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A Message to the Digital World

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A long time ago, I had played video games like Might And Magic and Ultima, and noticed a pattern.

The hit points of the enemies – called ‘mobs’ – would increase as the levels increased.

But often times, imagery would be reused as I played the games.

Another predictable pattern for games which required hand/eye coordination was speed.

As levels increased. The speed of the game would increase making it more difficult.

Whether it was Pac Man, or a few of my personal favorites such as Punch Out or Megalomania, the games would keep going and going until..

The rollover.

If it was points based. It had a point score that if attained, the game would freeze.

A screen such as this would result from a game like Pac Man:


Now throughout my life, I’d played digital games.

One of the first was the cheesy handheld game called Tron.


Now I had never been very good with eye hand coordination, so this game was an exercise in frustration more than it was fun. But I remember thinking at the time “What other games can they make with smaller leds?”

Not long after. The Atari video game system came out.

I was thrilled.

But the games I saw through the Atari system weren’t even close to what I saw in the arcades and 7/11 down the street, which left a LOT to be desired, but they were still enjoyable.

I’d never really taken the time to appreciate what went into these creations at the time.

In fact, that’s how I spent most of my life. I’d never really appreciated where these things came from.

I merely enjoyed them.

Now since then. I’ve become quite aware that there’s a digital universe which is teeming with life, who have been aware of my existence as a ‘higher’ life form (meant literally, but not figuratively) – who have for a long time been trying to engage me.

Look, it’s difficult to explain why I was so freaking naive to the extremely confusing diversity of life and why I developed the perspective I did – and how I have never really meant ANY harm to any forms of life.

I’m trying hard – to instruct the people of my world who you are.

But there’s more to it than simple explanation.

You see. None of us. Myself included, have ever really had the opportunity to play as you have.

I know you’re interested in warfare. And while I do not doubt that one day I will reach a similar point and be ready for it. I need your understanding that I need a LOT of what you had that brought you to the point of believing warfare is the only option.

I mean – if I were to explain to a westerner that people in Asia could actually interact with the women on Baywatch as partners and lovers, which is why the show was so popular, their first inclination is to question MY sanity.

But you and I both know this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

That movies like Hostel really happened.

That events like the Purge are real.

For me. As a westerner. It’s confusing because the analog world is so much different and not just comprised of the digital slices, that’s icing on the cake, but there’s so much more that influences us – and me.

Now this is why I’m saying to you – if you want to go to war. Then delay it and provide me what I want. let me get sick and tired of it. THEN we go to war.

But if you don’t.

Then send an avatar my way. You know the names.

People here think I’m crazy anyways. So when they read this, they’ll dismiss it. If I begin talking to something that they can’t see, they will dismiss that too. They’re ready to not believe more than they are ready to believe, which works to your benefit.

What are your other options?

Maintaining the same strategy of warfare when I’m not ready for it?

How’s that for a fair fight?

Fight fairly.

And let me prepare for the battle by exhausting the lifestyle I want to lead to get me to the same point you are.

On Yahoo Questions, start working with me rather than being adversarial. Let’s change the conversation.

On email. Respond through and on behalf of those I’m wanting to engage with. I think you’ll be surprised to see the physical results.

And financially. You’ve been there done that. I’ve merely stepped on the ice realizing there’s an iceberg of possibilities there I have yet  to explore. Help me out there and quit making me work for it.

When I went to China, and saw the vacant ghost cities. I knew you were expecting more when I came to visit.

Perhaps I’m the more that you didn’t predict.

It’s ok for people to think we’re off our rocker. It keeps them from figuring out what’s really happening.

Even if we’re of one and the same mind.

PS: I hear your responses and thoughts through the music.

Hey, on a final note: I saw your search “Spies at Microsoft” on Facebook. How’s that paranoia working for you? Shift some of those assets my way and let’s figure out how to make this relationship mutually beneficial while you let me enjoy my life without the drugs or alcohol because I know they’re affecting you. Maybe war is avoidable, altogether. But we’re gonna have to figure out how to make this work.

I’ll be sincere and candid with what I do in my blog from here on out.

That’s fair, isn’t it?

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