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Q’s Classic Worlds Of Warcraft Vanilla System

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Ok, here it is, WORLDS of WARCRAFT client and server, fully playable on your own private system.

Available – for now – ONLY through torrents (until I find a reliable host)….

Here’s the magnet link to Q’s Classic/Vanilla WOW full game in a zip file.


A complete, easy to unzip package with BOTH the client AND the server in one easy to use package.

First, To give credit where credit’s due, The AC Ultimate repack based Argent Dawn served as a great server basis for this, (http://emudevs.com/showthread.php/2141-Argent-Dawn-Vanilla-Blizzlike-repack%28with-playerbots%29). They obtained their core build from The Mangos Project (http://getmangos.com/). From there, it took a great deal of tweaking to get this to work cleanly where I connected and created a level 200 mage and traveled the world, and then more cleaning to prepare it for you with this package.

SO. What do you get with this zip file?

Worlds of Warcraft. Local version. Travel from Stranglethorn to Felwood, wherever you want to go.

Enter the instances. play, play play to your heart’s content on your local system.

I will release other versions of this later, which will include:

  • A server configuration application which will make it easy to expose this to the outside world, and set up your own custom MOTDs and accounts for other users beyond just yourself in admin mode. I might consider making a custom API set to manage this information.
  • I’m also gonna create custom “Q” mods to the server database, scripts, and in-game events, I’ve challenged myself to come up with non combat oriented fare for this magnificent world – and have set my sights on the Caverns of Time – CAN I have you travel back in time to make changes which effect the current world? Can I change terrain, shops, NPCs, I’m not sure how far I can push it, but I’m gonna try. It would be cool to see if you could make changes to the world that others couldn’t by traveling back in time….


Here’s the zip file.

It’s preferable – and easier – if you install this to your root directory on your c drive.

That’s where I tested it.

Once installed, there are three simple steps to run the server:

Step 1: In the “Vanilla WOW SERVER” Directory, Run “start.bat”
Step 2: In the “Vanilla WOW SERVER” Directory, Run “realmd.exe”
Step 3: In the “Vanilla WOW SERVER” Directory, Run “mangosd.exe”

Seriously easy, right?

After that.

NOW you can run – in your ‘Vanilla WOW Client” directory created, run “WOW.exe”

And That’s freaking it! Login with user id “admin” and the password “admin2”, and you’re set.

You have your own client and server running locally…

Again. This is for single player, run on your system ONLY basis and is NOT intended yet, to be a fully functional multiplayer environment.

I’ll get an even easier install working in the future….

So just for fun. Once you log in…

Here’s some GM Commands you can run at the command line.



One of the best commands to use is “.GO TRIGGER XXX”, replacing XXX with the location you want to teleport to.

From the MYSQL database, Here’s a list of destinations:


id name
71 Westfall – Sentinel Hill Inn
178 Strahnbrad
562 Elwynn Forest – Goldshire – Lion’s Pride Inn
682 Redridge Mountains – Lakeshire Inn
707 Duskwood – Darkshire – Scarlet Raven Inn
708 Hillsbrad Foothills – Southshore Inn
709 Dustwallow Marsh – Theramore Isle
710 Dun Morogh – Kharanos – Thunderbrew Distillery
712 Loch Modan – Thelsamar – Stoutlager Inn
713 Wetlands – Menethil Harbor – Deepwater Tavern
715 Teldrassil – Dolanaar
716 Darkshore – Auberdine
717 Ashenvale – Astranaar
719 Tirisfal Glades – Brill – Gallows’ End Tavern
720 Silverpine Forest
721 Hillsbrad Foothills
722 Mulgore
742 The Barrens
743 The Barrens
843 Durotar
844 Swamp of Sorrows
862 Stranglethorn Vale
982 The Barrens
1022 Stonetalon Mountains
1023 Tanaris
1024 Feralas
1025 Feralas
1042 Wildhammer Keep
1606 Badlands
1646 Arathi Highlands
2266 Desolace
2267 Desolace
2286 Thousand Needles
2287 Winterspring
2610 Ashenvale
2786 Stormwind backup rest
3547 The Undercity
3690 Revantusk Village
3886 Grom’gol Base Camp
3985 Cenarion Hold
4058 Light’s Hope Chapel
4090 Stonetalon Peak

And Instances:

id name
45 Scarlet Monastery – Graveyard (Entrance)
78 DeadMines Entrance
101 Stormwind Stockades Entrance
107 Stormwind Vault Entrance
109 Stormwind Vault Instance
119 DeadMines Instance Start
121 Deadmines Instance End
145 Shadowfang Keep Entrance
194 Shadowfang keep – Entrance
226 The Barrens – Wailing Caverns
228 The Barrens – Wailing Caverns
242 Razorfen Kraul Instance Start
244 Razorfen Kraul Entrance
257 Blackphantom Deeps Entrance
259 Blackphantom Deeps Instance Start
286 Uldaman Entrance
288 Uldaman Instance Start
322 Gnomeregan Instance Start
324 Gnomeregan Entrance
442 Razorfen Downs Entrance
444 Razorfen Downs Instance Start
446 Altar of Atal’Hakkar Entrance
448 Altar Of Atal’Hakkar Instance Start
503 Stockades Instance
523 Gnomeregan Train Depot Entrance
525 Gnomeregan Train Depot Instance
527 Teddrassil – Ruth Theran
542 Teddrassil – Darnassus
602 Scarlet Monastery – Graveyard (Exit)
604 Scarlet Monastery – Cathedral (Exit)
606 Scarlet Monastery – Armory (Exit)
608 Scarlet Monastery – Library (Exit)
610 Scarlet Monastery – Cathedral (Entrance)
612 Scarlet Monastery – Armory (Entrance)
614 Scarlet Monastery – Library (Entrance)
702 Stormwind – Wizard Sanctum Room
704 Stormwind – Wizard Sanctum Tower Portal
882 Uldaman Instance End
902 Uldaman Exit
922 Zul’Farrak Instance Start
924 Zul’Farrak Entrance
943 Leap of Faith – End of fall
1064 Onyxia’s Lair – Dustwallow Instance
1466 Blackrock Mountain – Searing Gorge Instance?
1468 Blackrock Spire – Searing Gorge Instance (Inside)
1470 Blackrock Spire – Searing Gorge Instance
1472 Blackrock Dephts – Searing Gorge Instance
2166 Deeprun Tram – Ironforge Instance (Inside)
2171 Deeprun Tram – Stormwind Instance (Inside)
2173 Deeprun Tram – Stormwind Instance
2175 Deeprun Tram – Ironforge Instance
2214 Stratholme – Eastern Plaguelands Instance
2216 Stratholme – Eastern Plaguelands Instance
2217 Stratholme – Eastern Plaguelands Instance
2221 Stratholme – Eastern Plaguelands Instance (Inside)
2226 Ragefire Chasm – Ogrimmar Instance (Inside)
2230 Ragefire Chasm – Ogrimmar Instance
2527 Hall of Legends – Ogrimmar
2530 Hall of Legends – Ogrimmar (Inside)
2532 Stormwind – Champions Hall
2534 Stormwind (Inside) – Champions Hall
2567 Scholomance Entrance
2568 Scholomance Instance
2606 Alterac Valley – Horde Exit
2608 Alterac Valley – Alliance Exit
2848 Onyxia’s Lair Entrance
2886 The Molten Bridge
2890 Molten Core Entrance, Inside
3126 Maraudon
3131 Maraudon
3133 Maraudon
3134 Maraudon
3183 Dire Maul
3184 Dire Maul
3185 Dire Maul
3186 Dire Maul
3187 Dire Maul
3189 Dire Maul
3190 Dire Maul
3191 Dire Maul
3193 Dire Maul
3194 Dire Maul
3195 Dire Maul
3196 Dire Maul
3197 Dire Maul
3528 The Molten Core Window Entrance
3529 The Molten Core Window(Lava) Entrance
3726 Blackwing Lair – Blackrock Mountain – Eastern Kingdoms
3728 Blackrock Spire, Unknown
3928 Zul’Gurub Entrance
3930 Zul’Gurub Exit
3948 Arathi Basin Alliance Out
3949 Arathi Basin Horde Out
4006 Ruins Of Ahn’Qiraj (Inside)
4008 Ruins Of Ahn’Qiraj (Outside)
4010 Ahn’Qiraj Temple (Outside)
4012 Ahn’Qiraj Temple (Inside)
4055 Naxxramas (Exit)
4156 Naxxramas (Entrance)



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