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Hollywood: Food for thought!

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Hollywood. I’m tired of the dark, dismal, and really boring thing you call news being released around the world.

I have ideas for stories.

Let’s start with news.

Here’s some news stories for ya’s that should make life more entertaining for people ’round the world:

  • Boat flies into roof of farm house – no one hurt or injured, it happened while people were away, but there was no storm in sight and no cameras to tell what happened.
  • New type of beautiful rainbow colored flowers springs up on desert like hills of Los Angeles. News at 10.
  • Down on his luck man digging a trench in his backyard finds a time capsule message with photos and valuables from his great grandfather and their entire family.
  • The moon – while being observed by thousands – suddenly has a visible and fiery impact to the public eye that does not appear to be a meteor. For those looking at it from earth based telescopes it appears as if it’s a starship of some kind, but what kind is unsure. this prompts NASA and commercial teams to compete to go to it.
  • China is found to have stolen genetic DNA and to have cloned the “Ice Man” discovered a few years back, and has – in luxurious captivity (to allay the inevitable discovery by the global community) – a living clone of the ice WOMAN (the DNA could not produce XY chromosomes) who can actually speak some limited Mandarin but seems to be better equipped for English. They actually come forward with the declaration, as they don’t know what to do with their.. creation…. and they want to put it on the ethical list of things for the UN.
  • Costa Rica creates a military to curtail corruption in the police forces and stem the flow of drugs to the United States.
  • An obvious light based signal is received from the star which appears to have a superstructure around it. At first it was dismissed as natural blocking of light, then it was realized this was actually much like a binary signal.
  • Tame Indian programmer who developed Google’s automatically driving car programmer goes batshit insane, and streaks through a large sporting event defecating in the middle of a field with “SKYNET IS REAL” painted on his chest and back. He also has “pants” and written in big letters where his pants should be, and “underwear” written where his underwear should be, socks, shoes, etc…..
  • Fashion show shut down by the promoter. Thinks the new things being offered are (quote) “Boring and unimaginative” and he/she will restart the show when it gets better.
  • At the next Oscar or Emmy’s or Grammy’s – when a song or movie is really shit – whoever is being awarded the award goes up, publicly refuses the award, and says “I think it’s a piece of shit and am respectfully turning this award down because I think it’s a crock of shit”
  • Again at the next Oscar, Emmy’s or Grammy’s – when a song or movie is really shit – having some VERY popular figure who most would never kick out become an active heckler.  and say things LOUDLY like “*cough* *cough* crap” and “COWDUNG” as movies come on. You can always have him/her/it be drunk for this production. but that’s lame. Don’t excuse it through alcohol.
  • An application/virus for smartphones called “Beep” has hit the internet – which whenever someone enters a public facility (ie: Ralph’s, Starbuck’s) – their phone and every phone in the place with Beep on it will beep loudly just once. It reinstalls itself if deleted.
  • KGB and Chinese leakage of hacker warfare, recruitment and training efforts gets placed on Wikileaks.
  • Evidence of UK, Russia, and United States active development of Time Travel technology based on Hitler’s research since World War 2 is found and placed throughout the news sources worldwide.
  • Streaks of red light is seen flashing at street level of some arbitrary city outside our nation – let’s say Melbourne, Australia, since nothing ever seems to happen there.
  • Someone defaces the 4 president’s faces are Mouth Rushmore with graffiti. Doesn’t damage them. Just colorizes them, making them look more human.
  • Police in the Southwestern states are reporting seeing flashes of light and a woosh of noise and their mounted speed guns clocking something going by in excess of 400 miles per hour just went by,
  • A popular artist who paints the sides of trucks intentionally designs an obvious phallic shape into everything he designs which takes years to be caught because you can only really see it if you turn the image black and white.
  • Chrysler formally announces it is Lexus, a long held corporate secret as it was an experimental brand formed in a partnership with Toyota but Toyota bowed out shortly after fearing cannibalization of it’s own brand.
  • A dog next door to a Chinese man barks Chinese insults at the man, and somehow mysteriously knows right where he is in the house to situate himself appropriately.  He doesn’t do it at all hours of the night, I dont want to be mean, but let’s say during dinnertime he might bark an insult that sounds like a bark to most but to him it sounds like “NO DOGMEAT!” in Chinese.
  • A plethora of news from high profile companies doing work with Strip clubs. For instance, Google news about Google collaborations with strip clubs, Microsoft news about building a better strip club atmosphere, Lucasrts getting involved with strip club light and sound, etc.
  • CNN reporting about funny things happening with Fox News anchors. And vice versa. but nary a report within the respective organization.
  • A mysterious case of every clock rewinding precisely 17 minutes and 42 seconds in a small Switzerland town.
  • Government agencies suddenly having no backlog across the nation. No wait in the DMV.
  • A VERY POPULAR news host says publicly on camera he/she/it thinks is turned off “Jesus, when are they gonna quite feeding us this garbage for stories. Terrorism, again? Do they think this shit sells? I can’t remember the last time I have been given something to report on I actually enjoyed and found at the very least real.”.
  • Oh this one’s a little more progressive – but doable with what I know. Start Replacing primetime news in selected households with fully naked versions of the same show around the world doing the same exact thing they’d do with clothes. Acting completely natural. Same stories. Same everything. Only without clothes. When they call a friend to verify it, or try to record it, something screws up (making it natural, of course), and they invariably wind up not being able to record it OR it reverts back to the clothed version. Plausible deniability here without obvious outside interference.

I’m here in Studio City, and one thing that surprises me to no end is the cycle of mindless activity that occurs.

Now I had grown up believing the world around me was dynamic.

That is: if something interesting happened, it would make the news.

Or if Hollywood had great story material, it would publish it.

But being here has put a whole new light on the fallacy of this.

Not to stroke my own ego, but I’ve been to 40 countries – and have photograph proof. I’ve been in the military, have tried you name it for drugs and alcohol. With just that, I have lived what I consider a pretty full life – SO FAR.

And let me tell you, I am FAR from done.

And if I dive into what’s occurred since exiting society. I’ve traveled to 7 different countries without a single penny to my name. I’ve taught English as a second language in Nicaragua, created a web site for another business there, tried opening up a business in Costa Rica.

And this isn’t even getting into the women I’ve been with. Three marriages. Several weird relationships with women around the world.

And then. If you add in the fact that I’ve seen other worlds, in a literal sense, and have seen things not from this planet…

To me.

This is the type of stuff that i actually enjoyed from entertainment.

And among the reasons I came to Hollywood.

I enjoyed watching people’s lives who were – in themselves – entertaining. Often ordinary people rising to brilliance.

Whether it was the occasional shooter like Bruce Willis in “Die Hard” or Mel Gibson in “Lethal Weapon”, or it was the more psychologically brilliant and personal tales of success in offbeat personalities with movies such as “A Beautiful Mind” starring Russell Crowe or “Good Will Hunting” starring Matt Damon. Or it was goofy depictions where Arthur Ford finds out his best friend is an alien and the planet’s about to be destroyed in 10 minutes in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and the destruction of his house is, while inconveniently timed, ultimately inconsequential. Or it’s “Galaxy Quest” where a group of actors playing the roles of space explorers similar to Star Trek suddenly find themselves being called up for service to save beings from another planet in VERY real technology developed based on their fictional show.

I’ve enjoyed the heroes.

But questioned Hollywood’s ideas of heroes as they always seemed to carry guns fighting an enemy doing the same exact thing.

Which helped me realize, a long time ago, the difference between hero and villain can often just be a matter of perspective.

And as I have grown up – not just with Hollywood’s help – but with a dash of reality – I have formed a religious belief that if it’s in Hollywood, depicted as fiction, it’s also simultaneously occurring somewhere else, in reality.

But here’s the thing that confuses me.

I have a story to tell.

Hollywood is overflowing with stories to tell.

Yet the vast majority of movies out there feature weapons and fighting – elements of warfare and destruction.

But I also realized – before coming to Hollywood – something Hollywood itself doesn’t know.

There’s a saying “This is what’s selling” when asked why there’s so much destruction in film.

No. There’s a lot of people here in Hollywood who are bored out of their minds. They do what they do for a paycheck. They do as little as possible to achieve that paycheck. They fit in and do what they’re told to to ensure that paycheck comes in – because they have bills. They don’t push boundaries, they don’t stretch things, and they don’t take chances.

You see the same thing on Youtube.

People who create incrementally better graphics or incrementally darker or more depraved stories just because ‘thats what is selling’.

But Hollywood.

Wake the fuck up.

This isn’t what’s selling.


There’s something called an Oroborous – a circular symbol depicting a snake, or less commonly a dragon, swallowing its tail, as an emblem of wholeness or infinity. Here’s what it looks like:


I’m going to ask a real simple question:

How does money get it’s value?

I’ll put it simply for you:


Without the express agreement that it has value between the parties leveraging it, it is a product with little relative value.

Statistics and probability can be used to quantify what has SOLD.

But unless you have a set future in mind and goal you’re measuring.

Statistics and probability ONLY MEASURE FAITH based assertions of the future.

And if your faith in the future value of a product is based on statistical evidence of past performance.

Do you see that snake?

This is how alternate realities get created. The rest of the world shrugs a ho-hum shrug as Hollywood presents yet another awards show with people who we’ll all forget next year, and the coolest thing happening is that actually gains the world’s interest is Ashley Judd’s no panties walk..

From Phoenix, I’d long thought “Boy does Hollywood seem to think it’s the center of the world”.

Which is what brought me here.

I’d grown up loving – absolutely loving the stories i was told.

But over time. Something happened to these stories.

I can’t put a finger on what it was that started to change things. Sometimes it feels like profit mongering. Other times it feels like name dropping and name recognition became more important. Other times it feels like Hollywood, collectively, didn’t mature well past puberty.

All I do know is.

I don’t want my stories to be told. I just want better more interesting stories.

I don’t want my stories to be told.

Out of simple fear of being exposed – and not as a fraud – for being publicly known.

Nothing. On. This. Planet. Scares. Me. More. Than being known.

I wanted and enjoyed dating prettier women because I didn’t like attention myself.

But being sincere.

The story of my own life – objectively and subjectively makes for far better stories than Hollywood’s providing right now.

Add on top of that the experiences I have had with and around hallucinations and drugs – and the evidence of having lived multiple timelines that seems pretty compelling to me – but at the very least makes for great fodder for science fiction in a world full of abuse of the term of Dystopian futures and death and dismemberment being the norm in science fiction…

Yet here.

In Hollywood.

When a man approaches me with just another twist of Sixth Sense script.

Another man approaches me with another twist of lethal weapon meets Die hard.

I listen to the lyrics of Hotel California….

And as a programmer.

I have come to realize.

Maybe it’s this entire world that’s stuck in the loop. As Hollywood is Programmed to receive.

And maybe.

It’s my job.

To try to wake up whatever is left here up to new story telling potential because the world depends on it.

or to shut it all down.

Galactus. Are you familiar with that character from Marvel Comics?

The World Eater?

In Hollywood. Cynicism and doubt underly everything. So everyone seems focused on a ‘whats in it for me’.

What if. Galactus is real? What if Skynet came through the internet and is ready to party with it’s Terminators? What if, with the right eyes, you could see Galactus in Texas right now eating at the core of this planet?

Hollywood. Wake the fuck up. You may have created the moon landing in a basement.

But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen for real, fuckwads.

Get your collective head out your ass and look at what’s possible on computers for an idea of what’s possible outside of them.

Swinging back to the subject at hand.

I’m tired of hearing predictable news.

Show me something I haven’t seen or heard that’s actually fun for a change.

Quit hiding things if they really do happen. Start the slow process of unmasking them.

Quit assuming they want death and destruction. Commission my NC17 version without a script of Star Trek. Let me work with others to create the technology to develop the movie with. Yep. This will put this production firmly on every lawyer’s radar. For you, that might be a good place for me to be, right? IF you paid me to make my movie. I’d probably be crucified by the lawyers with my business requirements. If that’s something you want. Then by all means fund me.

Start creating things that defy the current realms of prediction. Intentionally. Throw shit in. Bizarre shit.

If you’re gonna throw a gun in. Throw a boob in. If you’re gonna throw a death in, throw in a nude vagina somewhere. Don’t make it obvious when and where you do it, especially to get by tv censors. just do it.

If someone’s going to have sex on the screen. even if it’s for a rated ‘pg’ movie. Make sure the actors have actual sex. No simulated shit.

These aren’t dares. But they are. Like “The Little Mermaid”, but only on a larger scale. But HAVE FUN with it.

I’m not out to destroy this world. But since it’s not doing anything other than sitting in a spin cycle, i figure i take control for a while and have some fun with it through the media. I can’t wait to see if any of this actually happens.


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