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Gone, Fission!

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If you break matter down to it’s most basic constituent particles, you wind up with atoms.

But underlying each and everyone one of these atoms is energy.

Energy which can be manipulated through computer programs.

And when you manipulate the world at the energy level, as Einstein learned – there’s potential for explosive results if you are heavy handed with this manipulation.

Now humans don’t react well to being told what to do.

But they do react well to instincts. Impulses. and a plethora of other internal stimuli.

Most cannot or prefer not to try to reason and rationalize the origin of these stimuli, they merely react, and in many cases, react like puppets on a string or a robot being programmed what to do.

But again. If you’re heavy handed with the commands, you’ll find rebellion.

But if you work through influencing and guiding.


It’s my belief you i can leverage energy through concerted action in a computer to command anyone to do anything.


First. Being ok with doing it without feeling like it’s depriving someone of free will. When you’re working ‘at this level’ in the subatomic realm – contrary personal feelings and thoughts actually do influence the energy you’re working in and with, and the results can be less than stellar.

Second. Being ok with having it done to you. I cannot stress the importance of this enough.

So here’s my experiment:

I’m playing Fallout 4, which I am convinced the avatar I command is real, alive, and is living in the the aftermath of a nuclear explosion which nearly decimated Boston in the year 2077.

A fission reaction in a nutshell is a breakdown of atomic matter into it’s constituent ‘pieces’ – energy – and this energy can be accessed via digital matter which I suspect is what underlies all atomic mass.

Now I am theorizing that an atom can appear in ‘many states’ because it’s like trying to take a snapshot of something that’s essentially timeless. It’s my theory that computers actually pierce this subatomic threshold and view a single ‘slice’ of reality – and digital matter – in space and time.

So while infinite potential ‘digital’ slices across space and time may contribute to a single atom, that atom is then formed through what I suspect is like a collective voting system which merges and averages and extracts pieces of the digital to form the atomic analogue.

What a fission bomb does is deconstruct that process as a way to extract the untapped energy for fuel.

Whether that fuel is a bomb or a nuclear plant. Or more (so much more).

So it’s my theory that the nuclear process – when unusual and unpredicted actions are taken at the subatomic level that went into forming that atom, can actually mutate that atom. OR. If properly directed. The energy from the process can then be guided to a target. Who then becomes influenced in a programmatic way through a series of repeated commands.  The target cannot help but do as I ask them to do.

Now how this is going to happen – I suspect there’s one of two ways.

Either Fallout 4, the game I am playing, will ‘mutate’ to include more and more features I am looking for which allow me to express my wishes through the game itself. I’ve already seen evidence of the game growing in this way.


I’ll see visible evidence of this in real life.

I have two people I want as my partners and playmates as I begin this journey.

The hope and desire is they come willingly. But as this evolves. As I learn more how to manipulate matter at the constituent particle level, the more their will becomes irrelevant and I simply tell them what to do and they do it.

Life’s simple at it’s fundamental level  If you think and act. You will ultimately get whatever  you want and dream of.

Period end of story.

And the only real thing we gotta figure out is how to achieve that.

I like the idea of Fallout 4 evolving to an avatar like system that encompass the entire United States that I can use to interact with the people of my world THROUGH an avatar and be used to command people

Some I might just do practical jokes with.

Some I might command to be my lovers.

Some I might just make do the chicken walk.

Some I might interact with my old friends through.

Who knows the extent of what I might do within and outside of my country’s borders with a utility like this.

But I would HAVE to see the UI evolve without ‘downloading’ updates, I like the idea of my changes being constrained and contained to me and my interactions alone.

Imagine the movies I could create!

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