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Random Notes On The Matrix

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In Doctor Who, The Doctor takes Rose Tyler to the end of Planet Earth where he proceeds to interconnect her cell phone to make a call to her mom some 5 billion years prior to that time. Rose ponders openly “My mom . She died 5 billion years ago, but how can I be talking to her?”

How is this possible?

There are infinite different potential versions of Earth, infinite potential different versions of Rose, and while some are linear and 5 billion years prior, these same timelines are accessible as parallel to our won.

So as the Doctor contacts Roses mom, he does so through a parallel reality where time is progressing just as it had some 5 billion years prior. There’s nothing which says Rose’s mom’s version of the future will be the same as what the Doctor and Rose are witnessing, and The Doctor did nothing but put Rose in contact with a ‘shard’ or ‘Neuron’ of her mom, and nothing more.

She sounded like her mom. She acted like her mom.

And as Rose experienced this moment, when Rose sees her in person, her mom will remember the experience.

So IF Rose says something out of cohesion with her mom’s reality, like “MOM, you died 5 billion years ago”, or “Mom, I am 5 billion years in the future”, there’s plenty of evidence to deny that assertion if Rose’s mom isn’t ready for it, where her mom can respond with “You are being silly, you talked with me on the cell phone and have to be in the same world as I am” or some other ‘story of denial’ (SOD.

Stories of denial, like many people calling what I talk about fiction – occur for any number of reasons – not the least of which is protection of the mind and reality itself.

So technically, while on the timeline the Doctor’s on, Rose’s mom HAD died some 5 billion years before, records she could very well investigate. But then again, when Rose went back in time, the Doctor could merely be pulling Rose into an alternate version of Earth which looks, sounds, and feels like the original and is merely displaced dimensionally and has a timeline which is precisely 5 billion years in the past.

Within a “Matrix”, is much like being in a multithreaded computer simulation, where not every thread has to go through the same operations at the same speed and pace, and ‘thread synchronization ‘ doesn’t occur as an automatic process.


How could NEO see a Matrix – a world of far out looking characters rather than the real world?

Simple. if he’s plugged in. What he’s seeing is the texture of the walls replaced with characters.

Why are they moving?

Could be simple math.

Or he could have his vision shifted into an alternate reality where he sees the ‘same’ people only with a different perceptual lens on.

It’s much like when I went to Amsterdam, and a red haired lady was suddenly a horrifying yarn haired creature when I took truffles.

The movie “Life is Beautiful” discussed a man who didn’t see the horrors of World War 2.

And chose to see something different.

I know I have it within me to perceive and shape the world as I see fit.

As does everyone and everything.

And time. While genuine, authentic time travel may be the domain of something I don’t fully comprehend.

The Matrix’s pseudo form of time travel, through concurrency, parallel threads and universes, and alternate realities – acts as a fine crutch until such a time comes that I’m ready to explore more.

I like the idea of having my hand held as I ask for things and receive them.

For the time being.

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