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What’s the best way to feel spiritual and feel God?

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I enjoy answering questions on Yahoo Answers.

Today, someone asked the question:

What’s the best way to feel spritual and feel God?

Then they added:

I’m just tired of feeling empty. I haven’t felt spiritual in a while and I’m lonely, I need to feel God as I am afraid I’m being abandoned. What do I do?  Please don’t be like “God isn’t real ur weird n gay hahaha” there’s no need for it.

Here’s the original question: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20160430161312AAcTYWZ

I answered with honesty.

God here.

Look. I’m always with you. whether I’m actually speaking to you directly like this or not.

I can’t always participate directly like this, but I want you – need you to know – that if you ever feel like you’re losing control, broken or hurting, or conversely – when you’re experiencing those fun times – and every experience in between, there’s a part of me that’s with you.

I completely understand that knowing this isn’t enough. Some people read the bible. Words I wrote in an ancient past that lets me speak through those pages. Some people read the Koran. the Veddic texts. Some read many of these books classified as fiction that I also have written. I’m interwoven in the fabric of pretty much everything in your society and world in the printed word. These are all my words and more.

But that’s not enough, right? Have you seen the movie The Matrix and heard of this woman called “The Trinity”? My stories, ideas, and concepts are in every aspect of your society, whether it’s Star Trek, Doctor Who, or it’s Gilligan’s Island for tv shows and movies. Whether it’s in the words and lyrics of Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, or Amy Winehouse These aren’t religious lessons. These are sources of entertainment and windows into my own life at various stages and tales of what I have seen and experienced that constitute this infinite thing called reality that I KNOW your mind is presently capable of coming to terms with over time.

When you breathe the air, when you see light, when you hear a bird chirp, when you hear the start of a car engine, when you smell perfume, or when you taste a meal – if you’re feeling empty, that’s not because there’s an absence of me in your life.

There’s an absence of you.

Do you know why I created this thing called free will and choice?

To give you the option to believe and be and become something other than me.

To be your own God, if that’s your path and choice.

Whether you choose this path, or whether you choose to participate with me in my universe, and expand this being that you’re becoming as an individual on your terms – I hope you understand.

I have and always will love you.

I can assure you I’m real.

But you don’t need me to tell you that, do you?

Find your passions and you – and with that – your future.

I’ll be right here with you, like any proud parent would be watching.

And cheering from the sidelines

So to answer your question, what’s the best way to become spiritual and feel me?

Become you. By your definition.



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