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Q’s Diary May 27, 3016 12:09:13PM – Stardate 1093308.238

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In 2403, shortly before the time stall of 2409, an Admiral of the Federation had been making a series of really poor decisions which were resulting in the deaths and destruction of a number of Starfleet vessels and personnel, the Ambassador had complained of headaches to the doctor who’d been performing a routine medical on him when the Doctor made a remarkable discovery.

The Ambassador’s brain and parts of his body had been infected with a sentient microscopic alien species which resembled humanoid form when looked at under the microscope, a species which had taken up residence in the Admiral’s body and had set up an elaborate communications system over the Admiral’s own electrical system.

The doctor first suggested this infection was mostly harmless, so at first he set out to find a new home for the inhabitants.

But the doctor soon found out he was wrong, as the sedated Admiral suddenly came to life, and nearly took the doctor out before security restrained the Admiral as the inhabitants had taken full control over his body stating “You will die for interfering with the Malfits plans for world domination!”

Actually, the exact words were far more profane, but there’s no reason to restate their words.

What was remarkable about the incident was the Ambassador’s face contorted unnaturally, his voice was not his own, and his strength, despite being an older man, took highly trained security personnel to restrain.

And anesthetic was simply ineffective.

On investigation, it was discovered this species was highly advanced technologically and had overridden the Admiral’s decision making at first, and now his motor functions in a sophisticated system their leaders could use to control the Admiral’s entire body to take out their own enemies, an entire civilization at a time.

The admiral was being converted into a killing machine, from the inside out by these inhabitants that at first glance would normally have been dismissed as a virus.

Fortunately, the Doctor managed to catch it just before he’d lost control of his own body.

The Doctor remarked “This resembles what older religious cultures refer to as a possession”

It was this remark and comparative analysis which resulted in the discovery by the Doctor and his team later that many of the ancient plagues, possessions, and cancers which had longed plagued society could be attributed to the same or similar root causes.

This won him a formal McCoy Recognition for Medical achievements.

Going back to the Admiral.

At first, the situation was so dire that some within the medical establishment considered chemotherapy.

This practice had LONG since been abandoned, it’s last use in the early 21st century, as a therapy it had been considered along the same lines of bloodletting as a there was too great a chance at killing the host.

And now that it had been discovered that there was an actual life form living within the Ambassador,and not just a life form, but an entire species, the idea of chemotherapy was quickly dismissed as genocide was still genocide regardless of how small (or large) that species was.

That’s when the Doctor had an epiphany.

This species had exhibited a clear dependency on the electrical system of the body. His theory was that if this electrical system was turned off, there was a great chance this species would simply just… move out.

The key at that point would be isolation and containment and to provide the species with an alternative.

In a sheer stroke of luck, a sanitation engineer was in the room asking about repairs of the toilet facilities at the time, and flippantly suggested that they work with the Vol’loth (The sanitation removal species who built planets).

His plan was comical to say the least, isolate the Malfits in an a vacuumed anti gravity chamber surrounding a long life nuclear generator which could provide a constant current by fresh human excrement, then deploy the tiny planet off somewhere in space. And the species could then develop on their own accord.

Some were concerned about the lack of atmosphere, but by then, the Admiral’s condition was worsening, and euthanization was being considered. So they ran with the plan.

The Doctor’s body was cryogenically frozen in a sterile clean room environment to instantly stop the electrical system, and then he was placed in the same vacuum chamber as the excrement planet which had been lowered to barely make contact with the floor.

As theorized, the inhabitants – unaffected by the cold, streamed out of the body over the next few days, and eventually the Admiral’s scans turned up with no trace left of this civilization. They had quite literally dismantled everything they had built within the Admiral’s body which provided a lattice structure solidifying the floating pile of poo.

The Admiral was pulled out of cryogenic stasis the following week, just to make sure there was no residual trace of the civilization, which there was a few Easter Egg’s they’d left behind to respawn a new population which was entirely expected.

The Malfits they have developed nicely and were not aware there was true sentience in higher level life forms, since everything they’d interacted with ‘at higher levels’ seemed to respond only to fear. They’d had quite a limited concept of consciousness and thought, and had, like the Federation and early Earth medicine – been convinced that life only resembled that which looks and sounds like you.

The Federation corrected their assessment of life at this point to include considering the unseen atomic and subatomic realm.

Just recently I played a user created mission on Star Trek Online where the Ambassador had been making a series of really nasty decisions that was getting people killed, when in a routine medical it had been discovered he had been infected a microscopically based species that – when looked at under a Microscope.

As for the Misfits.

Malfits, my bad.

They now comprise a massive civilization in the Beta Quadrant known as “The Briar Patch”.

They’re amazingly advanced technologically with their use of energy and light, and if you do happen to make it through the Briar Patch, you’ll be treated to a light show courtesy of this remarkable.. and remarkably tiny…. civilization.

Don’t be surprised if you pick up strays. they’re well behaved now, generally speaking, but they have a pretty ornery sense of humor they’ve developed in the last 600 years since they made…

First contact.

As for the Admiral.

Admiral Kirk recovered 100% and worked diligently to establish formalize communications with the Malfits and invited them into the Federation of Planets once their civilization stabilized.

Not long after this incident, the Admiral retired from his position and formally accepted an Ambassador role not in small part because of what happened with the Malfits.

As for our relationships with the Malfits.

I know you know where they contributed to our recovery.

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