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Notes on Time

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If you slow a photon down, it tends to have a cascading/contagious effect and the rest of the photons tend to follow suit. To some – this has the net effect of slowing time.

Now why did I observe an enhanced view of light and detail while taking mushrooms and other hallucinogenics?

Mushrooms are toxic.

As the human body is exposed to toxicity, time for the mind tends to slow down to attempt to mitigate the risk and threat to the conscious mind and experience.

IF the mind cannot find a viable way to mitigate the risk and threat to consciousness actively, then there are a number of strategies it takes to mitigate the risk – up to and including shock, comas – and even more surreal experiences such as near death experiences.

There are other strategies too – particularly when the risk and threat are self-imposed.

This includes ‘sliding’ to alternate realities, reversal of time, erasing of memories, rearrangement and altering of choices made and time itself which led to the threat.

I’d seen it before.

For instance, when I was tazed in Calexico after a lengthy bath salt experimentation.

I distinctly remembered 6 impacts.

And during one of those impacts, I have a picture image memory of my head and skull being crushed and my brains coming out of my head underneath the knee of an officer which nearly killed me.

They claimed there were only 2 impacts.

NEITHER of us are inaccurate. I as experiencing the discrete nature of time and my mind – attempting to mitigate the risk of death and the loss of my consciousness – shifted reality. My mind had done it’s best to preserve choice, knowing that what I was doing I – at least in part – wanted to – and needed to experience.

AND my mind ‘bounced’ my physical body between alternate realities. I remember the distinct impact of the tazings of each one as they occurred mere fractions of a second apart.

The difference between the hallucinogenic experiences due to lack of sleep is different than the brain being poisoned.

When the brain is poisoned, one tends to experience predictable experiences.

Invariably, the brain will heal. But the memory of the experience will remain.

Which presents the questions: How can a hallucinogenic experience be predictable? How is it possible to share experiences (five of us took it together and experienced the same hallucination)?

The answer’s relatively simple.

These hallucinogenics create a gateway in the mind to an alternate reality.

And similar minds can see the same world.

Mushroom packages are sold with writing on the package which indicate the effects.

However. With lack of sleep. Through amphetamine related substances such as cocaine and bath salts, the hallucination comes by pushing the mind to it’s artificially imposed limitations, which allows a conscious being to ‘peek out’ into something known as infinity, to begin to understand the difference between controlled hallucinatory experiences versus uncontrolled ones.

And what a hallucination is.

Einstein famously said, “Reality is an illusion”.

This is one way of looking at the universe.

And his Equation, while mostly valid in my world, has a distinct differences.

e=m(c*t)^2, where t=time.

Time is not fixed in my universe.

So when I saw time slow down in the world around me, my mind was discovering for the first time that I was – as an observer – able to watch time move at different rates while retaining consciousness.

Put specifically, old analog movies have a tendency of displaying (at least) 24 to 30 frames per second to create the illusion of movement and time.

But motion, time and space tends not to be entirely discrete.

Human made instruments, algorithms, formulas – all tend to measure and limit things to discrete measurements and measurement systems. Much of math is predicated on the idea that nature is discrete.

But that’s not always the case.

So when I tried poisoning my physical brain.

My subconscious mind – tuned and programmed in a largely discrete world – discretely slowed down time.

But as a conscious observer. I kept seeing the world at a constant analog rate. So instead of seeing and absorbing 30 frames per second. I was now seeing and absorbing 200 frames per second. My ‘reality’ became that much more rich, and it took threatening my physical body to open up new doorways to what’s possible.

How’s this work?

The subconscious mind absorbs EVERYTHING, but it has a tendency to artificially limit the information I consciously experience.

So if I flip a book of 400 pages by in 5 seconds, all 400 pages, while I consciously may not ‘get it’, my the subconscious mind DOES and absorbs everything. It receives EVERYTHING. And has a tendency to integrate the experiences and interpretation of this information into everyday life.

Now here’s what I have realized though – sometimes – the subconscious mind becomes disjointed.

And starts to deprive me of conscious experiences I wish to have.


This is the net root cause of addiction.

When the subconscious mind is consistently depriving the conscious experience the conscious observer wishes, prioritizing itself over the consciousness, this becomes a problem.

A war at times, in fact.

For most of my life I’d felt a part of my mind ‘float out’.

When this happened. I knew of the concepts and ideas such as ‘car’ that I might be driving and ‘red light’ and ‘green light’, I might have known speech and talking, and I may have known triangle and square and tree and wind as concepts and ideas – but truth be told, in these moments which wigged me out at first because of the danger I thought they presented to myself and my passengers – I came to regard them calmly.

I knew these moments would be over in a minute.

I trusted myself instinctually to react to the red light and to tell whoever I was with – such as Kena or Lisa – that “IT” was happening. But to say I could identify what a red light was or a square for that matter would be a lie.

In that moment I literally could have died and not felt a thing.

But my body could.

And that’s what caused anxiety that I learned to get over in time.

There are experiences I would like to have in this life.

Regrets I have left as breadcrumbs for me to realize that time is nothing more than a linear sequence of events that happened that can be revisited at any time and watched and relived at any rate of speed, even backwards.

VCRs and DVD players provide direct evidence of this.

And now that I have gotten control of my own mind, where it’s no longer floating out trying to escape.

I know my body has the ability to transform. To take me anywhere, anytime.

And to become anything I want to.

And to alter my form into that of anything I can imagine.

Everyone has it within their capacity to achieve the same mind over matter.

The discovery of anti matter makes anything temporally possible.

So as scientists discover negative forms of energy. anti photons. Soon they’ll realize the mechanisms in place that drug addicts and movie makers have been trying to tell them about for years that makes all this possible.

Planet Earth. United States of America.

I truly have nothing to lose by becoming a time explorer and contributing as I can to the economy and consciousness of the American public..

Or would you rather keep me on the streets as a homeless man as you support me on welfare?It’s your choice.
I have already made mine. I’d like to be a time scout. A time explorer. Thank you, Robert Aspirin for the inspirationI am asking for permission. But not at the same time 😉

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