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In programming a replacement for the Windows Start Menu, I came across the process CSRSS.exe.

Windows used to have blue screens which signified the total failure of Windows.


Now I had always assumed Microsoft had cleaned up it’s act over time and the product they were providing was that much more stable than previous versions.

And while that’s partially true, as I dug into CSRSS, I realized – THAT’S how they did it….

They cheated.

CSRSS creates a window which traps all messages before they get distributed to the rest of the system.

In a literal sense, it subclasses every window and process on the system.

Now I’ve long wondered why – when Windows first came out – that it seemed like from a multi-threading perspective – that when one window failed or held up the system, that it didn’t tend to effect the rest of the system. With one glaring exception – when a system/kernel level exception occurred which is what resulted in the blue screen.

So here’s what Microsoft did to mitigate the risk to it’s image:

They created a single process that forwards all the messages.

They intentionally created a bottleneck….

And with this. The true multi-threaded nature of the operating system is nothing more than myth.

Let me put this in specific terms. Every Window – every process – can trace it’s parent to this process – CSRSS.

What this process does, primarily, is to trap uncaught exceptions which stops the blue screen DEAD in it’s tracks.

But this benefit comes at a VERY pricey cost.

Messaging and threading is managed by this process.

And when this process receives a backlog of messages it can’t process, the result is obvious….

EVERY Window slows to a crawl.

It’s a difficult situation, to be real, Do you create an operating system where the fault lies clearly on the programmers who don’t understand windows and multi-threading and implement things that cause a system crash?

Or do you isolate them and tie their hands a little bit to provide an increase in perceived stability?

But during the course of this investigation…

I keep getting the creeping feeling I wrote this code for Windows.

Like this is and was a product of my own creation.

And that man named Bill Gates. Was a partner in creating it. I’m not sure how. But somehow – we collaborated to create it.

Is he how you all see me when I see myself as being someone entirely different?

For the last several years, a question I’ve kept asking is: If I can do anything in a programmed environment, what prevents me from doing the same ‘in the real world’…


I’d heard Bill Gates had leveraged my passport to go to China and spend time being homeless there.

Did he ever leave? Did his mind get caught in the collective mind of China?

And am I in part that man’s mind?

He doesn’t respond to emails, and seems to function like a robot with the news.

I wonder if he actually is. And if he’s programmed just like so many others I suspect are in this world.

What if war never ends? What if the causal loop of time is constantly putting someone unsuspecting in charge pf it all?


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