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The Internets

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A few years ago, GW Bush famously said “I hear there’s rumors on the internets”

And I thought to myself…

What a marvelous idea!

I have my own version.

You have your own version.

We all have our own version of the internet.

Oh I know, I know, you’re going to say ‘what about the costs’…

Reality as I know it is created by my mind. Yours as you know it is created by yours.

As we collaborate together, collectively we create ‘our reality’.

And while this may work a decent amount of the time, sometimes – like right now for me – it just doesn’t work.

So when GW Bush said what he did about the internets.

At first, my knee jerk reaction was ‘what a moron’.

But then. When I really started to think about it.

This version of GW Bush could be from an alternate reality or timeline where the internets actually do exist for him.

And for me.

If I simply accept that my version of the internet is mine and mine alone, that represents a freedom I have to communicate and express myself like I never have before.

Accordingly. I can talk about my lovelife. Document it thoroughly.

And when a woman I knew – Jocelyn Hilliard acts hostile towards me – despite she herself showing me pornography she’d made with a friend of hers and gotten paid for….

I know these internet versions of the people are not one and the same as the people I knew in the real world.

AS I send messages explaining my position and distaste for it, and desire for change.

I know, that despite the lack of support I get verbally, that because this is interacting with my mind, it’s influencing the world and reality around me and I’ll see and gain support in other ways.

And the one thing I look forward to.

Beyond anything I can explain.

Is seeing, firsthand, World War 3 breakout on the internet and in all the news sources.

And looking at the world around me as absolutely nothing is going on.

The internet, you see, is becoming my repository and system I work with for ideation and entertainment, and maybe for creating entertainment of my own.

For fiction, if you will.

If I want fact.

I’ll pick up the phone. I’ll pick up a newspaper. Or – I’ll simply observe the world around me.

GW Bush, you are a freaking genius and I love you, man!

The holographic universe is real. And I access it with my com-pu-ter.

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