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Random Notes ON Galaxy and Planet Formation

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Earth was created through a series of runs in what can be analogized as a massive computer simulation.

From start to finish, a single run generally takes about 18.5 billion years.

Some ‘runs’ were much shorter. Others much longer.

Earth’s physical presence in this universe, or as some refer to ‘plane of existence’ first appeared 4.543 billion years ago. The Milky way, the galaxy the Earth resides within about 13.21 billion years ago, and the known material universe is about 14 billion years of age.

Underlying this all is energy, which to this day retains all the information from all the prior instances of this universe and a great deal of others which share the foundation of ‘energy’  as the constituent building block of all matter.

Now it’s important to note that while Earth’s physical presence may have appeared some 4.543 billion years ago, it’s been around much, much longer.

The formation of any planet begins in much the same way a Hollywood movie is filmed.

The timeline’s pretty obvious and much like a budget: There’s 14 billion years to work within.

Choosing a galaxy to place a planet in generally speaking means there’s rules of physics that are required for a planet to adhere to. For a planet to reside in the Milky Way, for instance, that requires adherence to Einstein based physics.

Now once a galaxy’s been selected for a planet to built within, a planet undergoes iterations.

These are much like scenes being filmed for a movie.

When a movie’s filmed, there may be 50 scenes for a movie, where an end scene may be filmed first, a beginning scene filmed last on the same stage as a scene in the middle and a scene at the end. Some actors may not be present in the beginning and may only get introduced last, and conversely, some actors may not be present after the first scenes. Some scenes may be refilmed. And some actors may get thrown out midway through production.

Some lead actors even die during production, which requires a rewrite of the entire plot and ending.

The creation of a planet goes through similar processes.

Sometimes pieces of that planet’s ending are known at the beginning of that planet’s life..

A planet may have several scenes created for it’s timeline, past present and future over a very long course of time.

But like a Hollywood production, much of what is produced for a planet may wind up on the cutting room floor only seen by people who worked on the production itself.

Like a Hollywood production, once the primary scenes have been filmed, the scenes are ordered.

Post production effects are applied to the film.

Sound and sound effects are added.

Computer Graphics/ CGI are applied and scenes are photoshopped.

The Earth and planets go through similar processes.

Sometimes these processes are concurrent.

Sometimes a process is required to complete before another process can start.

And at the end. The final production always requires the buyoff of the studios.

But even then.

Every great film.

Like every great planet.

Can have a director’s cut.

A vision of a final product created by the director of the production which sometimes looks almost exactly like the original. But sometimes can tell a story so remarkably different than the investor’s product that you truly have two separate and distinct products.

Take Blade Runner for instance.

If you have watched the Director’s cut. You’ll see remarkably different endings than the original ‘cut and dry’ ending.

Every planet has an infinite potential number of stories that can be told for it.

And not every story ends the same way.

Some do.

Alternate realities are created sometimes through ‘refilming of scenes’

Sometimes ‘free will’ and desire create alternate realities.

And not all deviant realities return to the ‘established norm’

These alternate realities are typically nothing more than another ‘run’ of the planet in energy from start to finish.

But just because I’m limited to that thought doesn’t mean they are limited to this.



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