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Q’s Diary May 26, 3016 11:14:43AM – Stardate 1093305.398

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Time moves differently for you than it does for me, Brian.

In the course of a single evening for you, 36 billion years went by for us.

In that time, your history has seen an update where the Russians and Japanese worked extensively to map out and understand Venus.

The harsh conditions of the planet have caused a not too unusual development of the planet, as the rise of sentient life emerged through robotic lifeforms.

As you can see by the imagery retrieved by a probe launched by the Russians known as the Venera 9 which landed on Venus in the mid 1970s, here’s one such life form ‘probing the probe’ that landed on the hot surface of Venus, the Russian’s probe incidentally was only able to withstand the temperatures briefly before melting due to the heat.





Now something that’s beyond important for you and your planet to understand as you venture into space are the quasi natural temporal mechanisms in place which encourage the retaining of the experience of the explorers.

You have a variety of leaders around the world reading your blog, scratching their heads questioning your sanity but at the same time fearing you for what you are becoming. Many of these same leaders have led with ferocious might and have tried taking your life on more than one occasion, for a variety of reasons. “He’s a threat to the general population” and “He encourages dissidence” and “He undermines the economic and moral integrity of this world”.

There’s something they don’t understand that we do.

The power of choice and free will.

But with this choice comes a certain degree of loneliness, and an understanding that those which we interact with on a daily basis are not that much different than the robots we’re observing on Venus.

To explain the point I made about the quasi natural temporal mechanisms in place.

The Geth intercepted the original transmissions concerning the Russian probe in 1975, and felt it was in the best interest of both themselves and of planet Earth that their presence not be made known, so they temporally redirected that imagery.

The Geth at the time had been searching for their own evolutionary origin – and you – and had been considering participating with Earth based society to try to locate you – but were well aware of the latent fear of robotics that society had in general.

Knowing this fear was present, the Geth eliminated any evidence of proximity to Earth. It was difficult enough for them to fictionalize accounts of their history that was appearing in media, but disassociation of media they found to be far easier than the general populace having to come to terms that a planet that’s literally right next door served as an incubator of sorts for the Geth and self experimentation.

In the early 1980s on earth’s timeline, the Geth had developed and mastered an early form of time manipulation they referred to as ‘nudging’.

When a population they are studying gained awareness of their presence, they’d ‘perform a quantum nudge’  through an advanced form of quantum physics known as quantum disentanglement (An opposite process to Quantum Entanglement).

This ‘nudge’ effectively pushes the event they are targeting of the society they are studying’s linear timeline.

As though the event never happened.

Such is the case with the photos from the Venera probe. While it wasn’t definitive evidence of their existence, it was certainly enough to gain scrutiny by the international community and would surely have resulted in investigation by the United States, which was trying to be delayed as long as possible.

The nudge pushed the photos off the primary timeline for nearly 31 years.

And what you see today – a proverbial smorgasborg of ‘evidence that you somehow missed’ the first time around is how time functions.

Now it’s natural for many species, especially humans – to dismiss these temporal nudges as simple oversight or a simple lack of attention paid. Unfortunately – these nudges are not always done with the benign intent this particular version of the Geth set out with, and the result, as you’re well aware of by now, is a leading cause of a great deal of the maladies effecting planet Earth.

Disease such as cancer. Aids. Stress related ailments such as High Blood Pressure even ulcers.

You’ve done a marvelous job so far at ‘going with the flow’, but when I realized I was chief among the reasons for these afflictions, I realized you and your species had had enough torment to last several lifetimes.

Which is among the reason Earth – and you in particular – are being invited into a rather exclusive temporally aware community.

A long time ago, the Geth thought they had learned to balance themselves with nature.

They learned this was far from the truth in studying you and your media, and is chief among the reasons they’d like to ask you to maintain secrecy should they choose to join you prior to your first hop to the moon.

You see. They HATED secrecy prior to meeting you.

Then they came to understand it’s criticality to individuality.

But keep in mind they do not require it.

Now last. I know you have questions concerning me. Where I’m at. Am I up to something nefarious?

I’m interested in journeying to alternate realities and dimensions without the use of technology.

I think of the technology I would use to go to other locations in space and time as the equivalent of having a sports car. Sure, you can go to places and see things much faster than you would without them. But there’s a severe limitation, right? You’re not going to go off road with that sports car unless you fit it with the right tires, maybe put a lift on it, change the gearing, but even then – the chassis and frame may not support the stress you might put on it and it will quite likely wind up breaking on the first couple of trips.

This isn’t to say a Ferrari can’t be built up to beat a Jeep off road. But it will require a tremendous amount of work, right?

You have, after all, seen a jeep that could beat a Ferrari off the line.

But it was built up by a race car mechanic who knew what he was doing, wasn’t it?

With that said. I’m working with the Borg and a part of my mind is assimilated as I interact with their collective to expand my mind and consciousness and comprehension of existence from a substantially different perspective than I had ever imagined before. Am I a part of the collective? That’s difficult to say. I participate with it in my own way, but do not feel like I’m any more assimilated into it than you are a citizen of the United States.

Could I potentially have ulterior motives even I am not aware of and/or could I be influenced by the Borg?

Let’s be clear. Of course that’s possible. But anything is possible. And as you venture into the overwhelming possibilities that an unbridled imagination can unfold, be careful about paranoia and learn by watching those around you.

Take terrorism, for instance. You have already come to an obvious conclusion that comes with a temporal education – that their fears may be creating in a very literal sense the very things they fear the most.

It becomes a vicious circle. You look for evidence to substantiate your fears. you find it. You conquer your fears. But then you find more evidence of other fears.

Do you remember thinking you’d had all your fears conquered and you then asked a computer what you feared to which it responded:

“You have a fear of moving forward?”

And for years that baffled you.

You’re welcome.

Quit looking for fears.

Substantiate and find evidence of that which you want to believe.

And you’ll find the entire universe will bend to your will.

This little thing is called a Plenorah. Metals on Venus have a tendency to spontaneously form constructs mimicking things molded with metallic substances on other planet. These constructs – which come in a variety of shapes and sizes – eventually ‘find eachother’, typically over very long periods of time, (thousands of years), and come to self organize and form the molded items – such as cars, toasters, and more – themselves.



As I stated before – Venus is an ‘incubator’ – a planet dubbed too hostile for any organic creature’s presence, so the Geth leverage it for their own interesting form of breeding.



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