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The Liberation of America

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Some people such as the Clinton’s – use sexuality as a tactical and political maneuver.

In a place of leadership and power they might recognize that birthrates are declining and sex has disassociated to the point of everything associated with it has become commoditized and a price tag has been placed on everything, which is negatively effecting community and relationships, and precipitating the decline of Western Civilization.

So in a selfish and selfless act of leadership, William Clinton gets ‘caught’.

Now if you’re trained in microexpressions, you can plainly see Hillary’s reactions to the Monica Lewinsky situation situation are acted and rehearsed.

She makes it clear to me as an observer that her and her husband WORKED TOGETHER to create this situation.

Now Hollywood style drama which controls most media outlets would lead the general population to believe that sex is the hub and pivot point of every relationship and that men and women as a strict one for one dance in a highly rehearsed courtship depicted in Disney films which might have been true 100+ years ago, but in today’s day and age, we are WAY past this as a society.

The Clinton’s recognize this.

Hillary says “Bill, when is the last time you got laid”

Bill says “It’s been years, honey, you know that.”

Hillary says “Let’s go hire you a cheap prostitute. A bimbo. I’ll help you pick her out. she can’t be too attractive, and bring her to the White house. And make sure she has DNA proof of the encounter.”

Bill’s stunned.

Hillary then says “Look, I know you’ve had some overpriced whores in the past. I’ve had a few men too. And we’re still together and I suspect you’re fine with the way our relationship works as am I. But let’s think about this strategically. In a country that’s still got it’s puritanical Disneyish mindset and ways, we’re importing labor and those same laborers are raping our country of it’s wealth. Sex, arguably, is a commodity and the woman the prize, a mindset that’s led to the trafficking of women around the world and continued obsession on beauty at the cost of new perspectives in professional fields that traditionally are the exclusive domain of the males. ”

Bill nods. And grins. He’s a horndog like I am.

“So what if we just run and jump off the cliff’s edge and trivialize the act of sex within marriage? We throw a little kerosene on a fire that’s already burning, you have fun, I overcome the image of being the naive and stupid wife while the philandering husband’s doing what he does when quite frankly I have never really cared. We just throw it all out there in public and see where the dust settles.”

Bill nods, pensively. “Who were you with?,”

“Oh for chrissake, Bill, does it really matter, because it doesn’t for me,” Hillary says.

“I suppose not. If we’re going to do this. then YOU choose the woman because you know better than I what’s going to effect women in a meaningful way. I’m not having sex in the oval office though.  A blowjob, sure, but intercourse, absolutely not, I respect the office too much.”

“Then it’s done.”

… and as they say.. the rest is history.

Why Hollywood saw fit to put this on trial on TV is beyond stupid to me.

What if it was all calculated?

What if. There are perfectly valid reasons for these things occurring that well intended people are doing to help try to convince America to quit treating partners as possessions, sex as a prize, and punish disobedience to the adherence to this system by ostracizing those who don’t fit?

There’s more to life than this.

As you get older. Your emotions change.

Not everyone gets wiser.

And not everyone has the deep seeded need to control their partner and require they take part in their partner’s every moment of pleasure.

Many people like me regard sex much like we do shaking someone’s hand. It’s fun, sure, but it’s not the only fun thing to adults can experience together. And as a method of procreation, I’m shooting blanks so it’s never been that for me.

To me. I see relationships different. I might find myself with a partner who becomes less romantic and more a business professional who I like having around me. I might find myself with a decent programmer who’s insightful and on the rare occasion we did have sex (Kena), the sex was usually bad so it just became a means of thanks more than it was a means of solidifying the partnership. In my life I’ve found a variety of reasons to express myself sexually, rarely was it something I paid for and when I did – I had dismal and fantastic experiences with that as well.

Sex is something different to everyone I’ve met as well. Some people enjoy sharing their partners. I mean, genuinely. Some won’t even think about it. Some are seeking simple experience. Some are seeking pleasure. some are seeking business relationships with fringe benefits. and so on.

When I met Rachel, I began to sense something about myself and her at the same time – not the least of which is how we regard sexuality and this thing called pleasure.

There’s going to be times now and in the future that I am not feeling sexually aroused.

I want and need a partner who’s ok going to someone else to fulfill themselves.

There’s going to be times I’m just not as sexually into my partner(s).

I want and need partner(s) who are fine with me spending time, sexually, and in other ways – with others. I want and need a partner who will invite others into the relationship. I want a partner who will try to experiment with me and be ok with me experimenting with her.

My lifespan generally lasts from 800 to 1200 human years before I start ‘losing’ my sanity.

I need partner(s) who can endure my change in careers, tastes, and understands I’ll change considerably over the course of my lifetime.

Hopefully she’ll be willing to be something constant I can have in my life for a change.

Personally, I would never vote for Hillary.

But it would be nice to see women in places of leadership for a change.

And for that reason, I would support her.

Ms Clinton. If you’re looking for a healthy dose of insanity on your staff and to help the homeless man who just doesn’t give a shit anymore.

I’m your man.

And if you’re sincere about wanting to win your Presidential race.

I’m really your man then.

But to be sure. I wouldn’t vote for you. But you’d still win.


Here’s what I have realized over the years and life, love and sexuality.

When I was married to my second wife, Lisa, things got to be boring sexually after a couple years.

Lisa’s an adventurous sort, like I am, and when I met her back at ASU she was dancing nude for a local club to make money to go to school – but they treated her poorly and not long after we met she took a job at a much classier topless club called Tiffany’s Cabaret in Phoenix.

I enjoyed her working there, and she seemed to enjoy it as well, and she was making $40 to $50 bucks an hour so the money was good as well.

On occasion I took my friends there, one time I even took my cousin Scott, may he rest in peace.

But even though we were ‘on the same page’ sexually for several years, things became monotonous.

Sex began to feel like work, and every time we did it it felt like I’d had all my energy sapped from me as she became completely energized.

At a time I was trying to make a name for myself in my career, I couldn’t afford the energy loss.

Now I’d grown up in a traditional household, but having felt like I had gone through hell with my first divorce, I’d met an adventurous soul with Lisa who was more than willing to experiment to make things work with me.

A few years after our marriage, Lisa and I had Elea and Melissa living with us in our four bedroom house.

They were very attractive strippers as well.

One night when I got back after working on a Saturday, I found Lisa, Melissa and Elea all in bathing suits on the couches when Lisa, who had clearly been approached me and said “We want to go to Club Chameleon”

I smiled, and immediately found some energy.

She sat back down.

“So what do you think, Bri, you down to do all three of us?”

I’d sincerely felt like I’d hopped onto a grownup version of the set of a Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

I looked at Lisa, and was thinking this was some sort of test.

But I just didn’t care if it was or wasn’t.

“Are you all serious?,” I questioned with a Cheshire cat grin on my face.

Melissa responded, “Can you handle all three of us?”

I’d felt like I was in a trap. But I just didn’t care.

“Sure. if you’re sure,” I responded.

All three got up, as Lisa said “Let’s go then.”

Lisa went in the back and put on a proper top and jeans, as Elea and Melissa emerged from their respective rooms having donned only a pair of jeans, as they were still in their bikini tops. All poured themselves a fresh glass of wine as we hopped in the Lexus to head to the club.

It was surreal entering the place. I’d sincerely felt like Hugh Heffner for a moment, a dream I’ve long had to be like, as I followed these three very attractive women into Club Chameleon, Phoenix’s most popular swinger’s club.

A swinger’s club is pretty much anything goes sexually. You ask for permission from your prospective partners, but generally speaking most people are there for one of two primary reasons – to have sex or to watch others have it.

This club in particular had about 200 people there that night, and has several ‘observation rooms’ – basically rooms where there’s a door, and an expectation that unless you’re invited in, you’re to stay out. You can kick back on the other side of the low wall – where there’s tables lined up along the wall – and watch whatever is going on in this room which has a king sized bed, spartan lighting and that’s about it.

Other rooms featured varying levels of privacy and themes, one room was called the grope room where when you enter – you can fully expect to be groped and/or your clothes taken off by strangers – male or female.

The main room had a dance floor – it wasn’t huge – could maybe fit 40 people max, and there were chairs ALL Around it. Some people danced nude, and the ration on Saturday nights – which was couples night – was at the very least 50/50, but since females were permitted to come in, the ratio was typically more 60/40 female to male, as there were women who were actually looking for random sex with strangers and couples.

When we walked in, I’d already had a hard on, so I sat down on one of the chairs next to the dance floor.

I’d always been not just timid – but downright afraid of showing my excitement publicly.

That silly fear reached all the way back to high school.

Lisa, Melissa and Elea followed suit, and chose chairs next to me.

Not long after, Lisa took off her clothes and handed them to me. Elea had taken off her top and was topless by then, and Melissa was still fully clothed, which is about when Elea looked at Lisa and we all got up and started to head to the ‘big room’ where only us four would be but anyone could watch.

My mind exploded.

This was really happening.

This was really happening.

I told myself over and over again.

Elea had always been a proud exhibitionist and I had ‘caught her’ many times walking around nude in the house, as she’d frequently giggle and say ‘oops’ and run back into her room to get her clothes on.

Similarly, I’d come home early from work one day to find all three sunbathing nude by my backyard pool.

But this was different.

This wasn’t accidental.

A we walked up the stairs, Lisa reached down into my pants and pulled me up the stairs towards the room by my cock (still in my pants).

But as we got in front of the room. We saw it was occupied.

Wind deflated from our sails, we walked back down to the dance floor and took our chairs.

But Lisa, still unclothed, didn’t, and before I sat down she said “Take off your pants”

I did.

“And your underwear”

I looked nervously at Elea and Melissa, who had pulled their chairs closer.

I obeyed.

Lisa went down on me and looked up and said “And your shirt”

I was now fully nude there too, when Lisa pushed me back in the chair.

Lisa jumped on, straddling me with legs on the side of my waist, and shoved me inside her.

By then, Elea was touching herself, and Melissa had positioned her chair to have a direct view of the penetration.


In moments.

I’d say maybe 90 seconds.

I was done.

That’s the problem with self control. I had none.

And here, with what was truly an amazingly fun opportunity with women who I loved as friends and wouldn’t have minded more, and who were clearly wanting to live in that moment…

Was squandered because I couldn’t contain myself.

We left about 20 minutes later, as Lisa had given up trying in vain to revive the little guy.

As we left, Elea didn’t try to hide her disappointment.

Melissa. She’s a different sort, and said “Well next time”

But there never was a next time.

Now. In hindsight. I look at the sum total of all my sexual experiences, and with what I know about myself, how life formed, and how I was never really in any form of control of that situation and how it ended.

Lisa and I’s sexual life continued to wane.

I found myself intensely excited with others. And had several affairs.

And when Lisa and I were together, the ONLY way I was able to sustain myself after five years was by turning out the lights when we had sex and imagining these other women – Elea, Melissa – as well as women I had had my affairs with – Brenda, Hailey, Chauvagne and Deidre – and women I’d wanted to be with – fantasized about being with who I had never been with.

I mistakenly called Lisa other women’s names on occasion.

It was never an insult.

And Lisa. For all her faults – she genuinely tried to make our marriage work, and I love her to this day for making those efforts.

She introduced the concept of an open marriage which I was mentally and emotionally not prepared for.

She tried including her friends which I was physically not prepared for.

For years, I had blamed myself – faulted myself for how that marriage ended.

I no longer do.

Lisa’s a wonderful woman with a wonderful personality.

But I now know time moves differently for me than it does for those around me, and the person I’m with changes so substantially that the essence of who they were fades quickly over time.

Now it wasn’t until I met Rachel that I began learning about me.

How time functions differently for people like her and I.

And why I needed to grow up and study relationships like the Clintons and even the Gooches for hints on what I have to do to retain my own sanity and peace of mind – and enjoy this thing called life.

I’d been taught, for instance, that as relationships mature over time that partners ‘stay together’ and to be ok with the sex going away.

But for me, sex is and always has been an act of pleasure.

In part, it’s a shared experience, but with my experience I have come to be ok with being with women who do not know how to please themselves and think it is my JOB to please them.

No, it’s not my job or duty or obligation. I’m here with you because I find you appealing and want to experience a moment with you. If you’re not on the same page as me, I’ll try to get better at what I do, but you have GOT to as a female take responsibility for your own pleasure and have fun and indulge in the moment.

Something Lisa taught me.

But moreso – that’s what turned me on about Jackie.

She expressed absolutely no misgiving about telling me what she wanted and where AND when.

Embarrassingly so, but that’s something I need in my life.


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