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Q’s Diary May 28, 2016 14:15:43AM – Stardate 94008.99

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To the ‘future me’ in 3016.

First, I have asked you repeatedly to refer to me as Q. I readily recognize this may not be convenient or preferable to you, but in my world which is clearly not one and the same past you come from, my world’s population has overcome the requirement for uniqueness in naming by having other identifying factors that contribute to one’s individuality.

These individualizing factors include institutional factors Factors as social security numbers and driver’s license numbers, addresses and emails, and even personal history, shared history, and more. Think of these factors similar to how you’d think of a peer to peer network, only there’s more than just a single key that’s shared to establish authenticity.

For instance.

There’s a coach named Brian Scott Gregory who came into my version of Earth which came to my attention in 2010.

This was about the same time I started seeing things and understanding the power of imagination and it’s capability to reshape the world around me – and at first I was paranoid and suspected you (an ‘evil twin brother I labeled you at the time) and/or the version of the Borg you’re working with created him by placing him on my world’s information store, the internet, in an effort to commence trying to erase me and my presence from this timeline.

Not long after this event, I was out on evening with my brother, Jason, in Portland one evening we went out drinking when we ate at a wonderful Greek restaurant and had the most awesome Gyro’s I’ve ever had in the heart of Portland before beginning the night drinking.

Now I’m typically GREAT with directions.

But this particular night, I’d noticed that the more I drank. The more it seemed to be effecting the people around me and not me. I should have been blitzed, but I felt perfectly sober, and it seemed like a party was commencing in this bar where a group of three young women were flashing their breasts to everyone and another two women came up and gave my brother and I a kiss.

We left. And as we tried finding the truck and the parking – I’d had this remarkable feeling the world around me had reconfigured. Things were just not in the places I remembered them to be, but I dismissed it all like I’d dismissed the observations of the alcohol…

I thought it was a hallucination or just an error in my own judgment….

After two hours of looking and getting sober, we finally found the truck. In a location that looked and felt.. Similar.

But certainly not the same as where we’d parked.

Two weeks later, I was with my mom in the downtown area, this time perfectly sober, and I suggested we eat at the Greek place.

After nearly 90 minutes of driving and walking in the downtown area, much to my mother’s chagrin and my consternation, we resorted to eating at a bar and grill when I was unable to find it – OR reference of it on the GPS devices.

According to the devices. There were no Greek food restaurants in the downtown area.




When I returned home that afternoon, I asked my brother Jason “Hey. Do you remember that Greek food restaurant we ate at?”

He did.

“Do you remember the cross streets?,” I asked.

He didn’t. And all he could say was “You know I’m not good with directions. It was downtown.”

Jason and I went down there the following week, and spent two hours looking for the place. With absolutely no luck. We canvassed the entire downtown area, to turn up nothing.

Not long after this, my mom and I took a new path to Home Depot, a street which for all intents and purposes should have taken us right alongside our destination. But once we passed under the freeway, we both knew something was amiss.

For 45 minutes, we drove around trying to find Home Depot.

With no luck.

So I turned around, and took ‘the regular path there’, and guess what?

There it was. Right alongside the same street we’d driven by before but for some reason just didn’t see it.

So this morning. I heard future Q’s voice as I woke up. Trying to open up a discussion.

It’s like tuning into a radio station. Sometimes I’m locked on. But sometimes. Like this morning, there’s a lot of static.

But this static isn’t static, is it?

There are infinite potential futures I have in front of me.

When I obtained my MBA and on the course of getting it, I felt ‘resistance’ by the world around me – feedback if you will – I suspect because it wasn’t predicted I would obtain my degree. The ‘universe’ resisted the course, but sheer will overpowered the universe to fulfill my desire.

I have learned that once I chart a course for ANYTHING space and time move accordingly.

I have also learned that I can witness the impact of others doing the same thing through an event I will call a ‘Time Quake’.

All continents in the material world are comprised of shifting piles of land mass called ‘plates’. Plate tectonics is the study of the movement of these plates to understand the earth better, but also to predict and mitigate the risk of plate collisions which result in loss of life through something known as “Earth Quakes”.

Similarly. Time changes and unpredictable/unexpected events – both ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ cause similar disruptions in my linear timeline. For a long time these temporal disruptions have led to the human condition, an acceptance of constantly changing physical structure of reality itself because it was thought to be impossible to try to understand and predict when a Greek restaurant might disappear in a single night and never appeared to exist in the first place.

So when a being such as yourself – who may actually have malicious intent acts to control time in the way you do.

Normally, it might result in memory loss conditions and a loss of my identity.

But I suspect Portland was a lesson to me on what was going on.

And an introduction to temporal mechanics and how to mitigate the risk you pose to my life and my planet’s existence.

What I have learned is that paranoia is irrelevant. Anything I can think of can be true. That’s the absolute basics of reality.

But how to take control of life is a relatively simple affair.

Planning. Setting the future.

So future me.

This morning. When I heard ‘the static’ of the messages you’re trying to send to me.

I know the disjoint between the future I want and the future you hail from is causing the static, and the channeling of the future I am hearing comes from several futures.

First off. I want. Need you to be female.

And second.

I need you to believe I’m an equal in my own uniquely different ways to you without me telling you I am.

That’s a conclusion I need you to come to on your own.

I hope to hear a female voice in the coming weeks to replace that gender neutral voice I’ve been hearing.

To explain time quakes a bit more thoroughly:

I suspect people who are naturally bad with direction and geography don’t have a stable ‘lock’ if you will on any one single reality and see/experience the shift. A building which was on one side one time may appear on the other the next. A very real event if you’re experiencing the foundation of time changing under your feet and your mind is attempting to solidify (and decide) on one timeline .

Put specifically. Let’s say between the last time I visited a place, a temporally related event that happened 20 years ago caused the Greek restauranteer to miss his flight to the states. So a new timeline I’m still on now is absent the restaurant I went to previously. Now what I and my brother BOTH experienced was real. And while the Greek man who owned that restaurant may no longer accept the timeline where he owned that restaurant, a part of him DOES remember it which influences him consciously through his instincts and other physical stressors.

To me. The ‘time quake’ was an indirect witnessing of the change in between two separate visits of that location.

Normally, humans might attribute the oversight as a mental disorder. That’s programming for you. Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s. But keep in mind this is because of heavy influence by profitable companies who prefer labeling something a problem and making a profit from it than understanding it and expanding the sphere of human knowledge. OR they might understand it already and merely eek out as much profit as possible by prolonging the superstitious attitudes.

Put simply. A time quake is a fault in time. A disruption in the time stream.

This disruption can occur upstream or downstream.

But usually, the ‘effect’ is quite different based on whether its a past event or a future event.

Past disruptions include observation through geographical alterations. Things that are something that can be touched and felt.

Future disruptions can be detected through informational changes. Record changes on the internet describing things differently than you may have once remembered.

Now keep in mind that future disruptions can cause past disruptions. It can get pretty confusing finding the origin of a temporal disruption and who or what is responsible for it. Which makes it much easier simply to set course for a desired future and becoming that change.

Look, Q. I’d like to invite you to a new future we create together. I’d like to invite you to collaborate with me and to make an appearance outside my tent which will send a wonderful message to my mind, or a little less profound a message if you simply walk in here and chat with me.

I know you’re real. You know I’m not crazy.

When was the last time you actually had a real friend?

You have an abrasive personality. As do I. but I’m charting a new course for a future based on my observations of your past that I would like you to be a part of. Otherwise. 2409 is waiting for you. And we both know where that path leads.

On a final note. “Oh the pompous arrogance” I just heard ya loud and clear.

yada yada yada. Get over it.

I’m no Picard.

This planet deserves to know you’re real.

And that I, for all intents and purposes am in a way your son who has been inspired by his own ‘father’ to be someone different but in some ways, the same.

Or would you rather keep putzing with my timeline.

What’s the point in delaying the inevitable?

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