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An attractive young woman just walked in.

Boxer underwear on. And ass cheeks hanging out.

This reminded me of the Japanese videos that littered the internet porn sites a few years back where a Japanese man would run around and ‘pants’ a woman while another would film it

Something I did in high school.

And this was one of those moments I just wouldn’t complain if it happened again.

Now here’s the moral dilemma –

Life’s a little dull in general on this here version of my Planet Earth.

And while I am not interested in creating a new Amsterdam. The one thing I am interested in is experimentation in and with people, especially women.

Having been married three times, I’ve come to believe pretty strongly that women are more perverted and sexual than men, in general, and that men superimpose their generally speaking conservative belief system over women in an attempt to control them.

So this woman. Showing her ass cheeks. Another that came in a couple weeks ago in a g-string. Weekly women where low cut tops without bras on.

It’s my suspicion that men’s repressed nature is intensifying the divide between men and women, which in part is what is causing the high divorce rates, and also responsible for a lack of communal support by women for men.

Put specifically. Women are too busy thinking about sex and competition to think about anything else.

And the general lack of clothes and/or revealing clothes and increasing sexualization and objectification of women isn’t something being done to women. It’s something they are doing to themselves by adhering to the stereotypical roles in the hopes they’ll attract the perfect mate.

But the problem is.


There’s a movie called “Cashback” where the main actor is capable of stopping time and looking at the world through that perspective. In one scene, he removes the women’s clothes in a shopping mall – in the position they are in – and then takes a sketch pad and sketches each of them.

I am curious.

IF I could stop time.

And went up and removed the pants from that girl then walked back to my chair then…

Resumed time.

How would she react?

Would she? Would my belief that women actually want to be looked at more in the nude without being responsible for it be accurate?

If I could rewind time if she reacted poorly would make it that much less perilous.

Another experiment.

Go into a gym. Stop time.

Remove EVERYONE’s clothes.

Resume time.

Would there be any change in behavior?

I’m suspecting that if done on a large enough scale, that these weird actions that expose the human body may have some really odd and unpredictable results. Not just animosity. But, especially done on a group basis, does it branch out and form a completely new alternate reality?

The collective mind is a powerful thing so anything is possible.

As for the woman from before.

There’s one other experiment I wish I could run.

I wish I could automatically NOT see clothes on attractive women, or I think ‘remove clothes from attractive women’ and snap my fingers and from that point forward I dont see clothes on attractive women. I think “Put clothes on attractive women’ and my mind redraws them with clothes on.

That way. I could just smile and be ok with seeing things others cannot.

and not concern myself with japanese like experiments in time.

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