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A Challenge in Simple Relativity

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Here’s an experiment for you.

You’re in padded room with no windows and no lights.

There are no sounds other than yourself in this room.

The room is almost fully equipped. You have a perpetually stocked soundless refrigerator and pantry, a toilet and sink, a comfortable bed, and a desk. It’s no prison cell, but without any external stimulus, it feels a little like one.

And oh yeah – you have a computer, with a broken clock on it, and it’s not connected to the internet.

And the computer only works for 4 hours with a full charge, and can not be used while it’s charging.

So here’s your goal.

You’re to spend two weeks in this ‘cave’.

With no external stimulus.

IF you can say the word “COUNTDOWN BEGINS”within TWO HOURS of when your room will be opened up again.

Do you think you could do it?

You are only allowed to say it once.

At which point a digital clock will appear on the wall counting down to zero.

You’ll be given a million bucks if you can do so, accurately…

If you’re within range, the door opens, and if not, the countdown will continue into negative territory and still won’t open for a full two weeks anyways so you’ll be able to see how far off you were…

Think you could do it?

Last year, I tried creating a computer program on a computer of mine which incidentally had a broken clock.

Every time I closed the lid of the computer, it would turn off regardless of my software settings.

This would reset the clock back to September 1st 1980, 12;00am.

Now I’m a programmer. So I figured I’ll write a computer program which will measure time.

But I immediately confronted a problem: Without a reliable clock or internet connection, and without visual access to the stars, sun, and moon should I decide to trust the computer sitting in front of my tent or a nearby tree, I had nothing which acted like a predictable drop of water from a leaky faucet would which could help me accurately gauge time.

I considered creating events. That is, every time the computer was turned off an event was logged, and when it was turned back on, another event was logged and I’d add an arbitrary amount and set the clock accordingly.

But let’s say I added 8 hours to the computer’s time every time it was turned off THEN turned back on. So when I shut it down at 10am, when I sleep 8 hours as I sometimes do, when I turn the computer on the time and date is updated to 6am the next day.

But that’s not normal life, is it? I often wake up at 2am wanting to do something like look at porn or listen to music. Or conversely, I might not decide to turn the computer on until I get to Starbuck’s which might be 10AM. So after one day, my computer clock is already +/- 4 hours out of sync. Or more.

This made me question time itself.

When I fall asleep.

When my mind ‘falls’ into the abyss of sleep.

Can I rely on the accuracy of the equipment around me which reports to me I’ve only slept 8 hours?

How do I not know that the world around me was destroyed shortly after I fell asleep, and after a trillion years, it was reconstructed in an incredibly predictable way which appeared to advance my timeline only 8 hours?

Rationally, the observable universe functions with precision and predictability because we expect it to.

Not because that’s the way it is.

The mind fills in the blanks for what happens when we’re not looking.

This is well documented.

But that doesn’t mean that’s what’s actually happening.

Here’s another experiment for you:

Don’t sleep for 3+ days.

Now explain – rationally – why you the hallucinations you see.

Don’t excuse it away by calling it fiction of mind.

What – precisely – is your mind doing which causes these hallucinations to appear?


A few notes about time:

Time’s funny.

For some. It’s a simple series of events played in a specific order.

Time travel is easy for these beings. Move forward or backwards along the event chain and you’re traveling through time.

I have no desire to regress my own body to prior states with time travel. I merely wish to experience and relive events in the event chain I’ve witnessed which ADD TO my linear event chain.

For instance. The night Jackie danced for me for four hours.

I want to shift my 46 year old presence, complete with the experiences and education and (im?)maturity of this person I am now to that place and time and experience the events again.. In my chronological timeline, there’s no conflict. When I was 36 years old she danced for me, and at 46 or so I learned how to slide through time and space to experience the event again, much like replaying a movie I loved again.

There’s no real conflict. My timeline remains intact and the integrity is forward only.

Earth’s timeline can create a branching effect. There’s the original timeline where this happened. Which remains unscathed in my own history. Then there’s another – simulated timeline – where I re-experience the event which may have different influences on the world around us with my future self and may result in a dramatically different version of Earth.

My original timeline’s always accessible, it is after all a world I already lived.

And the new timeline. Where I may make different decisions than I did ‘the first time through’…

It’s a simulation for me but may result in a completely different world for others.

Here’s some things I have come to understand about time:

  • A second in one world could equal a year in another.
  • A second in one world could equal a second one moment, a half second another moment, an hour another,  and can even vary, unpredictably in ways that cannot be reliably measured in discrete ways.
  • Just because you can translate between time periods for like time periods in one moment does not mean this conversion will remain consistent. For instance, if you are converting between Mayan Calendar and Julian today, tomorrow that conversion could be inaccurate.
  • Time can be measured in discrete ways – for instance Events that occurred past certain pivotal historical event – such as the computer based events, which measures time based on events occurring in the system,  Time can also be measured in analog ways  for instance – the vibrations of naturally occurring atoms, and time can also be measured with both analog and discrete methods – such as the Gregorian calendar which is measured based on the observable rotation of a star around a fixed point in a predictably discrete and cyclic way.
  • The acceptance of time is an absolute requirement to create mathematical definition for physical space. Without it. You don’t have units of measure over time. This is NOT to say there are not other definitions. Stardates, for instance, measures time in an event based system since the measurable beginning of time. But these events do not allow the fixed definition of mathematical structure. Not to my awareness.
  • For OTHER versions of Earth. Clocks, timelines AND DISTANCES are typically never in direct synchronization with modern versions. Oftentimes, people may be observed to not be moving, and objects may be observed to be closer than they really are, when the people observed are moving VERY VERY VERY slowly based on your relative observation point and light is moving differently than your relative position.
  • Keep in mind that LIGHT is a function of TIME while SOUND is NOT. This makes it possible to hear things ‘between realities’ but not see them. For instance, where I am at, I hear nuclear explosions ALL THE TIME And I do not SEE them, what I do occasionally see is a jet. The ‘sound’ is ‘mapped’ to the plane as an object – my mind fills that blank in – largely to allay fear.
  • The BIG BANG is NOT the only game in town. Some things, myself for instance ARE timeless, and while there may be attempts to measure me and understand me using means and methods YOU may understand and YOU may logically believe and validate, your belief does not create my reality nor mine yours. I call this the relativity of experience and belief, which is why I have no qualms about living my life by my design and making it clear I want Rachel and Jackie to play with and do what I want to with and can assure you and others that nothing will ever come to these women that they themselves do not want even if I do and they do it for me.  That’s the weird way reality works. It gives because we give. It takes because we do.

Other things to consider with time and definition:

  • It’s always always always important to understand translational issues between universes. I grew up with an angry alcoholic father , but I eventually came to tell myself the story I just didn’t understand the way he looked at and understood the world and this was his way of showing he loved me so I just accepted him for who he was and heck – chose some of his vices as my own because they were.. fun. My mind’s interpretation of someone being an alcoholic could be a simple inexperienced inability to understand alternate realities and maybe he was breathing in an atmosphere my mind didn’t understand and the world around him that maybe I saw through him appeared wobbly. So mentally, I translated that to a problem that my mind tried for years to fix before finally just saying “Hey, that’s him, he’s ok being who he is”.
  • Definitions between realities can vary just as easily as the definition of a three letter acronym can from company to company. Whether that’s the definition of a man who thinks millions is greater than billions (Dr Evil from Austin Powers). or a “second”meaning something much greater to a woman asking me in her own way to be patient while she is getting dressed.
  • The concepts of infinity, nothing, eternity, even God and The Devil are all generally speaking relative and abstract terms that i as an individual  am entitled to giving life and meaning to. When I do precisely what I want when I want, to some I’m the devil and to others I’m God. As I searched for God for a large part of my life, I’d been looking for a concrete example – and found one in the being called “Q” on Star Trek – but as I realized he was – as fiction – an idea – a concept – eventually I HAD to realize that I’d found a solid concrete example of an abstract direction I wanted to take my own life and identity to.
  • Paradoxes such as the grandfather paradox can easily be circumvented by creating alternate routes of ancestry. I for instance, self created. I’m adopted, which validates the self creation concept. Grandfather paradoxes don’t exist when your ancestry is not documented. And while I can (and did) have ‘biological’ evidence presented to me, there were inconsistencies with that presentation which made it unlikely the evidence was valid which sent me down the path of creating my own ancestry story – self creation. I am my own causal loop, and created myself. The story of my ancestry is an adoptive family who chose to support and teach me about their/your wild and their/your way of life. INFINITELY more entertaining than the typical biological approach. But thank you for trying.

I accepted that I’m in this thing called creation eternally.

That’s the choice I made.

With that choice. Comes the options to be, do and become anything I want and desire.

This isn’t easy but it should be.

I’d always dreamed of a helicopter with the markings of the President would swoop down to the parking lot of Starbucks’ or park where I stay, to ask me to come with them, politely of course, to whisk me away giving all the bystanders a show and leaving them scratching their heads as they started telling their own stories about why I was so important enough to warrant a visit from the President’s cavalcade.

I want my life to be incredible and fun for me. Hollywood style.

When I watch Doctor Who or any tv show I see on television, I now know it’s quite possible I am seeing events filmed over millions of years and experiencing the recaps which are skewed specifically for me.

I’ve found this skew. Old. Tiresome. Boring. And since I’m no longer as entertained by the events I am watching.

I figure the actors can continue acting.

I won’t question them

But the man they’ll be pretending to be who will be providing them new material is and always has been me.

Being legitimately crazy I think is the only thing keeping me sane knowing what I know.

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