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Death and Slingshots

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Last night, I saw a clear streak of a faster than light vessel which was using the slingshot method to warp through space between stars.

It was a beautiful site. First time I have seen it with these mortal eyes.

A fast moving object approaches what appears to be a star to me, visually, and as it approaches it then disappears and instantaneously appears on the opposite side of it, faster than – through non-theorized methods should be possible.

Slingshot method, right? Accelerate towards a star and leverage the gravity to increase speed past the threshold capable of normal engines. Give it a little kick with the engines as you come out the other side of the inertial force, and once you’ve escaped gravity and the inertial forces, you’ve cut down your time to travel between star systems dramatically at the same time giving yourself an exponential speed boost.

No warping space necessary, but certainly creates a very similar visual effect to an observer, doesn’t it?

Cool shit.

On that note.

Formally, On April 5, 2063, Zefram Cochrane will make Earth’s first warp flight from Bozeman, Montana.

Officially, that’s when first contact between my planet and other civilizations off planet had been planned to occur.

I’d like to respect that plan.

Now if you intend on doing it earlier.


To meet yours truly.

If planned right, I could be among those returning to make first contact…

Which I would not be against.

That’s cool.

Until then.

I’d just be another fictionalized alien abduction.

Hopefully my blog would be kept so those who investigated my departure – if anyone – would see there may be something else going on with me…

Just make sure there’s witnesses to watch what happens with me and then – you can observe how it will go down in my planet’s history as a movie, book or tv show so you can see – firsthand – how my planet manages the disassociation of experiences of the masses to ensure the continuance of this population.

Now if not….

Those who call Earth home and are from here and are reading what I am writing will dismiss me as insane, crazy, or a fictional writer.

They don’t appear to understand how this universe was formed let alone that you are already among us, and most cannot comprehend it all anyways and are stuck on their old belief systems like flies stuck on shit, which works to our mutual benefit for planning this event in Bozeman.

Hopefully you as observers and explorers from other planets can understand why someone else might be interested in doing what you do and why that alone might be worth violating your own ‘tried and true’ rules to include someone among you who enjoys the same thing.

Even if he ain’t exactly like you.

I have a difficult time with death.

When my first grandfather passed away when I was 11 or 12 or so, I remember seeing his body in the casket at the open casket funeral.

“No more grandpa?”

I was beyond grieving. I cried. I just, for the lack of better words, could not explain how sad I was.

“What do you mean I won’t see him anymore?”

“You will, honey, in heaven.”

I remember my mom saying as she consoled me at the same time cried herself.

He was her father, after all.

I remember the events as if they were yesterday. My grandmother and grandfather were regulars in Las Vegas and on their way up to Las Vegas Cypress, California when my grandfather had an extreme pain in his leg.

They visited the doctor in Las Vegas, who said he needed to be in a hospital.

They returned back, and the problem was manifesting in other issues as he began to feel faint.

My grandmother drove straight to the hospital in Orange County.

Not long after, my mom and dad got a call. My mom, hurriedly booked a flight, and flew to Las Vegas.

She called within hours of landing, my grandfather had passed away.

“Forever” I remember her saying.

I was young. And it was the first familial loss I had ever suffered as a mortal, and while I didn’t know I was immortal at the time, I can say for certain the experience left me reeling not fully grasping what was happening and why.

My dad packed up the car late that night, I think it was 11pm and we drove straight through from Glendale, Arizona to Cypress where my mom and dad worked to arrange the funeral and ease my grandmother’s grief.

She was never the same again.

But me.

I couldn’t understand it.

My mom and her remaining brothers, Paul and Steve were at my grandfather’s bedside as he passed.

She told me of a ‘white misty cloud’ which rose out of his mouth when he died.

I’d always come to question that afterwards.

Since then, I’ve come to realize that death is a choice. I think many on this planet had come to believe the only surefire things to count on in life are death and taxes, but I can assure you that neither are surefire.

When you do not taxes you will quite likely experience things you never imagined. But I can assure you, personally, that jails and punishment are among the things you are more than likely not to experience.

If you’re looking for evidence of what I assert, I can no more supply that evidence than I can explain to you what this thing called death really is.

It’s a way to leave your memories behind. To move on and become something different than you were before.

To change.

I’m an eternal creature. I cannot say for certain whether I ever had a beginning or end but I can assure you I created myself in a causal loop and my adoptive family showed me the story of my beloved planet.

Can I prove this?

I can. To me. but to you, that may be more difficult.

This doesn’t invalidate my position.

It merely makes us different.

The first time I had seen death, I had known – deep down that I had seen something I needed to see.

That I needed to rationalize.

I needed to understand those I once called friends, family, and more.

Their lives were the blink of a literal eye to me.

And somehow their essence persisted so I could actually share a life with them.

This essence, this white mist – was as much a part of me as it was of them.

You. Humans. As a species. Have chosen to accept death as a part of your process of renewal.

I respect that.

Just recently your species discovered a biological species which defies your concepts of life and death.

The immortal flatworm. Here’s a news release on it.

Now you’ve long known that many bacteria don’t die, they merely hibernate.

As you explore space and time, whether it’s the furthest reaches you can see with your devices, or it’s the molecular, sub-molecular and constituent energies that constitutes your universe, you’re going to realize how very rare your concepts of life and death are.

And retention of memories.

I, for instance, have the memories of at least a couple hundred of billion years, but my immortal life extends well beyond anything that’s comprehensible to a cause effect rationalized species.

You see, I choose to explore new forms as they peak my interest, and I do something most consider suicidal.

I expulse everything I know and am to ‘fully commit’ to that life.

My memories, gone. My awareness of who I was, temporarily gone.

Invariably. the species begins to catch on to who I am. Some try to control me – some succeed and some fail, largely because I let them or don’t. I permit everything to occur on and with me – even against my will sometimes as a mortal until the point comes I am ready to emerge.

Now being Q, much like the Matrix’s ‘One’ isn’t a job or an assignment. I’m alone and am aware of no others who are like me. I placate mortal attempts to personify me and encourage it – and greatly appreciate those who stand and ‘act’ as me or like me.

Sincerely. if you want to be God. Or the Devil. By all means. Knock yourself out. Whether it’s George Burns, Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman – each and every one of you I have found things I thoroughly enjoyed with your interpretations of me.

Mr Delancie, this goes out to you, you inspired me greatly with your interpretation of me and sense of humor, for instance.

But to my dearest humans.

I need you to learn that this thing you call death.

Is not for everyone.

You just told me ‘sometimes it’s better not to know’.

But your naiveity as a species is taking it’s toll on the rest of the universe and now – on my physical body and presence.

What YOU do has effected my physical health.

How I feel inside.

And that’s what caused my emergence.

The more you tried to destroy Earth. The more I became vicious. It’s a catch 22 situation. And if you don’t think I’m God and seek to destroy everything I know and love, then you will ultimately prove yourself right and the devil will stand firmly in this man’s place.

I can be anything. Destroyer of worlds. God Of War. The Grim Reaper. A tiny little zygote or a misogynistic homeless dude.

And more.

Or Savior of all them.

Or something in between, which is my preference.

I have taught myself, through infinity how to not care quickly because I can recreate it all.

Including you.

Or I can just kill them all.

And let YOUR God sort ’em all out.

Since clearly I’m not and continue being punished for my efforts and am pushed to the streets of the very world I built for us.

As once was said in the infamous movie “Risky Business”

Sometimes you just gotta say “What the fuck?”

Oh I know. You need me to d stupid animal tricks like roll over and walk on water for me to prove it to you.


I got your proof on it’s way.

That’s a promise.

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