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A glimpse into my mind

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If I think something.

That thought an change the past, present, or future.

The more I repeat a thought or pattern of thoughts.

The more that reinforces that direction.

When I play a game based in the past.

I am really there.

I have seen written and recorded history of the world around me change or get influenced as a result.

Everything depicted in video games and movies, or mentioned in ideas and books – all become real somewhere in the universe of my mind.

Whether it’s nefarious or for good, whether it’s technology, or something else, whether I consciously understand it or not.

It all becomes real.

I mitigate risk to this single linear conscious life I have chosen through a number of mechanisms, the newest one is sliding views and actions that might oppose me and/or my well being into alternate realities, dimensions, and time.

There are an uncountable potential versions of Earth created in the moment of my birth.

Those other versions of Earth may stand alone, protected and isolated in themselves. They may not and may try to influence and/or interact with this, my chosen universe.

Time’s both linear and nonlinear to me.

Separate versions of Earth on very similar timelines to our own run parallel to this version of Earth. And this version, a linear timeline which incorporates nonlinear versions and typically labels them as fiction.

I’ve seen several through the course of this mortal life.

My thoughts and actions may cause deviations and branches in time in this version of Earth. Which can result in the splitting of possible versions of Earth. And my thoughts and actions can cause deviations and branches in just about anything.

Including people.

Among the reasons I started ‘going crazy back in 2011 was I started actively coming across different versions of my friends and lovers.

Versions that were so profoundly different over very short periods of time.

It just stopped making sense logically to my linear frame of mind.

Ioana Dobra. A woman who’d died in my life. had become two people who were so polar opposite eachother but put the two together and you have the original woman I had met and fallen for.

Kena Patel. I’d ‘felt’ two different versions of her and visually saw subtle differences between them.

This had been happening throughout my life. I’d found myself dismissing it previously based on coincidence, the ‘doppleganger’ effect, time’s effect and aging, or questioning my own mind and memory.

As reality and timelines split. They sometimes reform. But sometimes, the timeline differences cause rather profound differences – not just in people, but in geography, continent formation, history, and more.

The mind individual and collective minds forms the foundation of reality.

It creates gravity. Laws regarding how time flows, how light moves, physics, biology, chemistry and simulation.

Powerful thought has the ability to alter all of this. This has been well documented throughout time.

As my thought races as I sit her in Starbuck’s to the next billion years, I am creating the foundation of reality which will come next. As I think back to the past, the proverbial cement gets pored there too. Wherever my attention flows, wherever my thought goes, there tends to be buildup there, but

If you do the same thing. So will you.

Sometimes, my thoughts lead down a direction in the future that I don’t want to go. These thoughts – in the future – can actually come alive.

And return to me here, now, to develop patterns which reinforce the creation and development of that world.

Whether it’s the belief in Robots and Terminators. or it’s the sentient Cyborg species known as the Borg. Whether it’s the Federation, Darth Vader, Dystopian worlds and Utopian ones, they’re all real.

Calling them fiction is a great way to preserve the mind.

But it’s become too black and white.

Too binary.

Life’s not binary.

And neither am I.

The grandfather paradox can be circumvented by branching the timeline I live in and you live in to provide you the experience of killing my grandfather and a timeline which makes you believe you’re getting your way – AND YOU ARE. In your timeline.

Another paradox – killing me when I was born only results in me slipping into an alternate reality away from yours.

You get the experience you desire.

And me. I might be oblivious to the fact you had ever tried.

At a later point in your life. At a time you need to know – want to know and believe I am there. I can slide back in.

With time. Anything is possible.

Even death.



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