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The Chemicals Between Us

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There’s a Noah’s Arc set up as a tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

Here’s a picture of me standing next to it.


At Universal Studio in California, there’s a jet crashed staged from the movie War of the Worlds


And in Marseille, France, is the “art of Bruno Catalano”


And Similar statues in Las Vegas:


And weird sculptures in thew water in Germany:


We get hints all the time that not only was Einstein right about the relativity of space and time, but because of this, the big bang is just one avenue things come into creation in this world…

But as humans,  programmed through an indoctrination process much like a robot or computer is programmed to accept only one truth, it becomes very hard to understand that one answer.


Does not dictate how every form of art came into exist.

For instance.

The seashell is a wonderful example that natural processes such as evolution can play a part in the structure and origin of natural organisms and life itself.


But a company like Monsanto and their genetic manipulation of corn makes it clear that math, fractals, and the science behind evolution isn’t the only game in town.

How far can this rabbit hole go?

Let’s take time.

I’m GREAT at figuring out how things were done.

And for a long time, I’d been baffled by Disney’s Haunted mansion as what was on the paintings expanded yet the walls and painting borders appeared constant in their size as the main lift went down to the mansion…


I hypothesized the paintings were unrolling and the seam was that well hidden as the painting expanded.

But if that were true.

Then I’d see the painting borders expanding.

I’d see seams in the walls.

And I most decidedly did not.

Simple observational science that I was aware of was defeated.

Or so I thought.

Until I really learned something from a computer game.

In the game “The Stanley Parable” – there’s a SMALL room I walked into blocked off in the middle.  You simply cannot see all four corners at the same time with the way it’s configured. Here’s an overhead view:


Now when I walked into the room (from the black arrow), I didn’t see an exit, so I walked straight forward. Made a left. Made another left. Made another left. And the door I had entered through had disappeared.

So I turned around and walked where I had just come from.

Made a right. Made another right. And another. The door I’d entered through was still not there.

So I turned around. Made a left. Another left. Another left. This continued for about 15 times and then – SO I had traversed the same square room 4 times by this point.

And then. There’s the exit – the red doorway out was there.

This got me to thinking about Disney.

But there’s one difference. I see evidence of ‘a simulation’ all the time around me. But I also see evidence of more.

Which got me thinking about Quantum Physics.

Then I saw this:


Now at the time I saw this, I wasn’t aware what each particular symbol meant, but to me, I’d never considered faith and science to be separate.

So when I saw this Stanley Parable thing.

I answered the question how the developers could do it pretty quickly.

You insert a trigger on the floor.When the player goes past a certain point, you ‘hide’ the door they entered through. And when they go over that same trigger ‘x’ times – probably 5 in my case – then you ‘show’ the exit.

This got me to thinking about Disney.

And this thing called Quantum Physics.

In the quantum realm. Anything is possible. This is MUCH like the digital realm I program inside computer systems.

However the mechanisms of interaction are subtly different.

And what I realized was – while I may *not* be in a holographic reality and may only be seeing the holographic reality through the looking glass called a computer.

The mechanisms have their similarities.

And since I know factually I can look at life size versions of the holographic/digital realm…

It stands to reason that I may be able to ‘see’ features of the the subatomic realm without a microscope in ‘real life’ if I only knew what to look for.

And I found it.

Noah’s Arc in Hong Kong is the real Noah’s Arc. Skipping across time.

The statues are real people. Frozen in time.

The plane wreck at Universal. IS the real thing.

The lady. In the water. Is a real woman.

It’s hard to explain why this is the case in English, because the words don’t exist to put it in concise terms.

But coexist. The Big Bang. For science. Coexists with God and the bible. Coexists with the Koran. Coexists with Buddha. etc. All are accurate.

And for every explanation of how something comes into existence.

IE: films for movies.

There’s another explanation:

Movies come from alternate realities.

And both are accurate.

In Fallout 4, there’s a narcotic chemical called “Jet”

Jet’s an easy chemical to make, in game, two parts fertilizer (a mix of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K)) to every one part of plastic (which is made from crude oil or I suspect can leverage standard gasoline).

And the chemical’s effect is interesting – as it slows down time for ten seconds.

There’s a part of me which actually wants to make the chemical to test it out for myself.

But here’s the thing.

The effects – the visuals at least are interesting. The world around me slows but I retain full ranges of body movement. at normal speed.

What this silly little game just taught me is:

I already control time. When I saw it skip ahead three months in a matter of days while staying with Spencer, I’d accidentally fast forwarded it.

And the game.

Is an actual alternate reality. And the occupants are probably baffled on how someone can move so fast taking out an entire party of raiders in a matter of a second.

Now the real question is. How do I do what I did at Spencer’s without drugs?

It’s so difficult explaining what I see and know to be right.

Let alone trying to justify it knowing full well I need help in controlling it.

I can’t jump ‘right into’ being Q. I’ll get there one of these days. But the concerns of snapping my fingers and finding myself stuck in a wall or in an even more terrifying time and place than a Terminator world is enough for me to ask for help in ways that I hope you, the reader, whatever you are, are willing to work with me to become.

And snapping my fingers.

Let’s say I do accidentally find myself in a wall and I cant snap my fingers.

I need to be able to control my motion through thought alone. Having to pat my knee, rub my belly, place one arm over the other just isn’t amenable should I find myself lodged in a place I really don’t want to be in.

Put specifically: I need to have controlled thought.

Let’s say I want to watch God’s journey across time and see Noah’s arc for myself.

I’m going to have to move at a different rate of time to watch that occur, aren’t I? Quite likely sped up MUCH faster than I am right now.

Similarly. Let’s say I want to hag out with Doctor Who. Well I suspect he’s IN the holographic universe which means I’ll have to be able to find a comparable translatable form in that reality to experience the journey with him, and not lose myself and my beloved emotions in the process.

Which I sincerely doubt they have in that reality.

So we have a lot of work.

Oh. and Fallout 3. Let’s say I want to tour a nuclear post apocalyptic DC to make a movie there, and I want to bring a small film crew with me there. Or to that Terminator world I saw.

So thinking out loud – do I think “Move this building and all it’s occupants to that world?”

Sure. that sounds good. OR “Move this trailer to the sex world” – let’s say we decide to do a no holds barred crazy high budget sex flick.

I gotta make sure that includes the crew, the equipment, and the protection for those within my cadre without them being threatened by the local inhabitants.

Now – as a side note.

The plane. Was a real wreck to me, and was ‘folded’ into this reality through quantum mechanics.

The painting at Disney. It’s being warped in time and space by a black hole. Which creates a consistent mass hallucination and evidence that matter and mass is an illusion.

The statues. Real people frozen in space and time moving at a much much much slower relative rate of time than me.

The ones who have the whole going through them. They’re in the process of dying through a ripple in space and time.

The lady in Germany. A real lady bathing. We see evidence that the holographic and atomic universes have fused together as one in her weird depiction.

And one last one.

JFK speaking.

Was PART of the real man.

Evidence of the merging of man and machine.

I’m the end of that fusion. The trillions of cells linked together.

Others would think you’re crazy too if you had a trillion minds and different perspectives inside you.

Then you’d realize.

They’re all valid.

Because anything is possible in this and all realities.

Choice is what creates more possibilities.

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