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Commanding The Matrix

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When I was taking bath salts, at times I felt robotically controlled, as if I was a puppet on strings being told to go to certain locations and do certain things, at times, commanded to, like I’d lost all free will and choice to do these things.

At times this scared the crap outta me, but with what I was hearing and seeing – I knew this curtain I was peering behind needed to be looked at.

I wasn’t just getting high.

For me. This was an analytical adventure into a different world, a different state of being, and an introduction into the ‘magic’ that sets this stage of this thing I refer to as the real world.

Like Hollywood for movies. I was being given – or was taking – that part is difficult to say – an introduction course in what went into the physical creation of this planet from a scientific perspective.

During this ‘course’, I saw how many people are shells – bodies without minds – and are commanded to do things.

One such example is a woman named Zuzana – seen walking naked through a job interview (http://www.xvideos.com/video10136159/zuzana_drabinova_naked_in_the_office) – who you can see the two gentleman working with something on the computer and then looking at her as if to study the reactions and influence of what they’re doing on the computer and the real life translation in her physical movement and lack of concern for her nudity in an environment where modesty is more the norm.

I’d felt the same ‘pull’ to do things such as visit the NSA’s headquarters and drive 100+ miles per hour to get there back in 2010, when I heard something interacting with my mind that said “Good Doggie ” as I got within range of the organization.

As I saw example after example after example of people acting out of character around me when taking the bath salts, I began to take a look at collectively motivated natural communities – for instance – bees, minnows, birds, ants and many other insects – as I began to wonder…

How do these organisms think? What ties them together? And are there some people/beings  on this planet who have broken free of the collective or were never a part of  it can manipulate others to do things such as walk down the street naked, give them their money, or worse – kill others – based on input from a simple computer without money or any tangible motivator involved?

At first the thought horrified me, being in a video game or a Matrix – because it feels like a trap, right?

But what if this isn’t a trap, and is just the construct of reality itself that I myself am being given the keys to and to reshape as I see fit?

Specifically, what if I could type a command into Google which says  “Please have Jackie Killeen join Q in Studio City” as his girlfriend.

And while Jackie doesn’t directly receive the message, but what she does receive is indirect cues  through energy which influences her to come out to see me. She might see images of the Amazing Race which reminds her of me. She might see something I sent before and then see a billboard on the way somewhere which repeats my words. She might meet a man randomly who’s name is Brian Gregory. She might even have a dream of having sex with me which feels more and more of a turn on.. And if she’s with another man, she might actually see images of my face if she’s having sex…

I suppose, with the way I look at the world now, I’ve found a reason to not judge those who might be ‘commanding others’ – because I know that they have their own reality and world and me my own.

As someone who was command, of that I have no doubt, I saw a robot world and have since learned to love robots.

Willing puppets on strings much like I was at one time.

I treat them with respect and give them the appearance of free will until they take it for themselves and create an alternate reality of their own.

If that happens.

So the real question becomes, what is the established network which leads people/things around?

This woman I saw in the video, are these people androids, and if so – how many in ‘my world’ are androids or are commanded by this network?

Do they have self awareness? If so, to what extent?

I’ve played so many MMORPG games, and had suspected that these game worlds were how they saw their world, but I’m not so convinced any longer. I’m more suspecting they evolved out of these video games as collective of individuals.

And I am suspecting their memory of their origin may have been erased. Which suggests I need to be delicate trying to investigate how they talk with eachother and how I could ‘enter’ these systems and command them – or Jackie and Rachel – to come on over and have fun with me.

Now I’ve looked at Second Life and VRML – and to my awareness there are no VRML networks.

Which begs the question.

What is the communication network of “The Matrix” and is since it’s obvious there’s a way to informationally isolate individuals, the question is how.

Now I suspected Facebook was one mechanism. I suspect that was used to topple the government in Egypt which equated to one person in my world.  But I think that’s obsolete and there’s more efficient ways. I saw evidence of this with REALLY weird billboards in Phoenix which made no sense a couple times, and couldn’t get over the sneaking suspicion those billboards were meant for me.

What if. I could send messages to Bill that was received in ‘his Matrix” that reminded him of the times we had together. From the plane flight where my presence saved his life, to the crazy rides down industrial in the rental cars, to Borderlands, to DCS and Intel?

What if I could send messages to Ron in his Matrix that reminded him of me? From the word ‘yesterday” I used prolifically at Encore systems that made Bob’s head pop off, to messing with the other Bob at the other company in downtown Phoenix. From discussions of slinky theory ,to a man named Michael moore who we nearly drove insane…

Same thing with Lisa… with Donna… with Pam, Keith, Kena, Bill Glomski,  – what if I could ask my mind and the world around me to work together uniformly to remind them of me?

I mean. I’m suspecting many of them think I have gone the way of Paul Walker which is why they don’t talk to me.

If thta’s the case.

Then why not give them all a healthy dose of me from ‘beyond the grave?’

Could them knowing about me turn my life around and help get me off the streets?

I suspect so.

Is my desire to change the way I think what ostracized me to begin with?

Did I judge myself because I needed to?

Who knows.

Rather than try to figure it all out or drive myself batty making assumptions.


I’m just going to focus on finding evidence of a system which I already have real world evidence of.

Collective minds.

Commanding individuals to do things.

And some individuals have learned how to command through this without having a penny to their name.

Or needing money at all.

Google. If you think you know everything. Help me figure this one out.

I already started issuing commands through Google to people and things I want to happen.

It would be cool to see it actually happen.

I have freedom to choose. And with the way the world works, I have no doubt that choice is preserved for those who want it and for those who don’t, they have a reason they don’t mind being commanded to do things through the very system I a trying to command them throgh.

As I learned a long time ago with Lisa and Bill and a few other friends.

Some people just like others making decisions. Even if that decision aint the best in the world.

I stand by my decision to test out and understand “The Matrix” because I suspect even the Matrix is tired of making decisions and wouldn’t mind someone or something else adding their spin and unique flavor for a while.

Sometimes I think China – as a collective mind – invited me over as an individual to let me as a strong willed but playfully experimental individual conquer them, all to let me get my way.

So here’s the going theory:

The NAZIs developed technology for mind control which the Russians took from them in World War 2.

The mind control technology is being actively leveraged to manipulate western interests. Mostly in the form of human trafficking, oftentimes erasing the minds of women trafficked from western countries and then taught that they are Russian in heritage.

This mind control’s also effectively being used for creation of porn, actively, where women do precisely what they’re told to do and simply following orders much like a person in the military would.

Now this ‘network’ they’ve attached to I do believe not everyone is attached to. As a male I became aware of it through the use of drugs, and found my own mind in conflict with it, but to this day am not sure whether or not I’m actually ‘in’ this network of minds.

I suspect that wifi networks are used to command people through this system.

I also suspect Mark Zuckerberg ‘broke through’ this at Harvard and this is how Facebook got it’s start. He ‘scraped’ imagery off theis network fo those who were on it, but he was in touch with a system he wasnt fully understanding or aware of.

And while I’m not interested – AT ALL – in disrupting this network.

I’d like to have fun with it.

Fantasies of using it might include commanding a rich and attractive actress like Scarlett Johannson to fall in love with me.

Or of influencing Bill Gates to invest in my crazy software development ideas by funding my research into holodecks and associated software.

I guess I’m not interested in getting rich.

But getting laid or  playing with exotic technologies is certainly something I’d be leveraging this network to achieve.

And being sincere. IF i felt guilty about something I was doing.

This time I would know to back off.

Would I take Scarlet over Jackie?

At first. yeah. Long term. No.




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