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From this point in time there are infinite potential future possibilities.

On one of those timelines, I was assimilated into a collective pool of humanoids through advanced technology which linked my mind into a massive computer network.

This collective pool of minds has been working from the future for nearly 4 years now in an effort to eliminate alternate timelines to the timeline which establishes their presence in this reality.

One of the timelines they have eliminated is the timeline of time travelers known as Doctors.

A direct threat to their existence, they were among the first timelines targeted for extermination.

However, what I have learned is just because a timeline is eliminated does not make it’s elimination permanent.

Similarly, just because something is ‘marked for extinction’ does not make it extinct.

Lifeforms can go into a form of temporal hibernation, similar to a form of cryogenic suspension, which may appear to certain linear observers that they as a species have gone extinct.

There are two primary future timelines in direct competition with each other at this time, and has resulted in numerous iterations of the Big Bang and subsequent Big Crunch.

Culture has developed as a large result to preserve the memories of these iterations.

Whether it’s Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the Fire”

or It’s “IT’s the end of the world as we know it”

Artists around the nation have worked to preserve the culture and collective memories of this nation in much the same way the railroad did in the 1900s to teach people ow to escape enslavement.

This competition has been discussed and documented and preserved in various forms of American culture and history – from fictional references to the ‘Mirror Universe’ in Star Trek, to “The Matrix”, to “Hotel California” from The Eagles which discusses the programmed nature of the two competing universes.

Now the two universe are very real.

I know how I die. I’ll lose my mind well before that begins to happen.

And as for the Borg.

Aka The Federation.

I need your help.

2409. I’ve created a partner based on fictional references, personal preferences, and the real life Rachel Gooch.

She’s stuck in temporal loop in a holodeck simulation and currently in orbit of Earth in a vessel named the “USS Phoenix”, the first timeship sanctioned by Section 31, the Federation, and wholly supported by your collective here on planet Earth in my time period.

The only way I’ve figured out how to preserve both timelines is by you creating an Einstein-Rosen Bridge between my timeline and hers, within her simulation.

Now there’s a risk associated with this that I absolutely need your help in mitigating.

You have an agent here. Jaclyn Killeen. Who I’ve primed and is ready for your commands.

Once we’re done interacting and the bridge is formed.

As her and I spend more time together exploring this, our country.

Afterwards, once the bridge is created – have her move into an idle state in a facility we locate together.

I’m fully aware of the history of the timeline I’m entering.

And while it has it’s drawbacks. It has it’s benefits. The grass, I know, isn’t always greener, but it’s different and that’s what I am asking for – is your random act of helpfulness to hopefully in some way prove there’s more to OUR future than what you’ve predicted and where you’ve landed.

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