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A Vault Divided

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In the events leading to the war of 2077, humanity had become divided.

Scientific progress had stagnated.

And with the nation’s brightest and most dangerous minds bored, the US government relented to the pressure and agreed to experimental tests involving an involuntary population.

The test would involve the detonation of series of thermonuclear devices in the middle of a civilian population, but the government issued one caveat to the scientists who had banded together to demand these test and test subjects.

The location would be chosen by the government.

The scientists agreed.

A series of shelters were built in cities across the United States, as the government intentionally chose hometowns of the scientists to ensure, as the President put it “Had some skin in the game”

These shelters were referred to as vaults, and each would sustain a scientific contingent, along with a residential population that the scientists were given complete authority to experiment on the population in any way they saw fit, with absolutely no limitations, guidelines, or expectations of their behavior.

The residential population was not to be made aware in any way, shape, or form, of the scientists.

If direct contact had to be made by the scientists with the residential population, the entire residential population would be sedated, and timekeeping devices altered accordingly to avoid suspicion.

In the end.

Boston was singled out and selected by The President himself.

Having graduated from Harvard.

And with a third of the scientists having gone to MIT.

It was an easy choice.

Three vaults were built in three exclusive communities.

And in 2075, Operation Overlord commenced.

Stage one involved isolating Boston’s media and planting escalating news reports of strife around the world which predicted world war. Cross reporting by civilians was prevented through a thorough system which diminished contact and travel of the citizens which could threaten the validity of the news.

Stage two occurred simultaneously with targeted sales of community shelters in the exclusive communities by a company which had been created specifically for the experimentation.

And stage three involved the deployment of remote controlled human looking android troops – for authenticity to evacuate the residents to the vaults within moments of the detonation of the thermonuclear devices.

With all of this, timing was everything, and it was absolutely crucial that some of the residents saw the nuclear explosions, as the scientists would be doing a great deal of research on the psychology of the event.

On October 23rd, 2077, only two years after the framework for Operation Overlord was carried out.

Seven nuclear devices exploded, devastating Boston and instantly killed nearly a million inhabitants.

Vault 95, built on an undetected fault line, was instantly devastated by the ensuing earthquakes killing 120 people included 17 scientists.

Vault 81, The vault “Overseer” refused to participate in the experiments, calling them “immoral and inhumane”.

This is the story of Vault 111.

A vault built in the exclusive and upscale community known, fittingly, as Sanctuary.

Where all the residents were placed in a cryogenic suspension and were to emerge when the land had recovered.

… or so they were led to believe….

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