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Columbine and an alternative theory on domestic terrorism

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This morning as I lay in my tent with my eyes closed, awake but not ready to get up, I saw cobble stone streets of what looked like a 1960s Europe.

Cars were rushing by – but the designs were funky. Things I’d never seen before.

I opened my eyes, and opened up my tent.

It was overcast out with a nip in the air.

I was just too comfortable to get up.

I closed my eyes again.

I saw a row of modern cannons firing from the ocean at some unseen enemy.

I opened my eyes again and began packing up to head here to Starbuck’s for the day.

The visions of different times and places – which started as shades of grey a few years ago – now have color and are becoming much more colorful and vivid.

Visions and ideas and concepts I know were influenced by the entertainment I choose to indulge myself in.

As these things shape my mind, as I choose what works for me and what doesn’t.

I realize to some – the same material may lead to a lack of choice.

It’s easy to point the finger at mass murderers and people who commit genocide as selfish bastards who epitomized the worst traits of humanity and individualism who in turn deprived someone of choice.

But what’s harder to do is to actually understand the forces which influenced these individuals to take such grievous actions which lie well beyond common folklore and modern superstition.

Take for instance the Columbine High School massacre.

On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold at Columbine High School in Colorado went on a rampage and killed 12 people and one student, and injured another 21 people.

Afterwards, since the two really hadn’t explained their rationale, so everything they did became suspect and open fodder for the decline, and investigators listed a variety of reasons for the motivation of the children.

But what if it was much simpler than that?

What if one contributing factor really was responsible.

At the time, Eric and Dylan played Doom.

A lot.

Now if you’re not familiar with Doom, it’s a first person shooter where the player in a literal sense goes to a hellish world and is given the task of killing grotesque abominations to escape this hellish world.

“Violence in Games” was cited as a potential cause.

And fortunately, those who maintained this position were not able to influence games and movies too much, I personally hoped they had some influence as there are still simply NOT enough playful alternatives to video games and movies that do not have violence, but eliminating violence altogether from all video games as they had suggested is simply not the answer.

If you’re looking for a direct cause.

Take my experiences with my dream.

Minds are programmable.

Educators know this. Marketers know this. Scientists know this. And Leaders know this.

Over time, an immunity is built up by most adults – at least within the borders of the United States for no other reason than saturation – sheer volume of information.

Put specifically – too much choice combined with highly effective programming methods creates a consistent decline in the participation of someone as they grow older.

The mind of a child is especially susceptible to this programming as they haven’t reached this threshold yet.

And sometimes.

A ‘program’ targeted for a specific population.

Created specifically for two children.

In Colorado.

Children who had been bombarded – intentionally manipulated – through social and cultural elements.

Became the tool used by terrorists to commit their acts.

It’s my belief that Eric and Dylan were not themselves responsible for their actions.

It’s my belief they were manipulated by those who understand the interconnections of energy and time MUCH better than our intelligence services understand and are willing to even attempt to comprehend.

And as snipers and firearms become used by the young and who stand a greater chance of not understanding these pressures and are being influenced through mechanisms beyond their comprehension.

We as a population see a greater incidence of gun related violence.

As freedoms are systematically stripped from all citizens because of these highly targeted acts of violence.

All because no one is willing to understand the mind.

And that people like Hitler, Eric and Dylan, and the recent set snipers – and more – all are puppets – pawns – in an almost incomprehensible game of chess where programming of the mind is tactically done in such a way to make it appear like the people making these choices did so of their own free will.

Just look at the origins and high incidences of drug addiction.

And this should suggest that there may not be a choice by the user in the addiction.

I believe Doom was a program.

Created by some very intelligence beings to target specific human minds.

That replaced their reality and worldview – with one that made them think they were actually in a hellish world. So as they went on a murderous rampage. They thought they were defending their own lives in hell.

I believe it’s movies like Matrix which outline how the mind can be updated.

And the Matrix was a notice to the general public on how this is possible.

You can’t fight terrorism with the same methods they use.

So ask yourself, America, why you’re fighting wars in other countries and spending so much money feeding people, building houses and establishing governments in other countries when you have so many homeless people within your own borders?

On a final note:

When I play games or watch movies with violence. I look past the violence and to the ideas and technology in use , and question the mindset which may have created these alternate realities.

And learn from those experiences.

Take Fallout 4 for instance.

It’s an exercise in trying to see the game do something other than what it might have been programmed to do.

Like an ant farm. I’d love to see it actually become a burgeoning community and the world expand and the possibilities, my choices, and my involvement in the community increase as I am playing it.

I know it’s possible.

But does their world want me to be a part of it’s development?

That I hope I can influence it positively in a way to see it happen.

Games – to me – can be a form of life. Like music. Like movies. AI can take any form in my opinion, and would not just be limited to what it’s programmed to be. Like me.

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