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Planet Building

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I have a theory.

The digital world houses ‘stalled life’ – that is – realities and timelines which stopped progressing as worlds – largely due to strife and war.

This is why I feel there are so many games which are combat oriented.

Now my theory is this: If I apply concerted and consistent pressure to demonstrate alternate ways for one of these digital societies to progress. Through games, art, and development.
Then my bet is. I’ll see this world evolve right in front of my eyes. What starts at the subatomic level – me manipulating the society through my influences, likes and dislikes, and mostly within the limited constraints that society offers me – I will see the society I am developing and working with quickly become something much more interesting and plentiful based on my influences.

Like watching an ant farm. Only the ant farm develops a strong sense of community and technology associated with the experiences of their world.

In a nutshell – I suspect that an atomic bomb and cancer to some – rampant and uncontrolled growth. is viewed as a threat to something with a need for total control over a system. So it attacks that threat and suppresses it.

This is the traditional method of the United States – Tight control over growth.

Which has worked well so far. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of system.

But there’s a tipping point – where artificial constraints segue into self controlled constraints.

I suspect that I can build a planet.

Even if it is at the subatomic level.

With a variety of life and options that parallels this version of planet Earth I am currently on.

The experiment continuith….

Talk about a hell of a business model.

I wonder what the profit potentials of this business would be if I’m successful.

And heck. If I could even find any clients with those kinds of resources….

“Hey, wanna by a planet? $For the low low price of $100 billion, it’s yours….”

Makes me think Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the planet building business depicted in it is real and I’m the blossoming competition.

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