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Star Trek: Next Generation, Season 1 Episode 15

The Bynar species, a species who comes in pairs and whose minds are synchronized with their planet – steal the USS Starship Enterprise by manipulating the computer systems which results in an ‘upgraded’ Holodeck with ultra realistic characters – one in particular is a seductress named “Minuette.”

What Picard and Ryker don’t know is – these Bynars as well as the holodeck creation are created by a separate ‘Federation’ from a completely different timeline – much like a mirror reality – where the women are highly advanced technologically and won a gender war against the men which resulted in the near extinction of the male human as a species.

These women have set up a ‘trap’ because they think Ryker is to become Q, and they think that if they catch him before he actually becomes Q, then they’ll have a chance of controlling him to save themselves from the war which annihilated their population of males.

The holodeck in this instance is actually a temporally shifted area in space and time, where the women have devised a plan to try to trap his mind.

Thinking, wrongly, that his mind – all minds – can be separated from their physical being – as these women have learned how to do over a great deal of time which is how their transporter operations function.

Now I sense at least two different ‘versions’ separated in time of the Bynars as they refer to themselves in this episode (but they aren’t really Bynars). One – inside the collective / Matrix mind which is primarily responsible for trying to save their planet. The second version, which is operating on the mind of Ryker directly outside the collective/hive mind as if they were Borg.

One thing to note with all the Star Trek Next Generation series: The elevated pitch and tone of the voices suggests this is located further away in time. I slowed it down to about 80% and that seemed/felt more natural.

The voices for the authorization command wasn’t the real voices of the computer system. Picard and Ryker are being manipulated. I suspect they never left the simulation. The digital display of the countdown timer and the coloring suggests there’s a massive temporal disjoint between what the Bynars perceive as the ‘current reality’ versus the actual timeline itself.

It seems as though the whole thing was a trial.


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