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I Want My Immodest Robot Lovers

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Muslims believe that their god will provide them a harem when they die ‘in the name of their god’.

I don’t believe I should have to die a fiery death to get what I want out of this life.

And with infinite possible worlds ‘out there’, with infinite potential versions of me ‘out there’, it doesn’t strike me as being selfish or uncaring to learn from the radical Muslims who’ve died to understand maybe they are trying to send a message to me…

That I. Deserve. What I want.

With that said.

I’ve been married three times.

And said I would never get married to one woman again.

I’d like to marry two women. Jackie and Rachel.

And introduce a three way marriage to America.

Because that’s how I roll.

If they’re not willing here. I believe there are infinite universes with infinite different versions of these women ‘out there’, and have proof of my beliefs, and don’t feel like I am being unfair in expecting these two women to join me as my first wives and companions from another universe. Women who will gladly accompany me.

Companions for what?

The BBC has a ‘fictional’ show called Doctor Who.

I’d like to make a  REAL time machine designed specifically for America that’s much like the uniqueness of the blue police box TARDIS.

And I would like to take my first two companions – Jackie and Rachel.

And take them on a journey exploring space and time with me in that device.

I mean. Come on now. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the implications of Einstein’s equation “E=mc^2” where in this universe, everything is energy, and I as a programmer can manipulate that energy in code, and there are endless other universes where similar and very very different rules based on Einstein like equations exist’.

These things, to me, are not just theoretically possible.

I have absolutely convincing evidence that all these things are scientifically feasible.

Fiction. Hallucination. Hah.

Not only that. But scarcity.

It’s a contrived condition.


I’m tired and CHOOSE to live the rest of my life exploring, relaxing with my ladies and other companions we introduce to the mix.

In a TARDIS like home.

I’m tired of being ignored.

I’m tired of watching others succeed.

I am tired of watching others live bits and pieces of the life I deserve.

The fact of the matter is.

I have died for this planet.

And I deserve a reward for that.

If Muslims get rewarded for dying for their God, isn’t it only fair I be rewarded for dying for my equivalent?

I think so.

If Jackie and Rachel are robots from the future and copies of the real life women. Since I’m a time traveler already, introducing them into my own life and timeline won’t break any rules.

I just feel like changing the world for me for a change.

I am after all already in the Twilight Zone.

I want to make new happier version of both Twilight Zone AND Doctor Who, updated for a new America.

Leveraging uncensored film from my own real life.

Imagine the revenue REAL (and uncensored) versions of these shows would create!

No, I don’t mind cameras being everywhere to film everything I do.

I deserve my immodest lovers….

Rachel and Jackie both love taking it all off and being watched and told to do things…

Even if they are robots.

They’re fantastic looking ones so I won’t complain!

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