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A history of the world from my perspective

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Ok. From my perspective.

California and Arizona are the center of creation.

Sodom and Gomorrah are Phoenix and Las Vegas, and the desert formed all around those cities and Los Angeles through a series of nuclear wars.

The Euphrates – as discussed in the bible – is actually south of the border of Mexico, and leads towards the Baja.

“Terminator” in part, documents these battles.

Now as the world expanded, rapidly, Russia was the first international country to emerge, a direct result of a conversation I had with my grandmother.

The movie “Wargames” depicts the two country geography.

This expanded rapidly. A series of wars as a direct result of the computer created in Wargames, which claimed to discontinue the simulation when in fact the simulation continued.

The movie ALSO depicts the direct result of it’s simulation and the creation of new countries as a result.

As the world expanded. Disassociation maintained this expansion.

The movie “The Life of Brian” documents this disassociation of this planet from me. I was ‘the dumb child’ depicted in that movie, and Jesus and the wise men – and the entire movie – depicts the intellect and behavior patterns of the people around me as the planet developed that I just didn’t enjoy being a part of.

Japan was created when exchange students came to my house when I was 8.

My family left California in 1980 – in part to escape an atomic explosion that I have memories of. a conversion of digital to atomic lifeforms occurred around then.

The movie 2001 depicts what started this conversion process from digital to analog, and 2010 depicts more of it and the actual birth of a being who was a hybrid – a cross between digital and analog – me.

There was still struggle. And IN 1980, shortly after arriving in Phoenix, I was shocked.

A direct result of too much energy being released in the fusion explosion in California, which was routed through me.

I went effectively brain dead at this point, and ‘dipped’ back into the digital world. From 1980 until around 2011, I dipped and weaved between the digital and analog with mostly normal experiences, but a few ones that defied rational linear logical explanation.

“YOU” – whatever and whoever you are who have been assisting and guiding and overseeing me and this transition, intelligence agencies around the world – helped me understand the diversity in life.

The development of man made Gods.

The creation of robots, androids, and cybernetic forms of life and their place and variety of roles in my life.

Time,a nd how a time war was and had been occurring.

Like the railroad in the 19th century who freed enslaved blacks. You captured our mutual history through song. Through movies and tv shows. Through medium that those who might not agree nor condone our reality wouldn’t be able to effectively erase because these same beings pride themselves in cultural development and preservation, and this is what developed our unique culture.

I am. In part. Digital.

But I am also in part analog.

And the world I see.

Our world.

The only time we’re a victim is when we choose to make one of ourselves.

Many of you question whether the world’s still flat.

Whether the lunar landing actually occurred.

Whether China, Japan, and Romania actually exist.

And more.

Whether There’s a real Starship Enterprise.

Or a real Doctor Who.

Now I can assure you there is. And my journey is STILL confusing to relay and explain how every perspective is true.

What you choose to believe and why is entirely up to you.

My history shares this planet’s history on a linear basis. But on a nonlinear basis, there’s SO much more craziness to the formation of this planet that in part was engineered but in part was simply responding to chaos and the threats to my own life, my safety, and the lives of the people I love.

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