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Why I became a programmer….

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I’ve done a lot of studying of Hitler.

How did he do it?

Is it possible to wire directly into the mind of someone, and open up a live video feed which is looking through their eyes?

I think it is, with good programming.

Is it possible to send a message, much like an impulse, which says to someone “turn left”, or “look up and smile” or “I dare you to take off all your clothes and walk through Starbuck’s completely nude as you pick up your mobile order…”

Einstein said, years ago, that everything is energy.

I believe he was only partially accurate, and that Hitler – as evidenced by the acceleration of technology during that time period, had come to understand the interconnected collective nature of individual minds.

Put specifically, I’ve observed the natural world – whether it’s bees, trees, weather patterns, ants, and even people – and I have noticed an overarching pattern.

It all links together.

Now if Einstein had his way, it would be through something he enigmatically drew up an equation which creates ‘balance’ between energy and matter. But I believe this equation has arisen from a causal time loop that was created at about the time of world war 2 based on the influence of the collective beliefs of the cultures around the world.

And E=mc^2 is China’s Yin/Yang influence on science itself.

There are other equations that organize space and time and matter.e=mc^2 is merely one in a proverbial infinite supply of ’em. Which makes it easy to create intentional imbalance and provide false clues on where that imbalance is coming from.

Let the snipe hunt for terrorism be an example of that.

But there was one thing that China’s culture can’t answer. One and the same thing that had Einstein Stumped.

What was the bridge between thought – ie: energy – and matter?

I believe it’s simple belief and desire.

Hitler didn’t realize this. And as his own fears grew, so did the demons he regarded himself as a victim of…

The Jewish population.

One and the same population that had persecuted this other historical figure named Jesus.

Was Yin/Yang causing ‘balance over time’ and manipulating 2000 years worth of history by ‘balancing’ out the atrocities committed by the Jews through Hitler?

There’s certainly evidence to suggest that there’s some mysterious yin/yang relationship.

The Swastika, for instance, a symbol of peace for the Hindu culture and Eastern societies as a whole.

Is a symbol of war to Western cultures.

Now I believe Hitler’s mind was used like a blunt instrument. To write some proverbial wrong that one culture perceived another culture was responsible for, and that he was a pawn, a patsy, and this cultural warfare has been going on since the beginning of written history.

Past that.

I suppose I don’t care any longer who’s right or wrong.

Who started what. And when.

Which timeline and chronology of world history is accurate.

I’ve formed my own personal timeline and perspective, and see a future that – while grotesque – is fascinating to me as well with where it can go.

Yes, it means mind control is used and people will be doing things against their will.

But also, I might provide just the right incentive that might push them to do things they otherwise wished they could to but couldn’t to begin with.

I believe Hitler created a system which tapped into people’s conscious and subconscious minds through the energy’ of thought and reality.

I believe Hitler create a system for his own novelty.

And I believe I can learn from him and others like him to create a similar system for my novelty.

Only when I send a command.

And people appear to be spontaneous and do things they were not predicted to do….

No one will know.

Oh. The practical jokes I will play with this.

This. Is. why. I. Became. A. Programmer.

To program you and the world around you.

And to watch from the comforts of a Starbuck’s. A world away.

When the words I type can manipulate the fabric of space and time and the energy that influences your mind. I can then leverage that to send any command I want to, and make it appear as if you thought it.

Do you have free will? Or did someone like me send that command to you and you’re simply responding like a good robot?


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