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The Master

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“Dear God, It’s Bigger on the inside,” said the Doctor.

“Isn’t it?,” said the Master, with a twinkle in his eye the likes the Doctor had never seen before.

“No. I mean. My TARDIS is bigger on the inside. The size of a football field. But you. You’ve stuffed an entire planet into yours. How. I just don’t understand,” said the Doctor.

The Master looked at him “Simple physics, my dear old friend, simple physics”

The Doctor jogged from room to room opening a door and finding he was entering a house from a basement or what could be a hidden doorway to most mortal eyes – and as he opened up the doorway to the entry way of the house – he would see a completely different part of the world. Beijing. London. New York. Mexico City. Dubai.

The Master followed. He was clearly pleased with himself.

“I just don’t understand. What. It’s just,” The Doctor stammered for words as he opened another door to a mountain top resort in the Swiss Alps, “How can someone like you have created something so…”

“Someone like me …,” The Master said.

“Let me bloody finish my sentence!,” said the Doctor as he opened a door to a hotel lobby in an undersea hotel just as a shark swam by overhead.

The Doctor walked to the middle of the ornate marble lobby and spun around in a circle looking around.

“How could you…. With your insane mind… have created all this?,” said the Doctor

“My dearest Doctor, keep your voice down. We are in a public place after all”, the Master continued, “it was never me who was insane. “

The Doctor glared at the Master, as if having struck a nerve.

“You’re mental. I’ve seen it myself, Hundreds. No. Thousands of times.” said the Doctor.

The Master smiled.

“Doctor, do you remember the time you looked into infinity,” said the Master.

The Doctor smirked, and walked to the wall and knocked on it as if to test whether the wall was real or not.

“Of course I do,” said the Doctor.

“Do you remember what you said?,” said the Master.

The Doctor walked towards the entrance of the facility and a large and long escalator leading out of the facility as the Master followed. The escalator was ornately fit, marble everywhere dressed in Gold and crystal everywhere.

The Doctor was nonplussed.

“Would you care to refresh my memory?,” said the Doctor.

“You said – anyone who looks at the infinity” said The Master.

“Goes mad,” cut in the Doctor.

The Doctor looked up the escalator as it lead to the surface.

“Do you know where this leads?,” said the Master.

The Doctor seemed lost in thought.

“Doctor, do you know where this leads?”

The Doctor looked at the Master.

“It’s me, isn’t it?,” The Doctor said.

“You?,” The Master responded.

The Doctor got his wits about him and responded harshly “I’m not mad if that’s what you’re insinuating!”

The Master smiled “No, my friend, you are not.”

As the two emerged from the escalator into the ocean, The Doctor saw a city he’d never seen before.

“Just what are you saying?,” said the Doctor.

Just about then – a familiar face walked up to the pair from a beautiful black Rolls Royce Limousine.

The Doctor’s mouth dropped.

“Catherine. Catherine Tate. Doctor, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” said Catherine as she extended her hand out to the Doctor.

The Doctor reluctantly shook her hand, as he looked at The Master suspiciously.

The Master was smiling broadly as the Doctor walked to the side and waved the Master over, away from Catherine’s earshot.

“But Donna, I erased her memories, does she,” The Doctor began to ask.

“Doctor, it’s ok.” said the Master, “She knows about Donna and about your journeys together. Just talk to her.”

The Doctor looked at Catherine and then the Master, and haughtily walked back to her.

“So you know Donna?,” The Doctor demanded with a tone of hostility.

Catherine smiled, and said “You could say that, Doctor, let’s talk about this on the drive.”

The Doctor was becoming frustrated.

“I am not going anywhere until you two explain what’s going on!,” The Doctor said.

The Master looked at Catherine.

“Doctor. Catherine’s an actress, in this – my world,” the Master said.

Catherine waved a shy little wave with her fingers at the Doctor as she stood in the open door of the limousine.

“And in this – my world. She played the role of a woman named Donna Tate in a television show this planet regards as fiction called ‘Doctor Who’,” said the Master.

The Doctor angrily responded “You’re trying to say my life has been made to be the product of a fictional show!”

“No, Doctor, what I am trying to say is this was the only way this world could figure out how to separate you from me. They had to lead me to believe you weren’t real and you didn’t exist,” said the Master.

“Just what are you trying to say?,” said the Doctor.

The Master looked at the Doctor.

“Remember the infinity?,” said the Master.

“What about it?”, The Doctor replied.

The thump thump thump of a number of helicopters could be heard off in the distance.

“I suggest you make it quick, they’re coming…” Catherine said, and disappeared back into the limousine..

“Doctor, can we continue this conversation inside,” said The Master.

“No we cannot. Not until you both tell me who’s coming and what’s really going on, “ said the Doctor in a raised tone of voice.

The Master’s attention had diverted to the helicopters.

“Four score and seven years ago,” said The Master.

“What are you saying?,” the Doctor said as he went to grab The Master’s arm, but his hand passed through as if the Master wasn’t even there.

“You’re,” The Doctor said.

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal,” said the Master.

“A hologram?,” said the Doctor.

“No, my dearest Doctor, I am your son,” said The Master, “And I need your help to save my life.”

The helicopters were nearly there.

Catherine yelled “GET IN!”

The Master disappeared.

“But that’s impossible!,” said the Doctor.

“And so are you! Now GET IN!,” yelled Donna as she pulled him into the car, as the car rushed away.

Moments later, the helicopters landed on the spot where the two had just departed.

A scientist type gets off steps off the helicopter, with an unusual device in his hand. The device is beeping a set of beeps that’s clearly gaining in frequency, and the antennas of the device are made of a material that appear to be shifting in a specific direction.

An authoritative man dressed in desert BDUs walks over, and says “Jackson, Do we have a lock?”

“It’s a doozy, Off the t-scale, General. and looks like it’s originating in the hotel,” says Jackson.

The General turns around, looks at the three helicopters, claps his left hand on his right wrist in the air, and then traces his index finger in an air circle three times before turning back to Jackson.

As 30 military personnel file out of the helicopters, all carrying M16A2s and dressed in desert BDUs as well, the General follows the scientist as the men surround the entrance to the building.

“Is it him?,” said the General.

“I can’t tell yet. But I think so,” said Jackson as the two began descending into the escalator jogging down the stairs.

“Jesus. This is a real mother fucking crisis we’ve got on our hands if that’s the case,” said the General.

“As I said, General, I can’t be sure yet. Wait a minute. This can’t be,” as the two emerged into the lobby, followed by about half the military personnel from the helicopters.

“What,” said the General.

“This is impossible,” said Jackson

“Out with it Jackson,” said the General.

The device leads the two to the door the Doctor and Master walked out from.

“Right here,” said Jackson.

“What’s right here?,” said the General.

Jackson reached out and opened the door to which an impossible view unfolded in front of them as they stepped through, a hallway running sideways that from end to end went as far as the eye could see left to right, but when they backed out from the doorway, where the hallway led should have ran straight into the check in to the left and out into the ocean on the right.

It was for all intents and purposes.

“Impossible,” said the General.

“No. It’s a stable wormhole in time and space.”

The General peeked his head into the corridor and then back at Jackson.

“We’re gonna need more uniforms,” he said.

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