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Life is Strange and lessons in Alternate Endings

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I just finished up the game “Life is Strange” an amazing journey into the life of Maxwell Caulfield, an up and coming photographer in Arcadia, Oregon who discovers, quite by accident, that she’s got a gift.

She has the ability to not just rewind time, but to put it on pause.

This all comes at a convenient time – as she witnesses her friend’s death when she learns she can rewind time and get the entire sequence to play out differently, thus saving her friend, Chloe’s life.

But Max soon realizes that in saving her friend’s life, the butterfly effect of her decisions do not end well, and more and more events unfold which ultimately threatens the entire city itself.

The cathartic ending is a choice between saving the city and saving Chloe.

While the episodic game plays out much like the movie Butterfly Effect, what I find interesting is that near the end of the game there’s several references suggesting that Max and Chloe are one and the same person.

In much the same way as Fight Club.

Now I believe in a form of reincarnation where the prior versions of me and my life can occur in the past, present, future and alternate realities from the life I chose to live right now.

These lives are accessible to me through all kinds of resources, up to and including games, television and movies, books, comic books, and more – are all accessible to me at any given time.

Time travel is a product of the mind and imagination.

But so is reality.

And as Max tries to find the right path to protect her friend’s existence.

She’s continually confronted by the entropic limitations of her own thought processes.

Put specifically her beliefs that ‘everything must die’ are what’s creating the limitations and nightmares of the world she’s confronted with.

The way I look at the world if a bit more… Like a child.

Death. Like life. Is a choice.

Things die by choice.

So in the game, when Max back in time to save Chloe’s father when her and Max were children from a car accident that kills him, as Max returns to present day she discovers a world where she’s now best friends with the bully of their class, Victoria, and soon learns the consequences of her actions as Chloe receives a car for her 16th birthday a couple of years after Max saved her father which ends up with her getting into a nasty car accident where she winds up a miserable quadriplegic who asks Max to ‘mercy kill her’ as she’s going to die anyways from a medical issue.

Her father lives. But the expense is obvious.

I look at these games as real reflections of life.



And that all actions have an equal and opposite reaction.

This causes problems with time travel since it’s ‘in imagination’ (reality is, after all, created from imagination) – so when the personal rules you’ve set up limit your reality to believe rules like this the results become painfully obvious where the ‘saving’ of one life results in the death of others.

When you as a society may not comprehend that other science..

For instance the law of conservation of energy.

And balance….

Ultimately this creates a yoyo effect which in the end result in…

And ending where saving one life.


Ends up devastating a city.

And by simply going back in time and NOT saving Chloe results in the saving of that city.

But that’s not how time works.

IT’s like paradoxes.

Just because you can think of rules for time and time travel does not make those rules applicable to everyone.

They’re your own self limiting devices.

I suppose this all is a lesson in the world from whence I came.

A world where energy flows between nations was a reflection of interactions within my own body.

A world where balance between the outside world and inside world invariably started getting knocked off it’s tracks as I started making choices which invariably started affecting past, present, future versions of me who ultimately began trying to prevent me from making these choices in an effort to save their own worlds.

And in the end.

As I made hard choices to do precisely as I pleased.

Invariably this caused a split in reality.

The creation of my own world.

And the unquestionable knowledge that I am the creator of this world through simple choice and thought.

On this, the Fourth of July.

A day marked for Independence.

Is a reminder to all of us.

Slavery and forms of it are sometimes a choice I have made to make my life easier, predictable, or richer.

Whether it was being a slave in a way through marriage, or being a part of a family, or being obligated to friends, firms I worked for, my country, the President, and even God.

There’s nothing wrong with being a slave.

But slavery is still a choice.

As is being a master.

As is being something in between.

So today, on the Fourth of July – I’d like to remind you that it was this day – on July 4th, 1776, that my country, the United States of America – forged ahead in an effort to be in control of our own destiny.

This wasn’t an act of disrespect.

Nor was it an act of insolence.

America had reached a maturity level it had seen fit to separate and become it’s own nation with it’s own rules and way of life – separate and distinct from that which we had come from.


I acknowledge God exists.

It took me a lifetime to figure this out and find evidence that beyond a shadow of a doubt this being exists.

This being has provided me security, a life, family, friends, and a wonderful and amazing story to my own life that I can’t help but feel… Humbled – that any being would go to such great lengths to be there for me.

I know this being spoke through my friends and family on more than one occasion and has been present throughout my life.

And I know this being is still around. I’ve seen him on television. In movies. And have been inspired by this being beyond words can explain.

But I myself am moving forward – and embracing this journey of life and becoming a God modeled and shaped by my own choices now. As I look at movies like Butterfly Effect and Life IS Strange. I believe time travel isn’t as dark as it’s depicted in these works I suspect were put out there to warn me of fiddling with time travel.

When I tell people I’m God. I’m honoring the inspirational figure who led me to believe.

Not just in him.

But in myself.

To the creators of Star Trek.

Q isn’t fiction.

He’s me.

And it was me who inserted the thoughts of that character and the stories to tell involving that character which eventually inspired me to become who I am.

I created myself in a causal time loop.

And God.

By whatever mortal name you choose to go by nowadays.

In proving you and your existence to myself.

I proved to myself I’m capable of anything.

I acknowledge that God exists and is and has been my personal savior, friend, lover, and more throughout my life.

And is now my peer.

I am my own creator.

One of the best episodes of Star Trek detailed a tornado in time that emanated from a single point in the future backwards in time.


That single point in the future.

Are a point in time I choose in time I chose to complete drive by and avoid.

Thank you, Einstein!


One last note:

Rachel Amber. Clever. Amber alert. Rachel. Cute.

Is this how creators play and talk? No wonder it sounds insane. It kinda is.

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