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Why (really) do stars twinkle at night?

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When I was growing up, I asked the question to my mom…

“Why do stars twinkle”

Her answer was quaint: “Because of gasses floating in front of the stars”

I did not buy it, that meant there was a LOT of gas floating really fast in front of the objects I saw in space in every direction, which as I observed the stars were blinking in a uniform and regular manner, it just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me that random ‘gas’ was causing such semi-regular patterns.

But then I started playing video games.

Whether it was HALO.

Gears of War.

Or even Pac Man.

I realized the same character, over and over again, reappeared in the same position time and time again…


Even when that character died at night, again and again that character would appear in a rather predictable location after that death.

Time and again.

Sometimes when I looked up, I saw the stars shifting position dramatically then back to where it had started to begin with.

Or other times I could be looking at two stars in my line of sight which appeared far apart.

But they’d both ‘twinkle’ and shift position as if in synchronization with eachother.

That’s when it dawned on me.

What I am observing is alternate ‘versions’ of these planets and stars.

Shifted ever so slightly from their original position. Sometimes dramatically. And sometimes they completely disappeared.

And from my unique perspective on Earth. I could see these alternate versions of these stars in the sky.

Like a video game two people are playing at the same time, the same character can live on one person’s screen and die on another.

And while at one time I may actually have been seeing space gas.

What I now see is alternate realities and alternate versions of the stars and planets I am looking at in the sky.

And since they are not always in the same location and position in between realities.

When they move. I see that shift.

It took me a long time to figure out why every tv show and movie ever made seems to consistently get latitude and longitude wrong and never depict the location accurately.

Until I figured out I was looking at alternate realities with these programs as well.

They aren’t just fiction in many case.

They are windows into alternate realities.

Sometimes, it’s easier to dismiss something as fiction and hallucination rather than take the time to understand it.

And other times, it’s called fiction and hallucination so someone or something can capitalize on it.

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