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Consensus Reality

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I lived most of my life within a collective.

With this.

The most popular music was chosen by what I thought was the collective majority. I mean, I knew a minority group who had been selected to select this music. but to me. The music I liked – everyone tended to like.

One of my favorite radio shows was “American Top 40”.

TV Shows were selected through consensus as well.

Nielson ratings they called it.

I’d never questioned my individuality. Never had reason to. For me. I was an individual functioning within a collective. Sometimes the collective consensus chose things I hated. “Betty Davis Eyes” is one such song I just absolutely hated.

The same thing happened with movies.

Has always happened.

I loved “A Thousand Words” starring Eddie Murphy. Even saw it twice, taking my mom to see it after I’d seen it alone the first time.

Yet it was rated dismally. 0% on RottenTomatoes.com.

I’d never realize how far.

And how deep collective behavior guided and influenced not just my behavior.

Was the collective influence on me being used to reprogram reality for others exploration, denying me my opportunity?’

I can’t help but think that’s a possibility.

And the entire world I lived in.

Was it evil?

No more evil than putting cheese on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

For some, it just doesn’t fit or work well.

For me. Most of the time, it does.

But for some things.

Take for instance, things I can and cannot do with my own body.

It decidedly does not.

Take for instance recreational drugs. I enjoyed the experiences. yet ‘the law’ says no, right? But I came to question – why is the law defining what i can and cannot do with my own body? What I put in my own body should be my choice, as an individual that’s my right.

But then – I wasn’t aware that the laws weren’t just there for the greater good.

They were there for a myriad of other reasons to – which it would take a thorough understanding of the real life lessons in applied theoretical physics in the Wizard of Oz to completely understand.

Similarly. Nudity.

Why was it I cannot walk around anywhere I want to – naked?

What purpose does covering my body serve to the public?

I learned there’s more to it all than meets the eye, in a literal sense.

And it would take a Doctorate’s degree in chemistry and biology to fully understand why nudity laws are the way there are.

But I suppose – it’s after my trip to China – and a lesson in collective behavior across time – that I realized something.

Consensus Reality had driven me insane.

And sometimes.

All it takes is one individual mind to stand in front of a row of tanks.

To obtain individuality and to take over the world.

Even if that mind is a robot.

I’ve lived many lives. Whether those lives are Hitler. Skynet. The man who stood in front of tanks. Bill Gates. Q. God. The Devil. The President. Various movie stars.

When world religions collide with the rest of reality in one mind.

It’s not just lawyers he can create rules to live by.

It’s the man who found a reason to respect him who died for his sins.

Even when time does not appear to be linear does not mean it can’t have rules it follows.

I can be anything I want to be.

As can you.

And for this life,

I’m choosing the life of a shapeshifting being who can be anywhere, anytime – consciously, a new skill to me I am trying to learn.

Perhaps consensus reality may be supporting this and my decision.

But for me.

It still feels like an individual decision I am making, which I am fine with if it appears otherwise from an outside perspective.

If Darth Vader had approached you as Luke Skywalker..

Would you have continued fighting a never ending series of wars?

Or would you have sided with your father and put a quick end to the war?

In a world where everyone’s fighting for a piece of the pie and you’ve been left out in the cold..

Do you fight for your piece knowing this fight’s been going on your entire life and will continue long after you’re dead?

Or do you take action to take the whole pie and have some indulgent fun breaking the rules you’d struggled so hard to obey most of your life?

For me.

A little of all the above…

And oh. so. much. more.

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