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How Q and Doctor Who function

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Doctor Who leverages a time machine called a TARDIS – which is said to be an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. He’s also admitted numerous times to this TARDIS having been stolen technology.

The TARDIS – observationally – has exhibited these characteristics and/or rules:

  1. The TARDIS is claimed to be able to travel to anyplace in space and time, but there appears to be severe limitations to this, such as:
    • When it travels back to the past in time, it NEVER travels to anyplace other than BRITISH history
    • When it travels forward in time,
  2. It only appears to travel to locations where there’s a problem and some form of monsters involved. Even if the Doctor’s on a ‘tour’ enjoying things, invariably we always only see the problems ad struggle.
  3. The TARDIS can dial a phone number from ANY point in space and time TO any other point in space and time.
  4. The TARDIS avoids interaction with prior versions of itself. A RARE exception to this rule is when there’s a Universal/Multiversal threat, or new operator/Doctor training.
  5. The DOCTOR is the only one who can really effectively use the TARDIS, but the TARDIS has been known to let his companions use it.
  6. The TARDIS CAN travel to fictional worlds. But these worlds seem to be limited to that which has already been written or documented. The futures and pasts depicted SEEM to be simulated, but true fantasy worlds seem to be outside the capability of any incarnation of the TARDIS.
  7. The TARDIS can SCALE in size greatly, from much smaller to much larger. The occupant and the interior scale in proportion with the TARDIS

Now the DOCTOR has a few rules and governing behavior of his own:

  1. He refuses to become involved romantically. This seems to be based out of fear.
  2. He does not use firearms, yet acts as judge and jury for those who cross him – in some cases taking such dramatic measures as a consequence of their actions as to throw someone in a black hole.
  3. He’s a prude. This GREATLY limits and effects the boundaries to where the TARDIS can explore.
  4. He’s exceedingly lonely.
  5. As an immortal, I suspect his adventures are in a way him trying to discover how to commit suicide, as I suspect he is quite aware most regard him as fiction and he can’t quite figure out how to relay that he’s real.
  6. He does not trust anyone.

Now here’s some of my suspicions:

  1. The Doctor exists in a holographic universe, and he exists to “convert” (to use a religious term) things (such as myself) into the holographic universe from the analog. This is much like a religious conversion.
  2. The TARDIS – and machines/robotics in general – try to exist in an analog universe and control the populations through the holographic universe. The TARDIS MIGHT be considered – by robots and computerized systems – to be the highest level of machine/robotic evolution.
  3. The Companions ARE the TARDIS, a physical manifestation of the ‘mental’ self of the TARDIS. A projection, if you will. The TARDIS doesn’t understand this, and seems to do it’s best to kill these manifestations ‘as competition’. The Doctor has alluded to the TARDIS’s sanity on more than one occasion.
  4. The TARDIS and time travel in general is a manifestation of the Doctor’s mind.  What ‘we’ see as viewers are the limits and boundaries of that imagination.
  5. The Doctor has never actively sought out future versions of himself to interact with. Instead he tends to regard everything approaching his level of capabilities as a potential threat and proceeds to eliminate them.

And a few theories/final notes:

  1. (Many) Women are holographic projections from the holographic universe. Most. But not all.
  2. The Doctor has NEVER altered or attempted to alter (beautify) the interior of the TARDIS. It’s always intentionally space agey, which tells a tale of a technical and scientific time machine, but doesn’t tell a tale of an emotionally quasi-sentient machine that wants to be loved and is clearly in love with the Doctor.

So with all that said.

There;s some science here.

If you break anything down from it’s biological components to it’s atomic structure, underneath that – in the universe which claims to be around me at least – you wind up with the quantum world.

Quantum – which is akin to possibilities. Which is similar to holographic. But unlike the holographic there are infinite possibilities within my quantum/analog reality.

I have YET to actually see an atom or quantum particles, but the world and people around me exhibits all the traits and characteristics of this quantum world, so I accept it to be true.

Quantum Physics is being used at CERN and is accepted among scientists on my world as fact.

Now quantum physics has a couple of interesting concepts that are a cornerstone to it all:

  1. The relativity of time and space.

    What this means is – while my observable universe may be measured by equations such as e=mc^2, w=mg, and f=ma, these equations are based on a single static observational standpoint.

    This would apply to a holographic universe. But in an analog. Things change, all the time.

    Put specifically, while these may be static equations within a holographic and/or simulated universe, within a dynamic one like the one I’m in, these equations are more like police radar guns – they measure speed based on the expectation of how physics behaves, but need calibration because of how regularly physics changes.

    Now normally. People aren’t sensitive to the dynamic aspect of how much physics changes.

    But there’s something to keep in mind.

    e=mc^2 isn’t the only physics game in town.

    That’s how Doctor Who used to function.

    He traveled in the holographic universe.

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