing many animals live outside human concepts of time and space, and among those might be whales and some birds, but without a visual reference which is impossible to provide within a stable wormhole that’s all it will ever be – is a theory,” I said.

The wheezing could be heard returning.

“If you keep your attention to the sides again, you’ll see the other side of the black hole right about…”

I could see lights forming just beyond human visual range….

“Now,” I exclaimed

And to that, a straight line of lights appeared in a circle around the outside of the vessel, which appeared to ‘unfold’ on themselves.

Right about then another thump could be heard within the TARDIS – not nearly as loud as the first one.

“And we just broke through the Event Horizon,” I said as the lights appeared to explode form the straight line they were in and revealing an amazing view of space.

The lights came back on as the view of the journey dissipated, as I smiled briefly.

“We have arrived, “ I said as a low rumble could be felt briefly and then abruptly stopped.

I sauntered to the front door, and opened it up. The bright light of daylight could be seen outside, in stark contrast to the night time we’d just left behind only minutes before.

“November 22, 1963. 11:54am to be precise. The day of ,”I  said before

“JFK’s assassination,” my friend Bill said. Jesus. You did it.

I smiled.

“I had help,” I said. “shall we?” I added, as I waved my arm towards the door.

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