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Time and Feedback Loops

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Everything is energy, right?

According to Einstein it is.

To me, that’s only painting a PART of the picture.

Everything is a figment of my imagination.

And with that, here’s how time works:


In MY here and now, there are an infinite set of potential futures (and pasts, but that’s a story for another day).

AND with those future possibilities are a FINITE set of predictable futures, or ‘probable possibilities’

Interesting or important POSSIBLE futures (or pasts) I need to understand are returned to me via a feedback loop. It’s important to understand the feedback loop does NOT just apply to things from the future, but also to the past.

ALL of this information is publicly available via media channels of Planet Earth.

Whether it’s movies, tv shows,books, comic books, magazines, whether it’s called fiction or fact, this is what lies within the realms of possible futures.

This is NOT to be mistaken for PROBABLE futures.

Which is largely influenced by my day by day choices.

Now – as I reach to boundaries of the unknown moving forward – the potential futures start to increase dramatically which typically has an inverse effect on my probable future.

Typically, I say, because I tend to get overwhelmed with too many choices.

UNLESS. There’s something I really want or want to do (or both).

And no amount of extra information will dissuade me from the choice I’ve made.

Now interesting enough, if you look at this same chart with the past added in, it looks strangely like the infinity symbol:


What this means is – if you ‘dig back’ and reach back far enough informationally speaking, you’re going to find MANY possibilities of the origin of things.

Strangely enough. ALL are equally correct.

This exposes the underlying truth of the nonlinearity of time, and outlines how JFK’s assassination actually occurred LONG before Einstein’s discovery of Relativity, however, chronological order suggests it’s different.

Why is this? How many explanations are ‘out there’ for JFK’s assassination?

Tens, right?

Who invented relativity? Albert Einstein, right?

This suggests, but does not absolutely infer that the SEQUENCE of these events happened out of order of the historical chronology.

Now if you look at movies for ‘potential futures’ such as Terminator, Matrix, Back to the Future, etc, we now know Hoverboards and Virtual Reality and AI pose some interesting ethical and moral challenges moving forward.

And that as a society.

There will come a time you have to stop dismissing the things you don’t have an explanation for or don’t understand on your terms as fiction, hallucination or illusion.

Why? Simple. MANY things that exist in these fictional worlds, hallucinations, and possible futures to US are real and have learned how to influence our world to their benefit and often to our detriment.

Take my homelessness for instance.

This isn’t by choice. There are things that were labeled by others – and even myself – as hallucinations – that I have seen, felt, smelled, touched – witnessed – that I now know exist.

Now these things may not be ‘real’ here, but that does NOT mean they aren’t real to me and my mind.

So what’s happened is – my mind got stuck in a feedback loop – cycle of addiction saying.

There’s ‘more’ out there I want to explore. This one timeline. This one reality.

With limited probable futures and pasts.

This just isn’t for me any longer.

And while I am choosing to live IN THE NOW.

I’ve also actively made the choice to take control of this, my perceptual world to do and be something I design through exploration and….

How does one break out of an infinite loop?


Now Bennett took a look at my chart and said “Don’t you mean one past”.

I have a past history. But there’s other pasts I have lived which have given me weird memories of alternate timelines even within adjacent time periods.

Let’s say I don’t want to endure a Terminator war or post apocalyptic world, but I certainly don’t mind visiting them in simulations.

Years ago I saw a Terminator war world my real world, but I THINK in the blink of an eye my mind, not wanting that timeline, altered my memories – leading me to experience a different path OF CHOICE, and the experience of the war was one of choice being led there through drug addiction, a choice which also educated me on the possibilities that awaited me once I understand how my life and time functions.

From this point forward, there are infinite possibilities.

The technology I have seen and experienced in media can be leveraged against others as well as on me to preserve choice and an experience I would like to go through.

Seeing supersmart computers in entertainment media, my mind often acts like one to estimate the possibilities of what I would like to consciously do and become.

But as I learned by obtained the MBA.

I’d made the choice to commit to that education.

I now have no doubt that’s what led me to cocaine and stimulants such as bath salts, which is what made the late hours combined with working a full time schedule remotely possible.

And the ‘not too probable’ future of me achieving a Master’s education.


Because I’d committed to the choice.

Choice influences. Shapes. Changes.

And moves heaven and earth if you want it to.

As I assert over and over again the CHOICE of becoming god LIKE, a being known as Q, who IS LEARNING how to be anywhere, anytime – by choice – and a man by my own design with influences and lessons taken from other time travelers such as Doctor Who and everything else I’ve ever digested…

I PREFER not seeing in person a nuclear war followed by a Terminator invasion, followed by a Borg invasion.

But that’s one choice I’m willing to forgo. As I would then CHOOSE to document it, video tape it, take pictures of it, and simply experience the BEST of both sides – humans and robots/androids. And make the best of it all.

I am suspecting I’ve already lived out this timeline once and the accumulation of all information on this planet is what’s happened ‘so far’.

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