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Thinking through how I want time travel to work – Part 1

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In the last entry, I realized how quickly modelling a system and including elements of aging, alternate timelines, and fiction can break down the mathematical or simulated model of reality itself.

Now I could attempt to ‘analyze’ the world around me, for clues on how to model it inside a computer system, but that’s a regular lesson in insanity considering what I have learned than a great swathe of the physical reality actually COMES from simulation itself.

And when I say it comes from simulation. I’m not just referring to 3d printing and leveraging of computers to plan and create the physical systems.

I’m referring to this wonderful thing called the butterfly effect and the subtle influences of energy being manipulated through computer systems and related equipment which has a weird and often unpredictable effect on reality itself.

For instance. Me typing words into this computer, while NO ONE or NOTHING may actually read it, there’s a ripple effect in the energy which is influenced by my energy, my intention, my words, everything about me in effect which ‘pops up’ elsewhere in the real world.

Now I can ‘feel’ this feedback to me. As I started down the process of creating a 3d modelling system, the ‘push back’ I received was pretty obvious. How do I expect time and alternate realities to work, and if fiction isn’t fiction any longer, then what is it?

Here’s a for instance.

If I create an object – let’s say a tree  – and plant that tree in 1776, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

And let’s say I return to 1860. And the tree ages 100 years. And the tree has grown substantially, and I carve my initials into the tree.

So let’s say I return in 1960. I expect the tree will have my initials still in the tree, right?

A perplexing question based on my current observation of time. I’m slightly removed from it right now, and since my history is a single static immutable history, then on my timeline there’s a good chance that tree may NOT be there in 1860.

And an even better chance that that same tree may not be there in 1960, and if it was there, then the chances are great that it would not have my initials on it.

Now the one thing I have realized over time is that much of this planet’s language and culture are based on ‘snapshots of me’ over time.

Spanish has a past imperfect and past perfect which always confused the fuck out of me when to use each one. if you dig into the tenses and when to use each one, you’ll find the preterit tense refers to actions that have definite beginning and ends where the perfect tense does not.

But personally, in speaking with Spanish speakers, I had NEVER noticed a hispanic person using the preterit tense.

They always used the perfect tense.

Personally. I’m of the assumption that modern English’s view, understanding and translation of Spanish culture is completely and utterly erroneous.

Here’s why:

Personally, I think hispanic culture is based on it’s religious philosophies and a highly catholic origin.

With this. I think that it’s based on a dualistic natured God or entity who could time travel. This entity thought similarly to me in regards to time – and created a ‘perfect’ timeline – a static timeline he/she/it could travel and events would remain fixed and highly predictable.

Things on this timeline which led to the creation of this entity referred to as perfect tense.

And deviations/permutations of that timeline, what I would refer to as alternate realities – which were simply called ‘imperfect’ references to the past.

This dualistic nature. God vs Devil, Heaven Vs Hell, Life vs Death, Black vs White is a part of my world’s history.

But those beings who I had at one point thought they had long since come and gone – i think are still around, and are trying to influence this world in a way – much like I am – not to repeat the cycles they started.

A part of this means. Breaking the chain of perfect vs imperfect.

So the question becomes – Should I go back in time to 1776 on EARTH’s Timeline and plant that tree, would I WANT to see that tree in 1860?

It depends, right? If I plant that tree smack dab in the middle of where the White House is, then there’s the possibility the White House may be moved to a slightly different location, right? There’s also the possibility the White House may be built in the same exact spot and the tree knocked down to make room for it.

The fact of the matter is. Ya never know how time will treat that tree, particularly if I planted it in an unwanted location.

HOW do I want it to happen? That’s the golden question, ain’t it?

I think there’s something to be said about the Spanish influence in my interpretation of time.

My timeline and my history is immutable.

SO IF I go back and plant that tree in an unwanted location 1776. And I return to the year 2016. And events remain precisely as they were. Invariably if I try to find out what happened IF i find evidence of it’s disappearance, I’ll more than likely find evidence that appears like it was always there to begin with.

SO let’s say I get that tree in the inconvenient location to ‘stick’ there, and return year over year until finally 1860 where I carve my initials into that tree.

AND THEN I return to the present day.

I may read about how that inconvenient tree had been transplanted after it had gotten struck by lightning shortly after i left.

The key here to me with time travel is – the ‘perfect’ tense – this led to my life and existence and the history of this country and life it led me to make the choices I did.

This is how I WANT time travel to function. I like the idea of visiting events. Of seeing things happen on EARTH’S timeline.

BUT NOT CHANGING THEM from the history I’d already accepted.


These same rules do not apply to my HUMAN life.

As a human. I’ve lived at this point 45 years.

My timeline’s maintained internal consistency for me.

At first, let’s just say this – I want to go back in time and experience ‘key events’ in my own timeline – both personal and planetary historical.

NEITHER will change my own future once I gain the ability to do this. And thus far I have not.

But I do have the eventual goal of seeing the effects my influences have and the separate ‘alternate realities’ they create in a simulated environment.

For instance. Let’s say I go back and save JFK or kill Hitler. Not that I really want to.

I’ll be more realistic about things I’d experiment with.

Let’s say I go and plant that tree right where the Washington Monument is. Same exact location.

Now I KNOW the tree didn’t survive. I KNOW the Washington Monument doesnt have a tree in it.

SO I would be curious – what happened to the tree?


I go back and have sex with jackie that night and leave, return forward in time to observe the events that transpired in that alternate reality.

NOW I KNOW that in my timeline what I imagined did not actually happen. YET. Moving forward I’d definitely revisit this moment.

BUT I ALSO KNOW this creates an alternate timeline when I am able to do this.

What happens with that version of me who has sex with her then and Jackie and the world around us?

Does that timeline stop the moment I leave it?

Or does it continue on and create an entirely different world?

I suppose you could say I want to dabble here and there. I love the idea of having a holodeck with lifelike simulation to experiment with this stuff to begin with. But there’s a HUGE difference between the responses within a simulated environment like this versus the real world.

And I am hoping those who are reading this are willing to work with me as I experiment and explain myself.

Sure, there will absolutely be self-serving needs and desires being met with some of these.

But other things.

Such as that tree.

Are just out of curiosity…

How does reality deal with a random tree planted in a historic monument over time?

Heck. Does that tree evolve into the monument itself?


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