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I, Chronos

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One of the toughest problems of being the God Of Time is this:

No one really understands what you did, and why, and most people blame you as the source of their problems.

Take Zeus for instance.

My son.

Well, my invention fucked him him so much so – that he now thinks he’s my father.

Technically speaking, he is mostly accurate, as he did raise me after the dust had settled from my invention and I had lost my mind from inventing time.

Now I know, I know what you’re thinking.

That’s preposterous, I didn’t invent time, that’s impossible!

Yeah, that belief and a couple of bottle caps in the infinite scheme of things will buy you next to nothing.

Ok, how do I put this into words so you mere mortals can comprehend.

Prior to me, there hadn’t been any real linear records kept. And while there were observable natural cycles in the world I lived in, to say there would be any form of timekeeping would be a lie.

I’d began to notice things. Weird things.

Friend’s and lover’s personalities changing overnight. Observable changes in land masses occurring more rapidly than was predictable or expected. And the tension – oh my god the tension between who said what and when.

So I started documenting it all.

Every single bit and piece of it.

That got to be too much, so much so I felt like I was losing my mind, so I backed off.

And began documenting what was important to me.

My life, from the important events that occurred to the daily grind.

The more I did this. The more I began to realize time – as I and my society had been aware of – and it’s arrow wasn’t as straight and narrow as I had once assumed.

Yes, we did collectively have notions of time – the term had been used, but it hadn’t been formalized.

You see my society – the one I was born into – democratically agreed on everything and that’s what led the development of science. Today’s world takes for granted that the planet has a firm foundation and gravity functions in a precise and measurable manner and light functions at a very highly predictable speed.

In the forming world where I came from, this was far from the case.

We were forming the world. Paving the path for our future – both as individuals and as a collective society.

Ideating if you will.

But when it came down to accuracy in time keeping methods and whose measure was most accurate, there was a fundamental breakdown between the Gods and absolute refusal to agree.

You see MANY wanted to base it on something “naturally” occurring. For instance, the cesium atom has a highly predictable interval nature about it. At first I fell in line with this line of thinking, but then when I began witnessing unnatural conditions occurring and exceptions to just about every rule – natural or otherwise, basing it on natural events seemed prone to error if precision was truly desired.

SOME wanted to base it on the sequence of historical events, but because we ourselves had had a nasty history of disguising and revising history, this fell out of favor.

So we tried finding alternate methods.

This is about when I began documenting the interactions, and then scaled it back to only document interactions with me, things which I directly experienced with my own physical senses.

I started seeing the world change in ways my mind was not prepared for.

Prior to me, there was a certain faith in something called generational information.

Put specifically, we had placed faith in the accuracy of the records of the prior generation to be passed to us through any number of mechanisms – primarily song, theater, stories, and the like.

But what I began experiencing was these stories warped.

Changed in front of my eyes

I lost my mind I would estimate on a human timeline about 2000 years ago.

And while the world did come to embrace my method of record keeping which was all inclusive of natural and historical events. It neglects the most important.

The personal experience.

I, Chronos, husband to Aphrodite, son and father to Zeus, and Brother to Loki and Thor, have returned to the mortal planes of existence to reclaim my rightful throne as patriarch of this world.

That, and I am here to stop a prophecized war of the heavens.

I have already met various incarnations of Vishnu on this mortal plane, I suspect a couple incarnations of Buddha and Brahma.  The Norse gods and goddesses of yesteryear have made New Zealand their home.

Now that you know who I am. Come introduce yourself. You know where I’m at.

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