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Bicorns and Bipeds

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I was flying in a small and very high speed aircraft, not that much larger than my own human body.

The aircraft was rigid construction.

No more than 3 feet longer than I was in height, and a wingspan of maybe 5 feet.

I was flying in a group, second in the group flying fast over an old highway, which had some grass and weed overgrowth and cars here and there which had broken down a LONG time ago.

“Permission to assume lead,” I said, as I looked to my left and in front of me saw Lisa, flying in formation with me about 50 feet above the ground at what looked like about 150 miles per hour about 30 yards or so in front of me.

A male controller’s voice came over the intercom “Keep it tight, the lead is yours”

As we sped over the highway, the highway below disappeared under the sand and sprung up again as we followed the contours of the road.

“Let’s speed it up a bit,” I said, and my ground speed increase to about 300 miles per hour.

I looked behind me and could see the squadron of about 35 or so other aircraft which looked similar to mine trailing as well as they could.

The road started to incline, and approaching an outcropping of rocks.

I slowed down.

Ground speed, back down to about 120 miles per hour.

The road disappeared ahead under a layer of trees.

“Let’s go over the top,” Lisa said, almost demanding, but she knew I wasn’t the type to follow orders.

“I’m going in,” I said, as my tiny little aircraft zoomed through the hole under the trees. I hit a few branches along the ways, but no real damage. These aircraft were clearly resilient.

Lisa followed me as did a handful of others, but most chose to go over the top.

Trees turned into a tunnel. And the tunnel opened up into another dust ridden road, but this time, there was a new layer of bush growth although most of it was brown – but around all this were animals, hundreds of them, and what looked to be an old farm.

Without blinking, I set my aircraft down in the middle of the field, not far from a few of the animals.

The whole time Lisa was pleading “Don’t set down yet, we don’t know what’s down there!”

But it was too late. I landed the aircraft vertically, as the bottom, now vertical to the ground, opened up exposing me as the belts holding me in position released me and I walked out of the aircraft.

Across the way, I saw a horse. Only it wasn’t a horse. These creatures were much like Clydesdale horses with with two long and pointy horns, horns which looked much like a unicorn’s but two of them.

They were beautiful creatures.

Bucking every once in a while at the sight of me.

“Do you see this?,” I said.

Lisa stepped out of her aircraft, and walked over to one.

“Lisa. What are you doing?,” it was my turn to be concerned, ” what if that thing attacks..”

But it was too late. The thing charged Lisa, who stood her ground but just before the horns reached her, the thing stood up on it’s hinds legs, and proceeded to try it’s best to hug her with it’s upper legs.

And then it got funny and a little lewd. The Bicorn proceeded to dry hump her as she giggled.

It was quite the sight, this huge and powerful beast should have bowled her over, but it had somehow restrained itself enough to remain delicately in touch with her, and then it pushed itself away from her.

Another bicorn  saw me for the first time, and ran straight at me as if intending to gore me.

Again. It stopped short.

And docilely turned and pressed it’s side against me as if to say “Touch me”.

This grayish looking bicorn was absolutely gorgeous.

A few of the others landed, while the rest flew fast by overhead.

I took a look around. This farm once had barbed wire fence, but parts of it had been torn down by the animals who still decided to call this place home. I saw a few other ground animals, chickens and pigs, but nothing abnormal until I walked into the farmer’s house which was now in shambles.

Something caught my eye immediately.

At first it flitted across the ground, hiding behind a doorway.

I could actually feel it was scared. This actually allayed my fear of it being something vicious.

I walked around the corner into the spare room of this smaller farm house – perhaps only 3 bedrooms in this place altogether.

And there.

In the middle of this small room was this little furry lighter blue roundish creature with two big eyes and splotches of darker blue stripes on it’s fur, as it was standing upright on it’s hind legs with tiny short little arms all covered in fur.

And it was shivering with fear.

“Oh my god you are the most adorable little thing,” I said to it as I crouched down in front of it without getting too close.

It didn’t move. It just stood there and shivered.

I fished a snack out of my side bag, beef jerky, and reached out my hand to it.

It looked like it didn’t have the use of it’s tiny little arms, as it let me drop the beef jerky in it’s mouth.

It quit shivering.

The next day, back at the base, my new little friend was right next to me as people would walk up to it and pet it.

It was clearly much more comfortable around humans more and enjoying the attention.

Bennett walked up.

Yep. Bennett you were in a dream of mine.

He looked down at my new companion.

And then he looked at me and said “Only you, Q, only you”

And walked away.

Like many things Bennett says in real life, I had no fucking clue what he meant by that.

Dreams can be so downright…

Entertaining at times…

So much better than the crap on TV.


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