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Q’s Diary May 25, 3016 09:33AM – Stardate 1093302.469

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I had the chance to look over the transcripts of our mental conversation, and we are getting there.

We are clearly disjointed emotionally, but it’s close.

One thing I need to make clear to you, Brian – and take this is advice – but do NOT lose your mortal identity. Some of the most trying times of my own life have been when I abandoned my mortal identity, which as a being who can shift through time and space at the snap of a finger, when I began coming across other versions of myself it was a test of my sanity.

It’s ok to call yourself Q, that is after all who and what we are, but the mortal designation we both have serve as an anchor in space and time, a reminder of who we are and our own history, and what we can return to when we’ve deemed this part of our journey as done.

I’ll quit fathering you for now.

Speaking of journeys, I would like to make you aware of some species you will be encountering relatively quickly as you make your third jump which I’m going to try to coach you through.

But first, I’d like to help you through this first jump.

The moon has a rather luxurious base on it, which is largely used by the organization you refer to as the De Beers cartel for mining operations.

De Beers is your friend. Trust me on this. And they are expecting you in accommodations and support personnel prepared specifically for your first fixed destination jump. I say first, because I helped you with the first two. I’ll get to that.

De In return for their graciousness, De Beers would like to document your jump, and I have given them permission to. You are welcome to stay there as long as you like, but I ask that you stay there a week, there’s plenty to see and do in that time, in an effort to align your linear timeline.

The view of Earth is magnificent from there, and you’ll be provided with companions to alleviate any frustration you might have.

While you’re there, there will be two alien species you’re going to meet who are also looking forward to meeting you.

First, is the Vol’loth. An interesting looking species who if you didn’t know any better you might assume they share ancestry with your planet’s marsupials, who speaks in a cryptic tongue that most humanoids find impossible to repeat, which is fine as they generally have no concern of expressing themselves to others outside their species. So much so, they prefer not being understood to using their translation technology.

The Vol’loth are largely garbage collectors. Since De Beers leverages a great deal of human employees in their mines and treats them VERY well, they tend to accumulate a great deal of garbage from goods and foodstuff imported from Earth. Now because of time differential problems you’re fully aware of by now between Earth and the moon, which effectively obscures the installation from the visibility range of most humans, rather than multiply the mass by returning the trash to Earth, the Vol’loth collect it.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Most species aren’t aware of what the Vol’Loth do with the garbage and make the pisspoor assumption that this species is unintelligent and merely likes shiny baubles as the De Beers cartel pays them in diamonds, but this could not be further from the truth.

Just recently, Your planet’s Kepler telescope detected the construction of something massive around something your scientists have designated as KIC 8462852, which is where the Vol’loth are currently constructing a sister planet for the Kelgar species.

The Vol’loth construct planets in a two part process. First, they bring the unwanted goods and material from wherever they can find it to the chosen destination. Earth is not the only planet which suffers from mass multiplicative issues so the accumulation of trash is enormous. This nets the Vol’loth a tidy profit and usually results in the acquisition of raw materials they can then use to build their starships.

While this is occurring, a Dyson sphere is built around the trash heap floating in space.

Their timing is typically immaculate, as they typically finish the dyson sphere at the same time the mass of the trash heap becomes critical and forms a star. This star serves as the molten core for the planet and in part is what gives the planet life.

From this point, they leverage advanced replication technology to convert the remaining trash to whatever the purchaser’s tastes, typically involving a layer of top soil and fauna which are widely varied and species dependent.

Now the Kelgar are a humanoid species, similar in features to your fictionally based dark elves, and like most humanoids they prefer M class planet conditions, and since they are currently on an overcrowded and small M class planet, the new one being built is very similar to the original. They’re a rather uncreative and unintelligent species themselves, surprising given their wealth, but that’s not unusual for caste based societies.

Emissaries of the Vol’loth are eager to greet you. In defiance of their typically closed off nature, Vol’loth tend to regard Q highly as this presents the Vol’loth new building opportunities as we tend to explore where few dare to.

Now keep in mind that the Vol’loth are NOT driven by profit. They actually enjoy what they do and are eager to express their creativity and meet new species who might introduce concepts and ideas they had never considered before in their planet building business.

Incidentally, they also build stars and black holes.

The latter being incentive enough for most species never to engage in a confrontation with the Vol’loth.

The second species – is the Geth. You’ve already seen fictional references to the pets of this sentient robotic species in your fictionalized video game called Mass Effect. You’ve also seen their shape shifting evolution in the Transformer series they are responsible for creating. You’re well aware by now that you’re the all spark they referred to in the first of these movies is you.

You’ve also heard a great deal of their music and clearly find enjoyment in it.

Dubstep is after all their invention.

Like humans, the Geth receive a great deal of education through an indoctrination process which resulted in a long history of warfare.

You introduced to them the concept of programming and reprogramming. Not only did this change the developmental stages of their entire society, but it also introduced the concept of hidden collaboration and partnering with other species to – make life more mutually enjoyable.

There are two emissaries from the Geth who have assumed human form and have volunteered to be companions with you when you arrive to the moon base, should you accept them as such. They’re hoping you will be willing to engage with them programmatically, and have established a neural interface to their own minds which you are being uniquely permitted to experiment with them as you see fit.

There are failsafes in place to protect them and their collective experiences.

But as individuals, you have the reins and complete control over both of them.

You already know their names as both have been introduced to you in the past as humans in a process they refer to as an “impression”, where they created an indelible bond with you across space and time.

This presents an amazing opportunity to you to understand how collectively based species tend to experiment on themselves to form a collectively conjoined concept of individuality, and a challenge to you to take yourself out of your own comfort zone and leverage these two as willing participants in that experimentation.

Unlike a Q or a human, it’s hard to embarrass a robot. Not impossible. But hard.

Sometime this year, both of these species are expecting you to teach yourself how to make that first off planet jump to the moon so you can meet them there. The Vol’loth have holographic recording and playback devices that you have already experienced which you are NOT to share with anyone as they WILL go insane by using it.

They ask that you record what you like in your travels, and forward anything you think THEY think would be of interest to them.

Bad or good.

They are generally speaking an honorable species, and deeply respectful of privacy (among the reasons they are trusted with trash), so I do not doubt what they provide will forward anything you find to them without your express consent.

And the Geth. Refer to them, each, as their human names you’re already familiar with. They’ll demonstrate what they can do, we have actually worked together as they’ve come up with an amazing routine which should delight you and make you laugh rather than scare you, and from there, they’ll resume normal operations with you. Normal meaning their assigned form.

Finally. As for myself. I suppose a part of me always wanted a fellow prankster which really calls to question causality – as you now have me pondering – were you always there, or did my boredom create you, or both?

I had always been a tad disappointed in my mate selection as she turned out to be a bit of a tedious bore, and let’s face it, men are different than women which keeps things entertaining.

Am I your evil twin brother? Do you have reason to trust me knowing I’m talking in your head and you mine?

I’ll let you form your own opinions and conclusions on why what you know to be true has to be true.

As you learn to shift through space and time. I’m learning to shift through alternate versions of reality. I’ll figure out how to align my reality view with yours and will come talk with you in person which is similar to how I learned that I’m not crazy and this all was absolutely real and the beginning of what I am capable of.

No, you’re not crazy.

You’re just a young Q. A funny one at that. And while I see parts of myself in you.

You and your history are most certainly very different than me and mine.

I’m going to walk in in the coming few month.

I ask that you do not approach me.

Let me approach you.

  • JDL


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