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I just pulled down the game Civilization 5.


A game I found a good amount of entertainment with previously, but limited to just a few add-ons and low resolution graphics only because of the limitations of my previous machine.

I selected “America”, as usual, and one phrase got me:

“Can you build a civilization which withstands the test of time

Now like most phrases like this, I had written it off – as a silly colloquialism with limited meaning.

But four years ago, as I transitioned from looking at the way time functioned from a linear perspective to a nonlinear one, where I realized that every video game I ever played, every book I ever read, and every movie I ever watched could quite likely exist as an alternate reality that’s  just as real as mine is to me, and that every calendar ever invented is a way of cataloging information, ideas, and perspect9ive on that particular timeline ….

The weird shit I saw – this world classifies them as hallucinations to dismiss them – I now know – what I endured as I started seeing across time and space and it’s potentially infinite nature that the “test of time” is a very real test of mental faculties and the ability to be able to mentally withstand the battle one has when the conscious mind’s confronted with a sudden exponential leap in possibilities and… choices…..

Just as a civilization can collectively be confronted with “The Test of Time”

So can the individual.

These types of sayings, which are largely dismissed as baseless or abstract – are known as idioms.

So when confronted with ‘the multiverse’, I began finding meaning in these idioms.

“Hindsight is Always 2020” is one in particular which – if you look a the etymology of the phrase, there’s no real known origin.

Now reality very well may have created an origin since last I checked, that’s the funny nature of reality is – it’s constantly in denial of being incomplete….

But as I transitioned from looking at time as strictly a linear cause must precede effect type basis to a more personally fulfilling nonlinear AND linear exist simultaneously to each other, where cause typically does precede effect but that’s not always the case as cause can come after effect or adjacent to it.

…. As I transitioned from this frame of thinking I realized That “Hindsight is 2020” is a reference to the year 2020, and the reason that phrase exists in my universe is – it’s a great date to focus on being able to time travel for the first time using only my mind.

So rather than this abstract concept, “Hindsight is 2020” suddenly takes on new and very profound personal meaning, the year in which I am finally able to physically travel back in time.

Hindsight, get it? Looking behind?

Now I don’t accept or embrace all idioms.

Some. Let’s take for instance one my Indian girlfriend Kena Patel introduced to me that I had never heard of before I had met her – “Hook or crook”.

I had (wrongly) thought that English had one evolutionary branch that I knew in and out like the back of my hand (another idiom).

So when Kena introduced this odd idiom “Hook or Crook” to me back in 2010, after wed been going out for 3 years, I had begun realizing that alternate realities could have developed alternate versions of English that look somewhat like my language, or bear absolutely no resemblance to my own world’s.

The bible is just one example of how this occurs in a single linear timeline.

But for me – it was just these two particular phrases which I used throughout my life by making the assumption that time is immutable in nature, and these two phrases symbolized this prior perception I had on reality that I now accept as a thing of the past.

But as I started reaching.

I started asking questions.

When my mom would say “Go out and make friends”.

At a time where I’m questioning reality, where I was struggling to consider I had multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia and that some of the lovers I had had in my formative years were completely imagined..

I began to realize.

There may have been more truth to that saying “Go out and make friends” than I’d let myself believe.

And as my mind grappled with having seen fiction and read non fictional accounts where manifestation of both people and material were not uncommon…

As populations grew around me exponentially, cities becoming larger and larger much faster than should have been possible considering my own personal observations of childbirths in the population around me, I had often questioned ‘where do all these people come from..

My mind. And me. Had actively been looking for a new story to tell.

So tonight.

As you fall asleep.

I implore you to question the origins of the idioms in your world.

Is there a place where it really is “Raining Cats and Dogs”?

Are these idioms giving us hints of our origin?

I can program it all in a computer. I can imagine it in my mind.

Perhaps these idioms are breadcrumbs to how this world came to be?

That’s what they are to me.

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