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In 2011, when I saw the rings of Saturn from the ground.

This huge swatch of debris stretched across the clear day lit sky at about 60 degrees above the horizon.

And was utterly unmistakable.

How something like that happened had become irrelevant to me.

The experience was so powerful, so eye opening, so amazing, so moving…

I found – in that moment – a reason to forgive myself for the seemingly poor decisions which led to that moment.

In 1978, I had visited Griffith Park Observatory.

Through the telescope that year, I got to see Saturn through that lens.

I remember the grainy image.

32 years later, the impact of what I saw through that lens I got to experience in this loopy experience.

“When you’ve looked through the telescope as far as you can see you begin to see what you do when you look through the microscope”

Logically. Rationally. What i realized in that moment was.

No matter what brought me to that experience of seeing the rings of Saturn from the ground.

I now knew what was possible.

Warping space and time at the snap of a finger.

… Of being anywhere I wanted to, anytime…

… and conjuring up anything I wanted to, anytime….

Something that’s been repeatedly documented as happening throughout human history.

I had done it.

You see.

That’s why I know Star Trek isn’t fiction.

I am THAT Q who is recovering from his brush with mortality.

And the man who returned on the TV show was a neuron.

A figment of my own imagination watching myself in a mirror.

To the Vulcan Science Directorate.

Time travel’s real.

And since you were curious how I came into existence.

Since you and the rest of this planet asked nicely.

I’m giving you all a first hand show.

A causal time loop that I create and broke free of.

I hope you understand how weird it has been for me to come to understand the origins of humanity and humanoid life forms and what humans really are. I’d never realized what a frail life form you all really were. But this explains why you’re such amazing story tellers.


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