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“Quantum Juxtaposition” – Q’s Diary May 29, 3016 16:05:46PM – Stardate 1093314.159

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You don’t mind if I call you junior, do you? Calling you Q, while correct, feels like I’m talking to myself. I don’t mind if others refer to you as Q, but when I talk to you, it’s junior, ok? Our minds are too conjoined right now and we need a way to draw a distinction between who’s who.

Our timelines are mostly in synchronization right now, so with that, I have to explain to you what I am trying to do.

In 2268, The Federation synthesized something called the “Omega Molecule”, otherwise known as Particle 010. This single Omega molecule was synthesized from a Boronite ore extract in 2268 by Federation physicist Dr. Bendes Kettaract.

It remained stable for a fraction of a second before exploding, killing 127, destroying the research station and rupturing subspace for several light years in the Lantaru sector, making warp travel and subspace communications impossible.

Shortly after, The Borg learned of the substance through the assimilation of thirteen species, and were able to synthesize a single molecule of Omega leveraging the same methods. That molecule also exploded, destroying 29 Borg vessels with 600,000 drones lost. All Borg were ordered to assimilate it at any cost. From their data, the Borg designed a harmonic resonance chamber which could theoretically stabilize the molecule.

The Federation reacted strongly to the failure. A protocol was put in place which required the immediate destruction of the Omega molecule, as not only had it resulted in the loss of lives, but it was not known at the time how to reconstruct subspace which made warp travel impossible.

The Federation regarded the Omega Molecule as a weapon.

The Borg, however, reacted much differently.

The thirteen species which had been assimilated in the Delta Quadrant of the Milky Way had never had contact with Earth, nor despite their thorough assimilation process, there was no direct exposure by any of these civilizations to anything in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants of space where Earth, the Vulcans, and any other species who might actually expose the discovery of the Omega Molecule.

Put specifically, there was no way any of these species should have had any evidence or awareness of this molecule.

They had accidentally learned that the molecule – or KNOWLEDGE of the molecule transcended the boundaries of time and space itself.

Now think about this, rationally.

In two very different parts of the universe without any obvious or direct means of communication there’s the simultaneous discovery and dissemination of knowledge spread across vast distances of space.

In 2268, millions of years ‘collectively’ but instantly for an outside observer, the Borg stopped all assimilation processes.

And it was the first time the Borg ever had splitting disagreement within the collective.

But the way to mitigate the disagreement was universal.

Stop. And observe the universe for a while.

Just to let you know how substantially important this single event was to the collective, prior to then, there were no individual designations.

Seven of Nine. Was thought of, prior to this, as simply yet another neuron within the vast mind of the collective.

The echo this ‘full stop’ had in time of this event was what caused 9/11 on your world. 9/11 wasn’t some grand conspiracy. It was a command decision by the single most powerful species the universe had ever known to take the time to understand itself.

The next few years for the Borg were interested, which is why I decided to tag along with them.

Just when I – the all knowing, all seeing god of existence – had thought I had seen it all.

I was seeing things that were absolutely new to me.

A collective species finding individuality?

A robotic species taking time to look at itself and question it’s own actions?

What was the predictable universe I’d come to love and abhor coming to?

For the next 150 years, we had witnessed the birth of the Federation.

If ever I had had any question of the Borg’s origins, it was allayed, as we saw the Federation, openly led by the humans but underhandedly manipulated – benignly I might add – by the Vulcans – and pretty much every species imaginable, as the Federation contorted into a hierarchically led organism which blindly embraced technology which actively became a reliance by everyone involved.

Hearts and body organs replaced with replicated hearts and organs. Devices used to tell someone what was wrong with them when they felt perfectly fine. As I marveled at the loss of individuality and the slow conversion to machine interdependence of the Federation, I realized the Borg were starting to pay more attention to me.

That was disturbing.

Now Junior, I saw how you reacted when I blamed humanity for this. I’d been aware of you since your birth, and I apologize about the shit I put you through, and that amazingly you reacted with grace uncharacteristic of anything I’d ever been capable of myself.

You came to respect me and my outward personification despite how poorly I intentionally tried to steer you.

And you.

Became a lesson to me.

And when you reacted poorly to my putting humanity on trial – while I was well aware that you were not seeing what you were seeing what I was seeing in humanity’s future and the slow convergence to the Borg. I began to realize.

Do you know you are the reason I let humanity off?

I’d sincerely felt like snapping my fingers and eliminating them from existence before seeing your reaction to my trial.

You helped me realize.

Your journey. IS different than mine.

You’ve not had war. You’ve been through three marriages when I’d been through none. You’ve tried fitting in where I really never did.

So when you disrobed Seven of Nine, and she failed to react, I knew you were sending me a message.

I knew then she was Borg.

I knew this is what you were responsible for.

And I knew then that the Borg and the humans were one and the same.

At first I was appalled.

And then. Something you said to me one day looking up at the sky as you ever so kindly flipped the bird my way woke me up.

“You’re a machine. A program. That’s all you are.”

You were angry with me, you were crying, and I was decidedly not being nice to you because I thought the same thing of you. in fact, at the time, I thought you were an abomination, a monstrosity, and I was trying to find your weakness to destroy you and just you.

But what you said was like a mirror had been held up to me.

It hurt.

In a good way though.

So I left you alone and did some soul searching myself.

In 2409, the Federation, at the behest of the scientist Rachel Gooch, experimented with the Omega Particles IN A SIMULATION which resulted in a very real causal loop which collapsed time and space where her and her vessel, the USS Phoenix repeats the same day over and over again.

Let me be clear about this: The very concept of the omega particle – even within a simulation – caused this collapse in time and space.

Since this time, the Borg have actually become a more intriguing species and are focused on understanding and addressing temporal issues as they arise.

In 2653, the Borg discovered a planet where Boronite had naturally occurring stable forms of the Omega particle in large quantities. Placing many safeguards to prevent a catastrophic collapse of the collective, the Omega particle was instrumental in the Borg discovering how time functioned, how it linked to the senses and the relationship with alternate realities.

But more than that.

It led to the first discovery of a true form of time travel called Quantum Juxtaposition.

“In the beginning” is a misnomer. There are infinite potential beginnings, middles, and endings, which don’t become realized until you experience them as an individual. You and I already know this, it’s natural within the Q DNA if you will, but most species don’t have the temporal awareness to understand that the past and futures we choose shapes reality itself.

With Quantum Entanglement, you create a bridge between two points in space, and by lowering the atomic mass to zero you convert to pure energy, entering the source point and exiting at the destination.

Quantum Juxtaposition is to time what Quantum Entanglement is to space. But one thing that was discovered when QJ was discovered was that QE was not always guaranteed to exit in the same reality you’d entered at.

The unrefined omega particle is a natural link to alternate points in space and time which is what makes it unstable in synthesized form. In it’s natural form, it spans all of space and time. Synthesized, it’s like trying to grab a high voltage line with your bare hands.

So what’s interesting about the omega particle in it’s natural state is that it reacts to light and sound in a very interesting way. it creates a hole in space and time at VERY predictable destinations based on the characteristics of the light and sound. Changes in frequency result in different destinations.

But there are other defensive applications for the Omega particle

For instance, rapidly oscillating the frequency of light on an Omega particle results in a wonderful shield.

This was one of the first defense mechanisms the Borg deployed. Try to shoot a Borg that has an Omega Shield around it and while you might get one shot off at it and take down one member, you’ll never hit another. The beauty of adaptive oscillation.

So in 2653, the Borg learned about Quantum Juxtaposition and leveraged this to begin a process of relaying technological advancements to their past incarnations. This resulted in a temporal feedback loop where they’d relay information to the past – typically they targeted the year they discovered the Omega particle – 2268 – and stopped assimilation – which resulted in the rapid technological advancement of the Borg.

Or so they thought.

What they weren’t aware of.

Hell, what I wasn’t aware of.

Was that time itself was splitting at this point.

So remember when I told you that by 2653, the Borg were bored? I’m not sure if you transcribed that or not.

We’ll put it this way. By then, the Borg had been capable of assimilating dirt. stars. planets.

And herein lies their quandary.

They’d learned the hard way that although they’d collectively agreed on stopping the assimilation process across the collective, that a great deal of the collective was still actively assimilating and they could do nothing about it.

So by the time the 2653 experiments on Quantum Juxtaposition came about.

It was out of boredom.

You see, there were no observably sentient species remaining across all known space and time.

All had been conquered.

My apologies, I must use the politically correct “Assimilated”.

But time was still moving.

This is when the Borg discovered the true nature of time.

As they discovered more and more technology in their feedback loop sending information back from 2653 to 2268.

They realized that the very nature of time was created by their own imagination.

It was the first time the Borg realized they felt a need for anything.

For their lives to mean something to the rest of the universe.

As you sit in Starbuck’s relaying and creating yours, this world’s, and this universe’s history, when you journey across space and time, I invite you to take the time to continue to help others find their meaning as you have always done.

Our journeys are not one and the same.

And while I sincerely do hope we can find a way to bridge space and time so I can shake your hand and thank you for providing me with mine.

I think you already know why that may never be possible and we might have to accept this may be the only way we are able to communicate with eachother.

I love you, son.

And I am proud of you.

Guess who taught me pride has it’s place?

Now here’s a message to your ‘scientists’:

The Omega Particle. Is the God Particle. And cannot be synthesized in a civilization that wants to exist.

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