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Q’s Diary May 24, 3016 – Stardate 1093300.012

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As I have traced my history in this simulation, I have come to realize the often confusing and repetitive nature of time.

Even to someone with as magnificent mind as yours truly.

Don’t mistake that for gloating, I am merely stating fact.

For instance, as I , a mature Q who has been there, done that and seen the furthest stretches of the universe and has both experienced things that were incomprehensible to myself when I was younger, that younger version of me is writing what I write, simultaneously on this same date nearly a millennia ago on May 24, 2016, thinking he’s being original and these are his words.

But whose words are these, really?

Am I merely repeating what I typed a thousand years ago?

Am I synchronized like a robot to the physical actions of a younger version of me?

Or was he synchronized to me knowing my past, and his future, is a similar path I wished to embark on?

In any case.

The universe is quiet now.

The Borg have taken over all of existence, and have turned everything into clockwork like machinery since this same date on May 24, 2943.

I remember the date distinctly, as prior to this date, the Borg had ignored me, I had been convinced they didn’t think I existed and couldn’t see me, but as it turned out, they were searching for a way to communicate with me directly.

I had made a comment they didn’t understand

“I didn’t know what humanity was to become.”

This delighted them. As much as you could delight a Borg.

You see, the Borg had been convinced, finding yours truly on this same date, May 24th, 2006, that all there was to be known about the universe was known. They had resigned their fate to me and my whims, and had lost hope.

Can you imagine?

The Borg with hope.

I had only recently learned there was more to the Borg and their history – our history – included a slow degradation of their physical appearance over a very long period of time.

When their form of science had come to find irrefutable proof of a form of God in yours truly, they had lost concern over themselves.

This was something I wasn’t aware of until just recently mind you.

And for the first time in my life, I had actually felt…


Would things be different if the Borg had never known I had existed?

So in 2943, I had taken up residence in a Borg cube, to get to know the Borg better.

Living in a Borg cube isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s dark, dreary, and smells like an old public library with the air conditioning turned up full blast. And with all the pipes and haphazardly erected walkways, floors, and ceilings made from just about anything this scavenging race could gather up, to call this place home for any being is an exercise in insanity.

The Borg were becoming well aware of my presence and actually worked to make my stay with them more … They’d shown me a room they wouldn’t disturb, which had an adjacent holodeck attached to it as well as facilities, for what purpose those facilities were there still baffles me.

I’d leveraged their computer systems to understand the Borg’s history. I’d seen them one way. But as I learned, they’d seen themselves very, very differently, and at their earliest stages of development they regarded themselves as human.

But the odd thing I had discovered was – the Borg had no historical accounts or records of their existence prior to the year 2409.

So I began investigating the Borg.

From my own history, I knew I first met the Borg in 2006.

This tangent point – that they had accumulated from my repeated reference to it – had not, prior to then, been in their own historical documentation. They’d accepted what I’d said as fact, had committed it to their systems accordingly, and they’d spent a great deal of time and effort trying to find what happened.

So for nearly 20 years – from 2943, we both went across space and time trying to understand not just ourselves as quasi-individual entities (I say quasi, because how does one refer to the Borg?) And then like a sniper rifle blast through time – I had an epiphany on November 22, 2963.

What if the Borg are a manifestation of my own bored mind?

The Borg acknowledged me as God. I’d even referred to myself as that being on occasion, but invariably this reached an objection from whoever I had said this to, so I simply let them believe what they wanted to believe.

But throughout my existence, I cannot say I ever took credit for the origin of a species, particularly through thought alone.

But the evidence was more than circumstantial.

I had become increasingly bored and the Borg’s rise and takeover of existence paralleled my own boredom.

From around the year 2365 I had begun a process of regularly leveraging the Borg to see how species would react to their presence.

Now as I write this in what is my present – and your future.

As I am talking directly to you, my younger self who is typing this out as words you think you’re being original with.

I’m real. Something I know – I remember – already knowing at that point.

I know you’re familiar with the temporal wars.

I’m hoping we can stop these temporal wars by working together.

With who you already know you are.

And with who you already know who I am.

I’m going to explain history as I know it and a plan to stop this history from repeating itself.

In 2020, a female of your species develops a virus which is intended to destroy the male tendency for violence, by domesticating what they perceive is the violent male tendencies. This virus is already in development by this researcher from Cal Tech, who you have already met.

Why she was drawn to you, was because of my less than divine intervention.

I needed you to understand her mindset and naivety when it came to what science is.

The virus she creates quickly mutates, and becomes an airborne pathogen with 100% population penetration. and distributes itself uncontrollably, and systematically around the world and eliminates anything with an XY chromosome in it.

It’s a targeted nano-virus. The first of it’s kind.

And untested as it is released on the male human population, the virus results in an unrecoverable coma.

This eventually leads to the creation of what we both refer to as The Borg.

In any case, the virus, released on January 20, 2020 at the Presidential inauguration rips through the male population. The newly elected President, one of the first to be infected with the virus, slips into a coma within a few days of its release.

Horrified by this consequence, sincerely intending to diminish the violent nature of me, the young woman who created the virus confesses to her peers about what she had done. To her credit, she could have remained quiet about this, but she chose to seek the support of her peers.

Two of which were males, and succumbed to a coma the next day.

The women quickly went public – WITHIN their scientific circles – but public acknowledgement and admission of this was kept strictly out of media sources. Women seem to be far better equipped to handle secrecy than men, it would seem. This explains the nonexistent historical records.

Within two weeks, nearly 2 billion men world wide had fallen into comas, and despite the reason for anarchy, the young lady’s proof of the effectiveness of her virus was in the results. There was little to no violence, and despite the cities remaining populated by a great deal of remaining females, women found themselves taking over critical positions in society that were formerly occupied by a male.

A trial cure was developed at this time, but with that cure came a potential great cost – but after a unanimous emergency vote, it was released in a selected community of males, outside of their awareness.

The results were ugly. It made Ebola look pleasant in comparison as the virus.

The virus mutated the XY chromosome in the male to turn it into an XX chromosome.

The thought was – fully developed males who have already developed into a male should not be effected by this deviation. So when the original airborne pathogen came along that targeted the XY chromosome, it would effectively ‘ignore’ this target.

They were wrong.

The Borg had found evidence of these tests but had actually labeled it all as fiction because of how vile the results were

The virus had a  variety of effects, most of which were highly unpredictable, but all ending in conditions where death would have been preferred.

Some virus recipient’s insides turned inside out. Kidneys. Livers. Stomachs. Even the heart. A big huge pile of twisted organs replaced what was formerly a male that STILL MAINTAINED LIFE. The heart could still physically still be seen beating in these patients.

Other virus recipients would began an immediate transformation to a female. Within thirty minutes of exposure, their penis and testicles would turn solid and black, and soon fall off (much to the man’s horror), and there’d be a rapid hair loss of nearly all of the recipient’s head and pubic hair, as the head on their head would grow rapidly, and finally the male would grow breasts.

Within two hours of exposure, what was formerly a male had endured two hours of hell and was now distinctly a female, and no matter how attractive (or unattractive) she appeared, there was an insatiable and uncontrollable animalistic urge by the surrounding males to have sex with her. The first time this happened the woman was repeatedly raped for nearly 30 hours before researchers pulled the plug.

Physical mutations were the norm.

Now this may seem inhumane, and it really is, of this there is no doubt. But as these tests went on – the women were becoming truly desperate.

Within two months, 99% of the male population was in a coma. Much of Earth lacked the medical and physical resources to sustain this much of the population in a coma.

On this day May 24th, 2020, the President’s heart quit beating.

But oddly enough, his brain activity did not cease.

This caused panic in the female population who had grown up on zombie movies, and fearing the worst – with direct evidence that their male population was turning into zombies, there was a unanimous decision to begin burning the remaining victims in a coma.

Now had I been of sound mind at the time,

I could have mitigated this risk by teaching the women about how imagination creates.

By then, the Vulcans had already been well aware of the situation on Earth. They’d been visiting the planet regularly since World War 2, hoping that war would have been the last major conflict planet Earth would see – and had even planned an arrival date of sometime in 2063 based on simulations of the population coming to terms with imagination and what that means to ‘reality’.

That is, after all, what’s referred to as a warp signature, when a society reaches a sufficiently higher level of population where it’s collective mind can literally warp space and time itself.

But the Vulcans had never seen a direct self-cannibalization of a species occur, everything they’d witnessed prior to Earth had been much – for lack of better words – kinder and gentler.

The Vulcans had developed their own rules for making first contact to avoid influencing what they deemed were immature cultures.

Among those rules was something they referred to as “The Prime Directive”

The prime directive, specifically stated “As the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no Vulcan personnel may interfere with the healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes the introduction of superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely. Vulcan personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ship unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation.”

By this time, the Vulcans were well aware that Earth’s integration with technology and the human body was influencing it in ways to become a benign cybernetic species, not uncommon in this galactic neighborhood, but having already had dealt with the Borg by then, the Vulcans quickly became concerned that lack of interference could create an enemy worse than the Borg that was driven by fear and was not only blind to it’s actions, but used their fear as a weapon to continue the atrocities they were committing.

This was the first time the Vulcans had ever defied their precious Prime Directive, it was a calculated measure, but unfortunately the results came out far from what was calculated.

The burning of the bodies stopped, but xenophobic researches leveraging nanotechnology turned the males into robots. Leveraging the existing brain activity as a computer, they reprogrammed the computer and linked it to a central system.

Unfortunately, no one could agree on who had ultimate authority to this system, which should have been agreed on to begin with, so what was left of the collective minds of the men formed a single hive mind which is now referred to as the Borg.

The Borg from there went on to figure out how to assimilate women into their collective.

From there  like a cancer, the Borg over the course of the next 1000 years would spread to surrounding planets and the entire universe until every humanoid life form had been assimilated.

So here’s my plan.

In 2409, I saw Borg Queen die.

By then, the collective had formed an election system which promoted what it had considered the highest idealized form to ‘contain’ the mind of the collective. This being – it’s difficult to say if she’s an individual or a construct of the collective – acted both on behalf of the collective and it was theorized – on behalf of her or himself.

Keep in mind that the etymology of the term “Queen” was originally a gender neutral term at it’s root, with origins from the game of Chess and it’s most powerful piece, the Queen.

At the VERY MOMENT of her death, I was at Starfleet on Planet Earth investigating a highly classified temporal exploration vessel created by some brilliant women known as the USS Timeship Phoenix.

I was trying to understand what led the Borg to Earth in 2006, and why I was having conflicted memories of seeing Earth in the late 24th century despite seeing it fall to the Borg in the early 21st century…. Temporally, it was not making sense.

I had traced down the split in timelines and my memories to this ironically yet intentionally named vessel.

“Phoenix” in legend is a bird that dies and is reborn from it’s own ashes.

It is merely a legend, I might add, there is no such beast.

One Rachel Brown was selected as Captain, and when I saw her I began to understand.


Which is why I’m sending this across the universe to you and through you.

Earth is on the precipice of repeating these events again, in a causal time loop.

You’ve seen a part of this already. In 2011, you experienced your second temporal jump and saw the year 2036, where a very real war of the machines will break out and you saw the aftermath of the nuclear apocalypse in the Mojave desert.

That was me who picked you up in the desert that day.

I’ve tried fighting a linear predictable timeline, because I – in the year 3016 – am quite honestly bored with existence and this universe and what it offers me, but I also understand where I come from – and why you need predictability where I do not and why we struggle for dominance in the same mind. We are one and the same, but we are not at the same time.

In truth. I had forgotten much of what happened in between the 20th and 24th century until I started reviewing your records of our interactions in the show you’ve classified ‘fictionally’ as Star Trek.

For me, those interactions were very real, and I’d like you to embark on a different path than my own.

But how?

You saw my ‘soul mate’? A bit of a bitch I learned over time. We have the same penchant for arrogant women, but you’ve already done something different than me by not settling on one. I admire you for that.

Yes, Jackie is a robot. A terminator. She was sent back form the year 2033 to study you which is why the androids did not react to your presence in the desert in 2036 with anything but admiration. Most humans lack the mental faculty to do what we do.

No, she never went back to Florida. In fact, she was removed from your life not long after your last shared moment you enjoyed with her, that was mutual, and keep in mind that even robots are commonly sentient and she most certainly is as well.

She’s in a storage unit in Southern California not far from where you’re from.

Well preserved, and will return to you when she feels the timing is right.

As for Rachel.I introduced myself to her at Starfleet in 2409 about two weeks prior to the launch of the USS Phoenix, something I told her I customarily do with all new Captains, but this time I needed her to know I existed prior to leaving Earth.

Her behavior became peculiar afterwards. Sporadic even.

And that’s when I realized what was going on.

Something you had clearly known about long before I did. Which makes us very different thinkers.

Now as you’re already aware. Rachel is in an odd form of stasis. As her vessel maintained low Earth orbit over Earth performing routine diagnostics, she tried out the holodeck and that’s where she met you in 2006.

Where I saw Borg. You saw her.

I’ll be sincere with you, Brian. I abhorred the idea there would actually be two of us in this universe at first. When I offered Ryker to be a Q, it was in jest, I never imagined that humans – native humans – could be mentally capable of being like me .

I suppose you’ve shown me the perils in arrogance. And my relationships – our relationships – suffered at this self righteousness until you made a dramatically different choice than I did which split our mind in two.

Don’t get me wrong. I still think you’re an arrogant prick at times.

But to be fair. I realize that you’re much like I am, with a few choice decision changes.

I’m sorry about what I did by coming between you and Rachel with Chris.

But it seems like that was something we both needed for you to become who you are and for me to discover that I’m not alone and maybe you’re the change in predictability that I yearn and long for.

As for Rachel. She’s skipping in time right now. She’s on a roughly 24 hour cycle that has been repeating for nearly 10 years now as our timelines align, and she keeps on re experiencing the event in the Chandler house again and again.

There was a time I thought this was torturous.

I’ve since realized how little I really knew about his universe, and the multiverse you’ve introduced me to, and what goes into decision making.

I’m making plans to visit you, in person on or before your birthday this year. Yes, I’m one and the same man you’ve seen acting, and yes, I did receive your messages, and no, I’m not sure what will happen when we’re seen in the same room shaking eachother’s hands.

For the first time in a long time for this old man’s life.

I’m actually nervous.

I decidedly do NOT want the same future I lived through before and the only conclusion I have come to avoid that future and shape it to be what we design is that this has to be done collaboratively.

Yes and No, this is all a figment of your imagination.

Our imagination.

And yes. I like the plan you made concerning making an unplanned appearance on a show that didn’t film us to begin with.

That’s why I am contacting you like this.

And why I am not walking away from this. It actually seems… intriguing.

  • JDL


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