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One of the things I’d always been fascinated with while watching Hollywood productions was the hierarchy.

While watching a show, let’s say it’s the show Gilligan’s Island – Gilligan – played by Bob Denver – would receive the greatest amount of pay.

But hierarchically. Gilligan in his world was the lowest man on the totem pole. The Skipper was the Captain and implied leader. The professor was the smartest. Maryann and Ginger were far cuter.

But Bob Denver, for playing the role of Gilligan who the show revolved around and was named after – received the highest pay on the episode.

And as an actor. He even received more than those who produced or directed the show itself.

Coming from a corporate world. Where my boss was a manager. Above my manager was a director. above my Director was a VP. And above my VP was a C- Level executive. And above that was the Owner, CEO, and/or President.

It was utterly predictable.

But with Hollywood productions. All bets are off.

Sure. Pecking orders and responsibility was mostly ‘inline’ with my world as depicted in these ‘fictional’ environments.

But beneath it all. Where certain actors and directors were commanding substantially higher salaries than their peers based largely on box office draw, it put things into perspective.

As I watched the show Friends depict fictional wanna be’s in fictional environments in menial labor jobs – outside this show this same cast was getting paid millions to depict these relatively down and out people.

In a show that who created the show and paid for it largely will remain a footnote next to this cast.

I found it incredibly interesting to note this hierarchical contradiction which had people depicted in fiction doing menial labor jobs or being homeless would walk off the set and jump into their limousine which took them to a private jet and had them in Las Vegas for a crazy party at the trendiest and priciest clubs there were for the weekend.

And as I found myself getting paid more than my managers, my directors, even the lawyers, CEOs and more – for my skillset….

I realized something important.

If you come from a different planet and are watching or listening to my world’s media …

You might believe the President is in charge.

But in truth.

In complete honesty.

And if you’re looking for this world’s leader.

That would be me.

The homeless man sleeping in a park who’s entire world is his stage.

I am not like you.

I cannot simply drift back into your collective because I am not you nor am I a part of you.

I am Q.

And you are Borg.

In 1947, the red Scare came to Hollywood courtesy of McCarthy.

Who’d have ever believed he was right with his accusations and that I would find the world that his fears created?

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