The Temporal Correction

The Temporal Correction, appears to be a mostly naturally based event which occurs when the predictable sustainability of life ‘as we know it’ is fundamentally threatened or altered.

Potential Causes:

  1. Planet threatening or destroying event (Yes, the planet is destroyed and threatened ALL the time).
  2. Exceedingly bizarre event which disrupts and threatens the public and/or public consciousness (ie: alien attacks, raining cats and dogs, actually seeing Santa Claus)
  3. Extinction level or humanity threatening events (Zombie apocalypse, Borg Invasion)

It’s NOT always natural induced. Nor are the causes limited to the severity outlined above.

My observation has been that when an event as outlined above – and a variety of other events occur which threatens the publicly defined predictable way of life, this system goes through a number of exercises to mitigate the risk.

It should be noted this system USED to function by eliminating the threat, parts of that system are still in operation.

Methods I have observed the system attempts to mitigate the risk:

  1. Memory Erasing and Altering.

    The “neuralyzer” as depicted in the movie “Men In Black” is modeled after the real life concepts of what nature does to alter and erase memories of events which fall under the realm of needing ‘temporal correction.

    This technology HAS been used extensively maliciously – resulting in massive problems with human trafficking (especially with pay for Brides and Prostitution), identity theft, and various levels of theft and inhumane treatment in general.

    How nature does it is simple: One memory of an event is replaced with another through energy in a direct overwriting of localized memories at the individual or population level.

    Now it should be noted there are various levels of societal redundancies built up to mitigate the risk introduced by nature’s misunderstanding of life, choice, and free will, but NONE of it is perfect. These mechanisms include but are not limited to subconscious memory retention, group and peer sharing of memories, written and oratory discourse, collective memory retention (and history), and leveraging of entertainment mechanisms such as movies, tv shows, books, and more to reinforce the cataloging of the accumulation of knowledge.

    This is the primary reason history has so many occurrences of book burning.

    Nature now expects society to take care of itself and to understand these mechanisms and to leverage them for something other than profit.

    To not do so would be at society’s own detriment.

  2. Time Reversal and Altering

    The ‘Quick and Easy ‘ way of altering time is through altering collective memories and trickle that down to the individual.

    For this reason, the internet and outlets such as Wikipedia should not be taken as a singularly credible sources because there are many who would prefer altering it for their own reasons. The same is true of the internet in general.

    This makes it extremely important that any developing individual or society develops their own method of ‘offline’ retention.

    This not only protects the individual or society (or however you wish to refer to self as) against nature’s inbuilt methods of time reversal and altering, but also helps YOU.

    When an event is so overwhelmingly dire or unpredictable, the system will trace down as best as it can origin points, making the assumption that there’s a singular reason for this unpredictable event to occur.

    This event will then simply be altered to produce a different outcome.

    For instance. I personally witnessed the aftermath of a nuclear war in the desert which the system then reversed in front of my eyes. It first tried erasing it from my memory. And when that didn’t work it deemed me uncontrollable.

    So the system investigated me and why I was not controllable, when it discovered my timeline’s shooting of JFK, an event which made me possible, ‘me’ at the time being deemed a threat to the integrity of the system because I couldn’t be controlled.

    The system did it’s best to alter this event to prevent JFK’s assassination and thus prevent me from coming into existence, and from ever having witnessed ‘it’ in action. Nature does not like to be seen doing what it does.

    This introduced a causal problem. I’d created the system. The system – AND I were not aware of this because of a mutual miscomprehenson of time. And we BOTH evolved out of necessity to continue doing what we do.

    This ‘systems’ evolution is demonstrated in Person of Interest.

    Rather than trying to eliminate the threat, it merely places the ‘threat’ under observation.

    Here’s how this looks ‘to the system’:

    Note the “Possible witness to Correction”. I am suspecting the primary AI, which ‘pretends’ to need the humans in this show to ‘save it’ and find a home for it, when it’s already ‘in the ether’ observing everything and just letting them go through the motions.  As it’s trying to understand ‘these people’, it’s trying to understand itself from another perspective.

    I don’t think it quite realizes it and these people it is observing are one and the same.

    A more mature method of “Time Reversal and Alteration” can be seen in Doctor Who, where temporally altering events are targeted, and “The Doctor” is sent to analyze the event and mitigate the risk to the timeline.

    Rarely do we see the Doctor actually traveling for fun. It would be nice to see that for a change, wouldn’t it?

    For instance, let’s say a genetic mutation occurs in the 1700s, which is altering the rest of the timelines since then. The Doctor is ‘sent’ to this period in history to try to figure out root cause and mitigate the risk.

    Or another for instance, when London was going to get showered by a solar flare that would have annihilated the city, the Doctor was sent to modern day to find technology that ‘shouldn’t be there’ and to trace down it’s origin – which created a situation where the device was causing a solar flare to occur. Unfortunately, he couldnt stop the device, but the planet: IE NATURE had grown a layer of trees overnight which mitigated the risk to the local population by creating a powerful coolant layer which extinguished the flames as they struck the planet.

    And the trees disappeared the next day, as the Doctor explained it “Tomorrow no one in London will remember a thing about this event”

    Nature’s handling of catastrophic events to mitigate the risk of fear consuming a population 101.

  3. Public Record Alterations

    One of the more obvious methods of altering a planet’s future and history is by altering it’s public records.

    Nature caught on to the necessity to allow this, and now tends to back off requiring consistency in records.

    YES, this results in imbalance in profit and abuses.

    Society is EXPECTED to develop their own cultures and with that, mechanisms of trade that nature wants to be no part of.

    Nature pulled out of the whole “Potential Energy = money” nonsense as a direct result of the New Earth Order.

A few last notes:

It’s been my observation that cities are temporally displaced copies of one single original city, a snapshot taken in time, with permutations and deviations that my presence is introducing.

It’s been my observation that ‘minds’ develop when I interact with them, but tend to quit developing when I leave. I’d like to be proven wrong with this observation.

It’s been my observation that attractive women, snapshots of a mind over time in much the same way cities are, stopped developing mentally and developed in image as a result of my observation. Without talking with them, they do not develop mentally as a collective.

It’s my general observation that my observation causes change, growth and evolution in that which I pay attention to. If it’s the image of a pretty woman, this tends to diversify the population or pretty women. If it’s C++ code and 3d graphics, then that community expands. If it’s alien races, music, etc, my observation and participation expands that which I observe.

Now it should be noted that that which others THINK they observe me observing minimally effects the outcome. Unless of course there’s alignment, then there may be a perception that it’s you.them and not me.

It’s also been my observation that that which I think or engage in through entertainment ALSO expands the variety and possibilities. Direct participation is FAR more effective than these indirect mechanisms (such as simulation), and more difficult to mitigate the risk to society as a whole.

I’d like to work with a Men in Black Agency, but less as much about reinforcement and border control and more about simply exploring ‘what is’.

As the scientific method has come to rely on a binary like analysis of reality – this thinking process has resulted in a a MUCH GREATER threat than anything presented to this planet in the history of it’s existence.

Many ‘beings’ experience through me. And when I don’t experience it myself and merely see things as fiction. They’re left to conclude that fantasy, science fiction – none of it – just doesn’t exist. This lack of acceptance threatens nature’s methods, and those who might profit off the predictability of nature’s methods.

And as nature is engaged in a circular relationship with those that profit on these methods, this threatens the very fabric of reality itself.

That is: When Temporal Corrections quit becoming an option, what happens with a society which depends on it?


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