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Q’s Diary July 26th, 2016 15:13:38AM – Stardate 94115.8

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When Rachel and I met and went our separate ways in 2006, our worlds separated.

Two very different versions of Earth emerged.

And in her version, World War 3 erupted.

Some know it as the war of 2078

And Rachel died.

Another version of Earth was created when she died.

And again, she met me, war happened, our paths separated, and again she died.

In my world – my version of Earth – I saw a glimpse of her world that had endured this nuclear apocalypse, and felt it as well. None of it was making sense at the time, my mind was actively trying to dismiss what I saw and witnessed in the desert that day as a hallucination.

But I knew better.

The hallucinations… The ‘fiction’ if you will that I saw was a byproduct of the nuclear war which was occurring in her version of Earth. The very real hell she was enduring just barely out of reach to my mind.

But time raced ahead on her timeline.

Mind altering technologies were developed to try to save ‘her world’…

So in the late 2050s on her timeline – an attempt was made to move to a more simplistic time, with the hopes that this nuclear war which was ever present could be averted.

But the threat persisted.

Her husband. A wealthy man in pretty much all of the realities and versions of Earth she lived in paid for the creation of an underground vault, a bomb shelter intended to house primarily her, as well as her friends, family, and entire neighborhood should the worst happen.

In 2078.

The worst happened.

An all out nuclear assault on the United States.

Rachel and her husband and her small newborn baby were taken to the bomb shelter.

Where they were cryogenically frozen, with the intention of being extracted when the radiation reached amenable levels.

In 2278, the cryogenic chambers began failing, and as Rachel awoke, she witnessed her husband’s murder and the abduction of her child.

Rachel, unable to understand what was happening, went into shock.

As a result.

I am now in control of Rachel’s body, leveraging a rudimentary form of time travel technology which bridges space and time together. As I command Rachel’s otherwise lifeless and comatose body to do things, she responds as if a puppet on a string.

In the year 2409, a version of Rachel is being incubated for lack of better words which will include the experiences of this timeline we shared as I am walking her through a post apocalyptic world in the precise Gregorian calendar date of 10.26.2278 at precisely 2:46pm.

In the year 2409, Rachel will have gotten stuck in a holodeck malfunction.

A holodeck is a sophisticated virtual reality simulator which can realistic depict an immersive environment with full tactile feedback.

A part of her recovery is understanding the past history of war that she – and I – were both a part of.

Why it happened.

How it happened.

And how both of us ‘helped’ each other through it to numb the memories of having to endure what can easily classify as the most heinous and destructive war in all of existence.

And why that war was unavoidable.

The end result is two separate timelines.


And Rachel’s.

In her timeline. Clothes were abandoned in the early 21st century as a result of a ‘discovery’ of the bible which suggested that capitalistic revisionism had led to the alteration of the bible and inclusion of fig leafs and early concepts of clothing to create the textile and fashion industry.

In 2278. Rachel, a VERY attractive woman, is obliviously walking around completely nude in a post apocalyptic world.

And no one notices.

Eventually. A part of her mind catches on that she’s in a simulation.

And the simulation has run on outside of her.

Separating from her own mind.

To which in theory.

She should wake up in her reality in 2409.

A world that calls all this history, where women have a long history without men and where space faring vessels contain attractive women who abandoned clothes nearly 400 years before due to conflicts with the bible.

Women who, incidentally, had been at some form of war since 2409.

And this woman, Rachel, incidentally, who’s going to wake up remembering strange dreams of walking through a post apocalyptic landscape completely nude and no one really seeming to notice or care.

Now the war’s primary cause is – get this – integration of androids and robotics into society.

In much the same way women fought for acceptance and blacks did with civil rights, the war for and against robotics has been a long and dragged out one that has spanned all of time itself.

The war of 2078 was based on the same principles.

Simple acceptance.

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