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Concepts on how the multiverse functions

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Have you ever stopped to ask – why is there a sun? I mean, why specifically is there a big ball that floats by overhead in a predictable pattern day after day? Why is there a moon, cycles and patterns such as the golden mean, how and why does light function the way it does, and are there other means and methods of representation?

Religion attempts to answer this by preventing inquiry. That annoyed me. But I understand why it exists now.

How about this – have you ever asked – what creates personality in a human, why is a human developed precisely like they are with two arms, two legs and two eyes, what causes dreams, what creates a hallucination and where am I looking when I have one?

How about – where are simulations physically occurring, what is a computer, what created concepts of right and wrong, why is nudity demonized, and why is sex private and held to be taboo when it’s supposedly essential for the advancement of any species?

I have.

And more.

And I will have you know it’s like diving headlong into a brick wall without a helmet.

If you were to divide the visible color spectrum into a trillion parts, you could conceivably have a thousand different variations of rainbows contained within that spectrum.

If you were to scale the size of a human down to a trillionth the size of an atom. You could conceivably have a planet the size of an atom with one electron revolving around it known as the moon.

I have found personally conclusive evidence that there is a single linear timeline that goes back in time unimaginably, infinitely far into the past, and that that same timeline is accessible at any time and spread across infinite potential parallel realities.

I’ve also found it’s possible to interact with these parallels, and the mechanisms to engage in these interactions were and had always been available to me.

Video games. Television. Movies. Books.

I’ve also found evidence that there’s often not an easy one for one conversion from one universe to the next, and that while the appearance and language of the universe may be similar, the rules and laws which govern each and created each may be so remarkably dissimilar, that a being and technology from one simply cannot exist in another without completely re-engineering it from the ground up to ‘work’ in the alternate reality.

For instance ‘A TARDIS’.

It’s home is in the holographic universe where atoms don’t exist as anything but a theory.

So trying to recreate it here, while possible, requires a revision to modern physics based on theoretical physics to marry the two – the concept with this universe.

Not to say it’s not possible. It just requires a fundamental reassessment of the basis of physics and WHY an atom can appear in more than one place at the same time.

It’s not. It just merely appears that way.

Now it’s my belief that the long linear timeline has a tendency to oscillate between extremes, much like a sine wave. While those extremes – right now at least – seem to be concepts of good versus concepts of evil, which is a common and long standing theme, there’s also other contrasts – colors, sounds, and more.

Now here’s the important part: ANYTHING imaginable both exists on the single linear timeline somewhere in the past and is simultaneously accessible from this point in time as a parallel / alternate reality.

The importance of the label “fiction” and disassociation of the influences we might have on the current timeline  cannot be understated. Put specifically – it’s belief which is responsible for shaping and creating reality, and the more the belief disassociates unwanted elements through labels such as fiction, the LESS that resource tends to influence the modern day and the more it might influence future societies.

Nowhere is this long standing sentiment more epitomized than with something called “Social Security”

Or the being known as “Jesus” in Christianity who pays for everyone’s sins.

Now one observation I’ve also noted and observed historically is a pendulum like swing between individuality and collectivism. Where collectivism tends to override individualism and free will, individual will can become so powerful if oppressed, so impossible to resist – that this results in a myriad of oddities that have littered history.

Gods and historically noteworthy leaders – both bad and good, artists, and story tellers, even murderers and thieves can override the collective will and desire so strongly – that this ‘bends’ the entire collective to their will.

SOMETIMES. This becomes so severe. That ONE individual’s will causes a break by MANY individuals in a cascading effect.

It’s my opinion this can happen for ANY number of reasons.

Not the least of which is remarkable perceptual differences of the world.

For instance.

Let’s say I didn’t want to witness, firsthand, Hitler’s atrocities. Flat out didn’t want to take part in it as an eternal being. But the lesson learned by society and even myself was so essential, that I may have been omitted from the actual experiences, but been delivered historical accounts of them to understand them on my terms.

Now it’s my belief that it’s times like this that timelines branch in much the same way that a river does.

But not only can a river be dammed. It can actually experience a substantially different journey which results in it NEVER hitting the ocean and STILL taking part in the ecosystem by flowing through the mouth of a human.

Time’s the same way.

Not only can a historical event cause intense interest and scrutiny across space and time.

But there can be MANY interpretations for the event’s occurrence. None truly more accurate than the other based on the differences in perception and experiences of those analyzing the event.

Time can branch.

You can have more than one December 25th at 3pm.

And this version of planet Earth is a wonderful demonstration of how that’s possible through ‘time zones’. Expand this in scale and there can be infinite potential versions of December 25th at 3pm, some of which don’t even know about this planet’s history and timeline.

So on ‘this version’ of Earth, there are 38 different local time zones where December 25th at 3pm occurs every year.

Now finally.

It’s my belief that there are infinite potential variations of the universe.

Uni = “ONE” in latin

and VERSE meaning “phrase in a story”

And that this, my universe is anything I want to shape it to be.

Understanding heaven to some may be hell to others and vice versa.

And it’s my job and responsibility to myself to keep myself happy and enjoying and entertained in this eternal journey.

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