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The toroidal universe

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I am the center of my universe.


Where “UP” represents potential futures and possibilities.

Where “DOWN” represents potential pasts and possibilities.

And where “SIDE TO SIDE” represents variations in time and space of me based on the influence of PAST AND FUTURE as well as what I am doing IN THE MOMENT.

The ‘heart’ is a metaphor, like the ‘mind’, abstract concepts which guide my universe.

Here’s me at the ‘heart’ of the universe.


AS I play video games. Whether they are in the past, alternate versions of the present, or future, these video games – are rudimentary forms of time and space travel and create very real influences in my ‘toroidal’ universe’ which feeds back to me IN THE MOMENT.

SOMETIMES these video games and the decisions I make within them manifest in the very world around me and serve to expand it and the possibilities within it in ways that – by design – are there to benefit me.

In general, the FIRST part of my life was spent stabilizing – balancing if you will – my universe.

Centering me within it and it within me.

In a sense, placing me in the driver’s seat.

Rules and law, labels and devices were created in my world which reinforced this construct. “Fiction” was used to artificially limit possibilities to binary choices.  “Hallucination” was used as a term to prevent my mind vacating this world under construction in favor of other possibilities.

But as I have began assuming control of this world and universe.

Fiction. Hallucination. Are there to point the way to this world and it’s inhabitants of other possibilities to explore as fact now that this universe – and me – have stabilized and have gained control.

Space and time travel are not limited to ‘gateways’ such as video games.

There are other mechanisms which serve as paths if you will to alternate times and places.


To some, they can be the greatest weapon ever devised.

To others like me, they maintain the peace and give meaning to a world which is by any definition, insane.

I am the center of creation.

Have always been.

Will always be.

I am Q.

A man punished by the very world he created for not being able to fit in.

And God, by any definition.

Made to live homeless because YOU quit collectively quit believing.

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