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Are Santa Claus and Quicksilver REAL?

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Are Santa Claus and Quicksilver REAL?

I think so…..

First… I gotta take this from the realm of fantasy and fiction to demonstrate the science facts…..

What makes something like Santa Claus possible?

There are currently 1.9 billion children in the world below the age of 15.

In theory, if Santa was to exist, to optimize his delivery schedule, he would have to start delivering when the first child went to sleep – let’s say that’s as early as 7pm.

Now the LATEST he can deliver is – let’s say – 7am.

That’s 24 hours. But that’s only in one time zone.

The world runs on a 24 hour clock, so that means there’s roughly 24+24 = 48 hours for this enigmatic entity named Santa to deliver toys to every boy and girl around the world.


“Bad girls and boys get coal.”

Doing the math, 1,900,000,000 / (48 (hours) * 60 (minutes per hour) * 60 (seconds per minute) this means Santa has to deliver one gift every 0.000947368421052631578947368421053 seconds, or 1056 gifts per second.

This doesn’t even get into the logistical issues of distance he has to travel.

But then again… to the normal mortal and your limited minds, this may appear impossible.

Let me help you understand how it happens…

Years ago, Einstein introduced an equation which equated mass and time to energy.

Now I won’t bore you with details on that equation and how it works, but there was something scientists didn’t understand at the time – and that’s that Einstein’s equation was an observational measurement taken at a specific moment time.

What this means in plain English is – Santa Claus can be a man, a man comprised of atoms just like you or I.

But Santa Claus has done something remarkable.

He’s shown us that that with enough energy applied to a system, that time itself can appear to dilate.

You see – Santa’s a big man. He has something scientists refer to as mass. You know this as atoms. A lot of mass in fact. And in order to push that man at all takes energy.

Now Santa isn’t going to lose his mass in order to walk to the store, is he?

That’s ludicrous, right?

But it still takes energy to move Santa and his phat mass to the store.

This is where it’s important to understand that Einstein’s equations – are like snapshots in time, pictures, if you will, of the current state of Santa.

Like a gas gauge on a car or a thermometer to a human being. While you can certainly refine the methods of observation and accuracy of your observations, these observations and instruments of observation are not without potential inherent bias and flaws.But just because it can’t be observed doesn’t make it not possible.

So it’s here – in Einstein’s equation – where we really see why what Santa does is not just a product of fiction.

Humans, in a general sense, see what appears to be continuous motion at 30 to 60 frames per second. Hollywood was founded on this principle, where old cards were flipped by at about that speed using a hand crank which provided the appearance of motion.

But if SOMETHING moved fast enough.

Which is entirely possible by understanding Einstein’s equation is an observational measurement of light as it correlates to mass and energy over specific periods of time.

So what this means is – IF you happened to perceive time at a slow enough rate.

You don’t need to be a time traveler to deliver that many presents.

This means that not only is the concept of Santa and his ability to deliver presents to an entire planet’s population not just observationally possible.

This also means that Santa Claus could actually be real.

And that time just moved different for him relative to the planet around him.

“Relativity” as Einstein called it.

And he had found something constructive and fun to do in his spare time and in the process created the legend of Santa Claus.

On that note…..

I’m suspecting the man depicted as Quicksilver – may be one and the same man who saved the people from an exploding building in the X-Men – which all may be based on factual occurrences.

Here’s that scene from X-Men as a reminder:

Miraculously, the wing of the Pentagon building which had been struck in 9/11 had been ‘closed for repairs’…

20 people take the time to carefully plan out an attack.

Wouldn’t you think with that kind of manpower they would have done reconnaissance on the targets to maximize collateral damage?

Don’t you think something like ‘that entire side of the building is under construction’ would have been caught in the planning phase of an attack like this?

I’m gonna suggest that maybe it hadn’t been closed after all.

And a man like Quicksilver exploited a neat little flaw in human perception that tends to ‘fill in the gaps’ and pulled everyone out of that area as the plane impacted the building, and then after everyone was safe he ran down to Home Depot and got equipment which made it appear like the entire area was under construction – letting everyone’s minds fill in the gaps as to why they were suddenly in another office after the attack occurred.

After all.

Physics and simple science suggests this is all possible.


I think so.

I’d love to meet the guy. And shake his hand and thank him.

Just for being who he is.

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